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How FIBC Bags Help Reduce Shipping Costs?

FIBC bags are a revolutionary bulk packaging option that is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers can stock up and transfer all diverse types of materials including both non-hazardous and hazardous dry flowable materials.

Mentioned below are some of the ways by which Jumbo Bag Manufacturer in Gujarat can help to reduce shipping cost:

  • Unlike other bulk packaging options, FIBC bags do not need pallets which eliminate the need for expensive secondary packaging. Secondary packaging in most cases can include quite a bit of weight in addition to take additional space as a result increasing the cost to ship your product.
  • Light weight and tremendously durable, Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers have the capability to carry a lot of material as well as product. With safe working loads ranging from one thousand to five thousand pounds, FIBC bags have the capability to store and transport quite a bit of product and material.
  • Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers are tremendously light reducing the amount of dead weight that your business pays to transport. The less dead weight that you ship is equal to more product/material shipped for less money.
  • Warehouse space is costly and it is the objective of each business to use each square foot of space competently. Unused bags can be folded into a compacted size making storing bags waiting for easy and cost efficient use. Filled bags are also simple to stock up; as they can be heaped on top of each other supporting your business make best use of your warehouse space.
  • Some woven polypropylene bulk bags are specially manufactured for numerous uses and they are called 6:1 Safety Factor Ratio or SFR bags. 6:1 SFR bags can be utilized more than once and can lessen overall costs. It is vital to note that even though these bags are rated for numerous uses, there are specific guidelines that you require to adhere to for safe and proper use.

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So, now it is quite clear as to how the FIBC bags can help in the reduction of the shipping costs easily. So, what are you waiting for? Contact the FIBC bag manufacturer in Gujarat to effectively fulfil all your needs.

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FIBC Bags Are The Ideal Application For Dairy Industry-Rishi FIBC Solutions USA

FIBC Bags Are The Ideal Application For Dairy Industry

Transporting and storing powders in bulk can be very difficult. Not only can they be untidy, but it is extremely important to make sure that they are not exposed to moisture. No matter what method you select to use to transport the powder in bulk, it is exceptionally significant to select the option that:

  • Creates the most thriving storage and shipping procedure for your business
  • Best suits your operation
  • Streamlines the procedure and experience for your customer

In this regard, the FIBC bags would certainly be one of the most appropriate one for use. Mentioned below are the advantages that FIBC Bulk Bags offer in the diary industry:

  • Filling equipment commonly used with bags work perfectly with powdered substances, specially powdered milk. Not only can common filling equipment make filling bags simpler, it can help you mechanize the packaging of your product and reduce the time it takes for you to prepare your product for consignment.
  • During the transportation and storage process, bulk containers can be exposed to pests, rodents and insects. Insect and rodent infestations can cause infectivity and deterioration of powdered substances ruining your product and your customers experience. Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers can be wholly sealed to stop pests from entering the bag. Also, polypropylene is very sturdy and hard for rodents to chew through.
  • When storing and transporting powdered substances, it is very important that your product is safeguarded from moisture. Powdered substances can be spoiled or ruined when they meet moisture. Most bags can be accompanied by a polyethylene liner to keep the product safe from dampness contamination.

Apart from this, FIBC bags for Diary Industry and metal containers are very expensive to purchase, use, and maintain. Bulk bags are very lucrative bulk storage options and can hold the product safely. Some bags are manufactured for numerous uses making them an even more cost effective packaging option.

Most of the Food grade FIBC suppliers also make it easy for their customers to have access to their specific bag by keeping your bag in-stock set for next shipment in their warehouse. This enables you to use your suppliers’ warehouse space to store bags and pull them as required.