What Makes Rishi FIBC the Ideal Food Grade FIBC Manufacturer

What Makes Rishi FIBC the Ideal Food Grade FIBC Manufacturer

Choosing the right FIBC for storing and transporting your food products is an extremely crucial decision. If you are not choosing the right product, it may contaminate your food making it unfit for consumption and thereby rendering an entire batch useless. You need to find a certified and experienced food grade FIBC manufacturer to avoid this drastic situation and to ensure that your consumers enjoy your product at its healthiest best.

Here is why you should go for Rishi FIBC as your trustworthy FIBC supply partner.

  • We Use Virgin Resin for Manufacturing Our Food Bags

Food grade bags are best made with 100% virgin resin to ensure their suitability for use. Virgin resin is the polypropylene resin that does not contain any recycled material (something that FIBCs other than the food grade ones heavily use). Using a bag with zero recycled material ensures that the chances of food getting contaminated from the packaging get reduced to a negligible amount. This is the choice of material that the FDA also approves of in its Food Contact Regulation guidelines.

We adhere to this requirement 100%, making our company one of the most trusted names industry-wide.

  • Our Manufacturing Facilities are Third-Party Certified

Our manufacturing facilities meet the highest quality control standards: all the containers are manufactured in a highly sanitized atmosphere. Therefore, you can rest assured that the hygiene of your food is not being compromised when you choose to pack it in Rishi FIBC food grade containers. We have BRC certification for our facilities.

  • We Meet Safety Standards Set by Important International Authorities on Food Grade FIBC

Food grade flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) are used for transporting or storing food, and therefore need to go through stringent quality checks to ensure their safety standards. Organizations like the British Retail Consortium (BRC), American Institute of Baking (AIB) and the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) set these standards; and our manufacturing facilities, at Rishi FIBC Bags, meet each and every one of them. Therefore, you can blindly rely on the safety of our food grade bulk bags.

  • We have Extensive Experience with the Food Industry

It helps tremendously if you are collaborating with a container manufacturer who is well acquainted with the ways of your industry. With our several years of experience in working with the food industry, we can be of great value to you.

  • We Customize Our Solutions to Meet Your Requirements

The food industry has very specific requirements for different categories of food as well as for different logistical parameters. Based on how long a distance your product needs to be transported to, and on the particular storage conditions it needs, you need to customize its packaging.

Being thoroughly experienced with the food industry, we at Rishi FIBC understand these nuances well and offer customized manufacturing for all our clients based on their set of requirements.

So, if you are in need for food grade FIBC, Rishi FIBC promises to be the right partner for you. Our manufacturing facility and hygiene standards are world-class. Our superior customer service and ability to customize production, makes us the preferred food grade FIBC manufacturer for companies in India and abroad.

UN rated bulk bags-Rishi FIBC

About UN Certified Bulk Bags and Their Applications

Transportation and storage of a variety of goods is carried out through FIBC bulk bags. These bags are versatile, durable and also affordable making them a preferred solution for the logistic industry. Using FIBC bags you can seamlessly transport food grade products and chemicals without any problem, however there are some hazardous materials that need extra care and protection. Such materials require UN (United Nations) certified bulk bags.


What are UN Certified Bulk Bags?

UN certified bulk bags are specifically designed to store and ship dangerously hazardous materials. Such bags are made from an extremely durable material that helps to prevent leaks and also works to block contamination of delicate products either by external or internal factors.


Rishi FIBC is a UN certified bulk bag manufacturer. We offer highly customized solutions for various types of bulk bags including UN certified bulk bags.


How are UN Certified Bags Different from Regular Bulk Bags?

UN certified bags are used to store and transport items and materials that are considered to be hazardous by the UN. Such bags are required to meet specifications and testing standards listed by the UN. A UN certified bulk bag manufacturer makes sure that the most risky and harmful materials and products are delivered safely.


UN certified bags consist of:


  • Superior durability that cannot be found in regular bulk bags.
  • Enhanced leakage protection abilities to safeguard the contents of the bag in a better way.
  • Insulating liners for extra protection. However, if you do not want these liners, you can opt for the bags that do not come with such liners.


The application of UN certified bulk bags is huge as they are perfectly put together to ensure hazardous materials and unsafe industrial waste is carried to and from locations in an efficient manner. At Rishi FIBC, we offer UN certified bulk bags in different sizes. Our bags even come in unique shapes and weight capacities. This makes sure that the individual requirements of each and every customer are dealt with in a convenient way.


The Uses of UN Certified Bulk Bags

UN certified bulk bag uses are in plenty as these bags are specially tested, manufactured and certified to work well in a variety of environmental conditions. You can so make use of these bulk bags in situations where risk of explosions, fire, toxic contamination, environmental damage and chemicals burns is involved. It can be utilized to ship material and items by rail, sea or land. Safety measures and regulations are imposed by the UN. This ensures that injury to people, material damage as well as harm and destruction to the environment is prevented. You can rest assured that whenever you need to transport dangerous and hazardous materials, UN certified bulk bag are at your service.


At Rishi FIBC, every bag passes through rigorous testing procedures set by UN such as vibration testing, stack testing and top lift testing among others. The UN bags are first tested at our in-house testing facility and once again in an independent testing laboratory before they are officially certified as a functional and safe to use UN Certified Bulk Bag.