Types of Jumbo Bags and Their Application-Rishi FIBC

Types of Jumbo Bags and Their Application

FIBC bags, also widely known as jumbo bags, have gained great prominence when it comes to the transportation of bulk food and pharmaceutical items. These bags are durable and lasting, even in the toughest of weather and environmental conditions and are also economical to use. Manufactured from woven polypropylene fabric, they are safe and hygienic in nature and can be re-used multiple times. FIBC bags come in various types and each type has a unique function. Rishi FIBC is a prominent jumbo bag manufacturer in India that keeps quality and integrity of the FIBC bags at top priority.

What are Jumbo Bags?

Jumbo bags or FIBC bags are specially designed bags for the transportation or shipping of dry, flowable products. These bags are held in high esteem in the food production and pharmaceutical industry.

People who utilize FIBC bags need not worry about static electricity control. Static electricity occurs when there is an imbalance of electric charges within certain materials. When FIBC bags are filled up or when they are rapidly discharged, the flow of finely powdered substances can lead to static electricity buildup. It is imperative to get rid of or prevent an electric charge when it comes to the packaging and transportation of flammable materials. The right type of FIBC bag will help to avoid such a mishap.


Types of FIBC Bags and their Uses

Broadly speaking, four types of jumbo bags are manufactured and these types of bags carry out different jumbo bag applications.

  • Regular FIBC Bags: This category of FIBC bags are the most common jumbo bags available. It contains a load capacity that ranges between 500kgs to 2000kgs. These dimensions alter depending upon the preferences and needs of the customer. It is used to transport non-flammable dry substances that are in powdery form. (Read more: https://www.rishifibc.com/fibc-products/fibc-bags.html)
  • Conductive FIBC Bags: They are also known as Type C FIBC bags and are made from non-conductive polypropylene fabrics. It consists of conductive threads that are interwoven and so are great for the transportation of flammable powder substances or when there is combustible dust around when the bags are being filled or discharged. (Read more: https://www.rishifibc.com/type-c-fibc.html)
  • Dissipative FIBC Bags: They are made from an antistatic fabric that comes with static dissipative threads. These bags are utilized to transport flammable powders or when flammable solvents are near or around the bag. You should avoid using these bags when water, grease and such kinds of conductors contaminate the bag. (Read more: https://www.rishifibc.com/type-d-fibc.html)
  • FIBC Bags with Liners: These type of FIBC bags come with polyethylene, multi-layer laminate liners that is used for storing and transporting highly hygroscopic materials. The liners are stitched or glued to the FIBC bags for added protection, to avoid contamination as well as for the safe keeping of the product.

Rely On Our FIBC Bag Manufacturing Expertise

At Rishi FIBC, you can rest assured knowing that we manufacture jumbo bags that are long-lasting and efficient for the storage of granules, powders and other materials. Our bags are certified safe by accredited agencies so you can rest assured knowing that the transportation of your materials will be done in a systematic and safe way.

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Customized FIBC Bulk Bags for Food and Pharma Applications-Rishi FIBC

Customized FIBC Bulk Bags for Food and Pharma Applications

Get Customized FIBC Bulk Bags for Food and Pharma Applications at Rishi FIBC

In the food and pharmaceutical industry, it is imperative to adhere to stringent procedures so that quality is kept on a pedestal while the risk of contamination is reduced. At Rishi FIBC Solutions, we understand this all too well and so we make sure that our hygienic bulk bags stick to the prescribed regulations. It can be rewarding yet it is also a never-ending process, but we are a bulk bag manufacturer who has managed to master this procedure with ease.

Manufacturing High Quality FIBC Bulk Bags

Our bulk bags are specially and intricately designed for the industries that deal with food and pharmaceutical products. We take special pains to ensure that every step of the manufacturing process is supervised and under our control. We make use of state-of-the-art technology to ensure that quality of the FIBC bulk bags is not compromised with in any way. So, if you handle logistics for food or pharmaceutical products, you can rely on our products to do a brilliant job.

Complete Research and Development Strategies

The reason we are the largest FIBC bulk bag exporter in India is because we constantly strive to invent and develop innovative strategies to ensure your food and pharmaceutical items are handled, packed and transported in a trouble-free manner.

FIBC bags are important for the transportation of food and pharmaceutical applications because:

The liners in the FIBC bags help to keep moisture and other contaminants outside.

  • It offers an extra layer of protection for the materials that are being transported.
  • FIBC bags are the most economical way of transporting items in bulk.
  • The bags do not cause harm to the environment in any way.

With the reliability of FIBC bags and the assurance that all of our processes and facilities conform to the rigorous standards of the US FDA, you can be assured that your products are transported to and fro in a safe and secure manner.

Meticulous Testing Carried out on all FIBC Bags

We understand every customer’s needs and so strive to lower costs and enhance capacity so that we can be of optimum service to you. The standards that are applied to the food industry are the same as those applied to the pharmaceutical industry. We document and verify our testing, processes and practices by adhering to the following:

  • Positive air pressure
  • Pest control
  • ISO 14644-1 class-8 compliant entire operation other than liner section
  • Double action blower/vacuum
  • Quality assurance
  • HACCP (A formal hazard and risk management system)
  • ISO certifications such as ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 22000: 2008.
  • Metal detection
  • Traceability system
  • Foreign body/dust control
  • Ultra sonic cutting technology

In this way, we, at Rishi FIBC Solutions, ensure that quality packaging and transportation are carried out in an efficient, cost-effective and successful manner. If you are looking for customized bulk bags for sale in India, do contact us and we will offer you the best deal possible.

Contact Rishi FIBC at Vadodara, Gujarat

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Select An Ideal Container Liner To Transport Bulk Cargo - Rishi FIBC

Select An Ideal Container Liner To Transport Bulk Cargo

When it comes to the transportation of food, chemical, minerals, seeds, petrochemicals and other products, you need to make sure that the packaging of these items is carried out in a safe and systematic manner so that quality and hygiene are kept at the highest priority. From 2012 to 2015, the container liner market registered a 5% rise in demand for container liners. While there are many manufacturers out there who are willing to offer you container liners, you should be very wise and cautious when choosing an FIBC manufacturer as you wouldn’t want your products to get damaged or spoilt in any way.

You can rely on Rishi FIBC Solutions, as we are a leading container liner manufacturer that offers high-quality container liner and on-time delivery without the fear of your products getting damp or developing moisture.

Advantages of Using Container Liners

There are many advantages of using container liners for bulk transport, in particular the ones manufactured by Rishi FIBC.

  • It acts as a cost friendly method of transporting cargo and so you save up a lot, even as you ship raw materials in bulk.
  • Container liners prevent the contamination of cargo and other products that are transported after packaging.
  • It shields the bulk cargo from moisture and sees that the cargo is shipped in a secure and hygienic method.
  • Container liners need very little handling in shipping bulk cargos from door to door.
  • They are very fast and easy to install.

Types of Container Liners

There are around six container liners manufactured by Rishi FIBC.

  • Barless Container Liners: It is mainly used for the transportation of bulk agricultural products.
  • Top Fill Container Liners: It comes with filling hatches on the roof of the container that is made to fit bulk containers of cargo such as pellets, free-flowing bulk powders, grain and granules.
  • Open Top Container Liners: It was designed keeping in mind the cargos that are carried in open top containers. For instance, cement, sugar, salt and milk powder.
  • Wide Access Container Liners: They are huge bags suspended inside containers and can be used to ship any material, equipment or palletized goods.
  • With Bar Container Liners: These containers are self restraining and come with bars. It is good for people working in the agricultural sector.
  • Baffle Container Liner: It is form fitted to the outer container and uses inner baffles to prevent the overflowing of liquid materials.

Take a look at our blog for more information: Types of FIBC Bulk Container Liners – Rishi FIBC

It is a good idea to transport your bulk materials and cargo through Rishi FIBC container liners as when you deal with us you are assured of superior quality conforming to international standards and incomparable satisfaction. We stand by our products and innovate in a unique way, constantly striving to better our services so that our customers can reap the maximum benefit.

FIBC Bulk Bags Are Economical and Eco-friendly- Rishi FIBC Solutions

FIBC Bulk Bags Are Economical and Eco-friendly

When you are transporting bulk cargo or any other material from one place to another, it is imperative to make sure that the packaging is done right so that no moisture or dampness seeps into your items. At Rishi FIBC Solutions, we provide you with customized FIBC bulk bags to transport minerals, chemicals and agricultural items in a safe and hassle-free manner. We believe in quality and so constantly strive to innovate and improve our FIBC bags, their packaging as well as transportation.

Many of our customers order custom FIBC bags and so we provide you with a variety of FIBC bags that you can opt from. These include:

  • FIBC Bags: The most standard and common jumbo bags. These are great for shipping non-flammable products. (Read more: FIBC Bags )
  • Type C-FIBC Bags: Made from electrically conductive fabric, these anti static jumbo bags are ideal for shipping dry flammable powders. (Take a look at our blog for more: Type C-FIBC – Rishi FIBC )
  • Type D-FIBC Bags: Made from anti-static and static dissipative fabrics, Type D FIBC bags are utilized to transport flammable powders and are preferred at times when flammable solvents or gases are in and around the bag. (Read more our blog: Type D-FIBC Bags)
  • Pharma Grade FIBC Bags: These are specially designed keeping pharmaceutical products in mind so that the products are in perfect condition and are not prone to any contamination. (Read more: Pharma Grade FIBC Bags)
  • Food Grade FIBC Bags: These bags help to transport food grade raw materials. These are designed to be free of germs and bacteria and are used to transport food grade raw material in bulk. (Read more: Food Grade FIBC Bags)

Why Should You Opt For FIBC Bags?

Companies and organizations dealing in the shipping of bulk items need to opt for FIBC bags because:

  • They are the most cost-effective and economical way of transporting liquids, material and cargo in bulk.
  • No contamination of the product occurs, especially once the product has been packaged and sealed.
  • Dry bulk goods can be easily stored, handled, packed and delivered in a problem-free way.
  • They are easy to put together and quick to install.
  • FIBC bags can be re-used multiple times and thereby help companies reduce their transportation cost.
  • FIBC bags are eco friendly and do not cause harm to the environment.

Take a look at our presentation: Why Should Business Opt For FIBC While Moving Goods – Rishi FIBC

FIBC Bags and the Environment

The fact that carbon emissions and waste have a negative influence on the environment is disturbing. This is why businesses today have no choice but to go in for eco-friendly solutions even when it comes to packaging. FIBC bags that are made from woven polypropylene fabric come as a savior during these times as they help to transport material in bulk and at the same time help the environment at large. Since the FIBC bags are huge, they do not require multiple smaller sacks, thereby greatly minimizing waste and the cost of packaging. Besides, FIBC bags can be re-used over and over which further helps to reduce waste generation.

Get in Touch with Us Today

Choosing an FIBC bag is not only profitable and cost friendly but it also helps you play a part in saving the environment. This is why many companies and organizations have switched to FIBC bags for transporting their bulk material and items to and from places.

We, at Rishi FIBC, are a reliable FIBC manufacturer and so you need not worry when it comes to quality as well as punctual delivery. So do give us a call, if you ever need an FIBC bulk bag as we follow all of the international guidelines that need to be adhered to and so you can be at peace knowing that your cargo is being transported in a safe and eco-friendly manner.

Food Grade FIBC Bulk Bags - Rishi FIBC

Food Grade FIBC Bulk Bags Makes a Fantastic Option for Commercial Food Companies

FIBC bulk bags are high-end flexible bags that can store great quantities of goods without any hassle. Flexible intermediate bulk containers are used by various industrial sectors like agriculture, chemicals, and pharmaceutical, but one of the largest users of FIBC bags is the food industry. These sturdy containers are best for carrying perishable products. Food grade FIBC bags are the need of the hour. Manufacturers and distributors looking to transport and store their food usually choose these huge bags over any other handling method.

Reasons why Food Grade FIBCs are Essential for Commercial Food Companies

FIBC is the safest and the most popular option chosen for transport and storage by commercial food companies.

1. Food Safety is maintained:There are a number of manufacturers that produce FIBC bulk bags, but it is always to stick to a reliable Food Grade FIBC bag manufacturer, especially if you are in the food business. Transporting and storing food is tougher to do than any other product. The main function of a Food grade FIBC bag manufacturer is to maintain hygiene and safety around food. In order to ensure the best possible quality, make sure you select a manufacturer like Rishi FIBC Solutions, who ensures that fool-proof safety standards are maintained during the production process.

2. Reusable and Eco-friendly: Since food grade FIBC bags are made from 100% virgin polypropylene resin that can be recycled within no time. These bags can be used multiple times. To check the safety factor of a bag, make sure you thoroughly inspect the safety ratios. Those with a 6:1 ratio can be reused, provided the bags are cleaned, reconditioned and qualified for reuse. Once it passes the test, you can easily use the bags whenever and however you like, as long as your products are being transported with care.

3. Approved by the US FDA: FDA ensures that all food grade FIBC bag manufacturers can only sell their bags once they have been approved by the US FDA. Since it is built with 100% virgin polypropylene resin, these bags are extremely safe and secure for transportation. And, since they have been approved by the FDA, it is safe to use these bags without fear of contaminating food that are being transported or stored in them. Food is one product that can be easily contaminated, which is why it’s absolutely essential to make use of food grade FIBC bags.

Apart from these essential qualities, FIBC bags also come in various designs. They are cost-effective, which also makes them one of the most commonly used bulk containers to store and transport perishable products. Since the invention of this product, it has been become extremely easy to overcome the challenge of transporting perishable items without contaminating them.

If you are looking for superior quality food grade FIBC bags, look no further than Rishi FIBC Solutions. We have zero-contamination production facility for such bulk containers and we conform to international hygiene and quality standards.

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The Importance of FIBC Liners and Their Applications

FIBC containers are used in numbers of industries that need to transport or store large quantity of products. Sturdiness and flexibility are two distinct features of these industrially advanced containers. Industrial sectors, like agriculture, chemical, pharmaceutical, pet food, and metal and mining industries, have a high demand for FIBC bags.

Since goods produced by these industries are in gigantic quantity, an FIBC is paired with a bag poly liner, thus strengthening the bag. The application of FIBC Liners is to enable companies to securely store or transport large quantities of fine powder or perishable items. Industries can also call for detachable liners, which can be tied, glued or sewed to the bag. These liners are compatible with spout top as well as duffel top bags. There are four kinds of widely used liners, customized according to usage.

  1. Form-Fit Liners

High protection form-fit liners are one of the most common liners used for storage and transportation. It is designed to adapt to the size of the bag. The oxygen barrier and the moisture resistant quality of these bags protect the products in the bag from contamination. It is also chemical resistant and thus protects the produce from any other damage.

Another advantage of form-fit liners is that these allow for convenient and consistent filling and discharge of products. This is because such liners do not come with pleats, folds or other traps that would cause any hurdle to the flow of the product. The form-fit liners are detachable or can be permanently attached to the bag. Application of form-fit FIBC liners is quite common in a number of industries.

  1. Aluminium Foil Liners

Foil liners or aluminium foil lines provide UV protection, are moisture resistant and allow oxygen to flow in. They can be customized to a variety of bags. This is one of the most stable FIBC liners, and they are also known to improve filling, discharging and safe handling of goods. Foil liners can also be manufactured using different materials. Aluminium foil liners are built using different aluminium compounds as suitable for different applications.

  1. Baffle Liners

One type of FIBC liners is the baffle liner. The USP of this liner is that it reduces the shipping costs, gives high-end package performance, and also lessens storage costs. Apart from providing increased stability, it also enhances bag stack ability. Square in shape, this liner utilizes internal baffles to maintain its shape. Application of FIBC liners is essential in the transport and storage of goods. The square-shaped liners also reduce the amount of space taken by the bags, which means added quantity of bags can be fit in a smaller place. It can hold up to 30 per cent more product than any other liners.


  1. Lay-Flat Liners

The lay-flat liners are cylindrically designed with an opening at the top. Bottom of this liner is sealed with heat. This means in order to get the produce out of the bag, the liner has to be cut open. Designed by experts, the lay-flat liners contain oxygen barriers, moisture protection, anti-static properties and are resistant to harmful chemicals.

These FIBC liners can be used for various activities, depending on the industry. It is easily fit into an FIBC bag and be carried around without taking up much space. Some liners can be purchased in a role while others are sold separately. If you are looking for quality and state-of-the-art FIBC liners, look no further than Rishi FIBC Solutions. We have a world-class manufacturing facility and can offer you customized liners for FIBCs.

FIBC Filling Guidelines- Rishi FIBC Manufacturer in India

FIBC Filling Guidelines

It is important that FIBC bags are handled properly at every stage, right from filling, storage, to transportation. In order to fill FIBCs safely and successfully, the following guidelines should be followed. Besides, any other safe filling instructions pertaining to a specified product or facility should be adhered to.

  1. Before the filling begins, ensure the empty FIBCs and lines are kept clean and stored undercover so that the extreme climatic conditions such as exposure to rain or sunlight and other accidental damage is avoided.
  2. There should not be any visual damage on the FIBC that might compromise its strength.
  3. If there is a discharge spout in FIBC, it should be closed or tied off before filling as per FIBC manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. The product being filled in the FIBC should be compatible with the FIBC and its components.
  5. While filling the FIBCs, the base of the bag should be supported by the ground or pallet, while its body should be supported by the top lift device.
  6. Ensure that the FIBCs are not standing in water.
  7. The FIBC should be filled evenly and remain stable during the entire filling process.
  8. The device being used to support or suspend a filled FIBC should be of sufficient strength capacity.
  9. The bulk bag should be suspended using all the lift loops, sleeves, etc in accordance to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  10. The crane hooks or bars that are used for lifting the FIBCs should not have any sharp edges or protrusions.
  11. The fill spout of the bulk bag should be closed as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  12. A filled FIBC should be raised and lowered smoothly.
  13. The filling environment needs to be appropriate for FIBC usage (e.g. explosive and flammable environment).
  14. Ensure all personnel are safe from any potential hazard.
  15. The FIBC needs to be approved for the product and must adhere to all applicable safety and regulatory requirements.
  16. FIBCs should be covered with UV protected, waterproof material so that water doesn’t collect on top of the bulk bag, as well as to prevent damage from direct sunlight.
  17. The safe working load (SWL) per rated capacity should not exceed the limit for the specified FIBC.
  18. The FIBC bags should be filled to only that level that doesn’t affect its stability adversely or exceeds the height to width restriction mentioned in applicable industry standards. A standard maximum ratio is 2:1; however current industry standards and regulatory codes should be referenced.
  19. Never allow any personnel to come under a suspended FIBC as it can be dangerous to life.
  20. Ensure all safety precautions and measures are taken while filling and lifting FIBCs.

We, at Rishi FIBC, ensure all safety measures and procedures are adhered to when manufacturing our products. We are committed to produce quality products and all our FIBCs are made in accordance to industry regulations.

FIBC Bags Help Reduce Company Costs - Rishi FIBC

FIBC Bags Help Reduce Company Costs

FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) bags are environment-friendly industrial containers that are made of flexible fabric and designed for storage and transportation of non-hazardous flowing and granulated products such as sand, fertilizers, chemicals, plastic granules, etc.

These FIBC bags have been revolutionary in the way the heavy quantity products are stored and transported. Besides reducing time spent in packaging and storage, these bulk bags are much easier and safe to transport as well, keeping the products intact, making them suitable for transportation in domestic as well as international markets.

The FIBC bags are helping companies in cost reduction in a big way.

  1. Transport and storage cost: The FIBC bags do not require pallets as each one has integral lifting loops. There is no need for secondary packaging also as these bags are strong and safe on their own. This saves the cost of extra packaging and the material can be transported safely from one place to the other.
  2. Reusability: The FIBC bags are reusable, which means the same bag can be used to transport and store the goods over and over (provided it meets the reuse guidelines and is cleaned and reconditioned regularly). This helps in cutting costs on buying multiple containers and bags. These bags can also be folded flat taking up minimal space when not in use. This way, the companies do not have to keep extra storage space just for these container bags.
  3. Can carry large quantity in one go: Designed to carry a huge load in one single time, FIBC bags helps in cost cutting in terms of buying multiple bags carrying limited amount of load.
  4. Available in variable dimensions: FIBC bags come in a variety of designs and styles, each with a selection of multiple features. The various styles include Food grade, 4-panel, U-panel, baffle with fabrics ranging from coated, uncoated, conductive, color options, top features being open top, duffle top, cone top, etc. and bottom design ranging from flat bottom, discharge spout, closure, full bottom discharge, etc. This variety in choice allows companies to get a bulk bag best suited for their product.
  5. Simple to use and cost effective: The FIBC bags are very simple to handle, fill, store, and transport, not requiring any kind of special training for their usage, which makes it a totally cost effective product.
  6. An array of filling, lifting and discharging facilities: All these bags are designed in such a way that it suits the company requirements of filling, lifting and discharging the product from the bag.
  7. Enduring strength: One of the best features of these bags is their strength and endurance making them a hit for carrying large volumes of goods and store them efficiently.
  8. Mobile advertising: The FIBC bags can be used for mobile advertising by color printing the brand/company name or displaying important information about the product. This can help the company cut down on advertising costs.

Rishi FIBC Solutions endeavors to provide world class industrial, food and pharma FIBC bags with customized solutions to meet the clients’ requirements. Serving more than 27 nations currently, we aspire to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by having established excellent operational hygiene, cleanliness, sanitization standards adhering to guidelines and providing precision and reliability in all our products.

Quick Facts About FIBC Bulk Bags - Rishi FIBC

Quick Facts About FIBC Bulk Bags – A Revolutionary Transport Solution

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers, also called FIBC bulk bags have radically revolutionized the transportation of raw materials and products at industrial level. These big bags are made of flexible woven fabric, designed for storage and transportation of dry, flowing products such as fertilizers, sands, plastic granules, etc.

Facts about FIBC Bulk Bags India

Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt. Ltd. – an established FIBC bulk bag manufacturer in India, lists some intriguing facts about FIBC bags:

  • FIBCs are made mostly of thick woven 100% virgin polypropylene or polyethylene. They are either coated or uncoated.
  • These bulk bags are capable of holding 2,000 to 4,000 pounds of bulk material.
  • These bags are light weight weighing 5-7 pounds only with each bag designed to carry one metric ton of material.
  • A typical FIBC bag’s diameter is 110 cm (45-48 inches), and the height varies from 100 cm up to 200 cm (35-38 inches).
  • These bags are made up of lifting loops – one, two or four – as loading and transporting is done by lifting it up from the loops.
  • FIBCs come with a discharge spout at the bottom, which makes emptying very convenient.
  • Due to their superior strength, FIBC bags are also sometimes used for making barriers during floods.

FIBC Bulk Bag Storage

In order for the bulk bags to meet high demands in terms of strength and durability, it is important that these bags are stored and handled according to manufacturer’s recommendations and in accordance with best industrial practices. Improper care and handling can lead to severe, costly and potentially dangerous accidents.

The FIBC bags need to be protected from the following elements:

  • Intemperate weather – Over time, rain, snow and storm can weaken the strength of your bulk bags. Keeping unused bulk bags safely and storing them away from indoor moisture also helps retain the quality of the bags.
  • Ultra Violet rays – Though highly durable, exposure to UV rays can weaken the links of the woven polypropylene that makes the bag’s fabric.
  • Outdoor storage – FIBCA does not support or endorse any kind of outside storage for the bulk bags, even if the location is safe from moisture and UV rays. Therefore, it is important that these bags are stored inside to increase their shelf life.

Filling FIBCs

To ensure best quality and life extension of FIBC bags, filling these bags properly is a crucial best practice.

  • Before filling, ensure the bags are visibly free from any damage that might compromise on strength and carrying ability. Do not attempt to fill the bag if you see any loose seam, a rip or any other deformity.
  • Always fill bulk bags with FIBCA approved materials and products.
  • While filing the bags, ascertain that they are being filled evenly and placed in a stable position.
  • The device used to suspend the bag should be rated as capable of bearing the required weight.

Lifting FIBCs

  • Use only approved lifting mechanisms for lifting FIBCs.
  • Ensure lifting loops on bulk bags are vertical before lifting to avoid perilous lateral motions.
  • Move the FIBC using fluid motion
  • Ensure there are no obstructions and sight lines are clear while moving FIBC bags.

Storing and Transporting filled FIBCs

  • Ensure that FIBCs are stable before stacking them.
  • Always use pyramid or supported stacking method while transporting the FIBCs to ensure they are placed properly.
  • Place bags gently while stacking else they might be damaged.
  • Secure the FIBCs safely while transporting them.
  • Storing FIBCs indoors in a UV free and dry area is a must.
  • Cover the bulk bags to protect them from moisture, dirt and UV rays and increase their longevity.

FIBCs are considered a great innovation in the transport industry. However, it is important to remember that safety and effectiveness of these bags are contingent on their proper use and storage. If you are eager to learn more facts about FIBC bulk bags India, contact Rishi FIBC, the leading FIBC bulk bag manufacturer in India. Our representatives will be please to guide you and help you find a perfect FIBC for your needs.

Global Bulk Container Packaging Industry Poised For Steep Increase - Rishi FIBC

Global Bulk Container Packaging Industry Poised For Steep Increase

The world has truly become globalized. It is not just people going from one country to another, be it for work or leisure, but even goods are crossing borders and boundaries. This has created an urgent need for bulk container packaging which is spurring the growth of the bulk container packaging industry.

View of the Experts

A report entitled “Bulk Container Packaging (Flexitanks, FIBC and Bulk Container Liners) Market for Food & Beverages, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Other Applications: Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis and Forecast, 2014 – 2022” by Zion Research states that in 2014, the bulk container packaging market was worth US$2,427 million.

This market is expected to generate revenues amounting to US$5,035 million by the end of 2022. This means that the global bulk container packaging industry will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9.5 per cent between 2015 and 2022.

Understanding Bulk Containers

Bulk container refers to reusable industrial container that can be used to transport as well as store solvents, food and beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and even sand.

Bulk container encompasses flexitanks, FIBC bags and even bulk container liners. Typically, FIBCs are used to transport dry but flowable products, such as sand and powdered fertilizers. The reason that industries turn to bulk container packaging is because they are cost-efficient and ensure safe and secure storage and transportation.

Future of Bulk Container Packaging Industry

The bulk container packaging industry is growing by leaps and bounds. This is primarily because wine exports from Europe are increasing as also vegetable oil exports from Southeast Asia. It is anticipated that this surge in export will fuel the growth of the industry.

However, at the same time, the prices of polypropylene and polyethylene are fluctuating. This can adversely affect the growth of the bulk container packaging industry as these two products are used in the manufacture of bulk container packaging.

The industry will also receive an impetus due to increasing commodity trade in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS). It is believed that the rising commodity trade in these nations will offer newer opportunities for bulk container packaging in the coming few years.

Presently, FIBC bags are in highest demand and this is the bulk container packaging segment that ensures the biggest revenue stream for FIBC manufacturers. It is expected that this segment will continue its growth. However, researchers from Zion Research also believe that bulk container liners will also see positive growth, after having a market share of 32 per cent in 2014.

This highest demand for bulk container packaging is from North America, followed by Europe and Asia Pacific. However, in the coming few years, Asia Pacific will witness the fastest growth in the bulk container packaging industry while Europe will witness a moderate growth.

Finding bulk container packaging is not that difficult if you have access to a reliable manufacturer. Rishi FIBC Solutions offers international quality bulk container packaging options and solutions to suit different packaging and transportation needs. Its state-of-the-art manufacturing unit and superior quality control measures, make Rishi FIBC Solutions a major player in the bulk container packaging industry.