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Precautions While Filling And Emptying A FIBC Bags

FIBC bags are extremely useful for a number of industrial uses and are highly preferred by the users. There are a number of FIBC bag manufacturers in India but it is always recommended to choose a t and a reputed manufacturer for getting the premium quality bags. But at this point of time, it is quite important to take some of the most important precautionary measures at the time of filling and emptying a FIBC bags which are as enumerated below.

  • At the time of using a FIBC bag, it is extremely important to use all of the loops provided. The loops are an essential part of the construction of the bags which are particularly designed for being used in tandem with all the other for the purpose of lifting the full rated weight of a bag which is loaded.
  • The next thing to keep in mind is not to gather all the loops for being lifted with a single hook instead it is specified to do so. The suing of the loops in other ways which is not mentioned can be dangerous.
  • The loops should be kept vertical because they are designed in that way only. Lifting the bags, horizontally, laterally or side to side can cause damage to the bags thereby making it unstable which might be dangerous for the standing around the bag being lifted.
  • When the FIBC bags are suspended, the surroundings should be necessarily kept clear making sure that no one standing close or under the suspended bag. Severe injury or even death can occur if the suspended bag is dislodged from the suspending device. Hence extreme care should be taken in this regard.
  • It is extremely important to keep a close watch on the safe working load or the rated capacity of the FIBC bag being used. It should be made sure that the FIBC bags never exceeds it capacity at the time of using it otherwise can lead to severe accidents.
  • Care should be taken to make sure that FIBC bags are evenly filled and are kept completely stable. Refraining form doing so might cause the bag to topple at the time of filling or emptying it which might be dangerous.
  • Ultimately, it is very important to appropriately close the FIBC bag as instructed which is basically the key to the safe performance of the bag. Also, proper closing ensures the prevention of leakage at the time of storage and transportation thereby eliminating the chances of hazardous or dangerous events.

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Following all these precautionary measures makes sure that the FIBC bags are properly and effectively used without the happening of any kinds of unwanted events or situations .

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5 Essential Points To Consider When Choosing A Bulk Bag-Rishi FIBC Solutions

5 Essential Points To Consider When Choosing A Bulk Bag

Bulk bag is one of the most important storage commodity for industries. It is close to impossible to carry things from one place to another with a bulk bag with a particular capacity.

Bulk bags are also known as FIBC which stands for Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers. It is made of polypropylene which is an inert thermoplastic. It is a recyclable product and can be remodelled into other types of plastic products.

FIBC can be used for transportation and storage of a wide variety of contents with safety.

Reconditioned Bulk Bags: These are basically used bags. They are cheaper than the new ones. It is a matter of concern by the FIBCA (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association) members if the bag can take the load of both the type of products unless it is designed for both specifically.

Requirement: This will depend on the application that is the equipment used to transport through the bag in terms of production.

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A lot of bulk bag manufacturers make a variety of bags with efficiency, good cost, recyclable, multi purpose.

There are a few essential that have to be kept in mind while choosing a bulk bag. They are as follows:

  1. To know the bulk density and SWL (Safe Working Load) of the product. The packed product should not exceed SWL of the bag.
  2. A lot of customizations are available for the bulk bag such as baffles, color, vent strips, etc. It is not necessary to pay for them and buy only that which is appropriate for the application.
  3. Knowing the correct procedure, how to handle a bulk bag is important.
  4. If the cost of the bulk bag exceeds the expected budget, do not cut it off. It prevents the leakage of the product or tearing of the bag due to the product weight.
  5. A good sealing system should be provided by the bulk bag manufacturer.

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