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Choosing The Right FIBC Bag Fabric

The choice of the right material for FIBC bags is a matter of immense importance for keeping the functionality of the bags at its best. The right material is extremely important for the for the manufacturing process to come up with the intended results. Thus, it can be clearly understood as to how important role the material plays in the manufacturing of the bags. The four common types of FIBC available in the market are Type A, Type B, Type C and Type D. For each of these different types of bags, the material is appropriately chosen depending on the overall environment of manufacturing plant and the products to be kept in it. These bags are usually made up of woven propylene. After that a coat of a synthetic film is applied to the bags which is actually a mixture consisting of polyethylene and polypropylene. So, here it is detailed below about the selection of the right FIBC bag material for the purpose of meeting the needs as well as requirements.

Type A FIBC Bags

A mixture of polypropylene, calcium carbonate along with a special UV additive is used for the purpose of manufacturing of the Type A FIBC bags. The UV additive is used for effectively protecting against erosion at the time when storing is done outside. These Type A bags are suitable for transporting products but only those are not flammable in nature. The Type A bags come with no special electrostatic protection which is the reason as to why these bags cannot be used for transportation of any inflammable materials or used in any combustible environments.

Type B FIBC Bags

For the Type B bags, standard propylene material is used. This material is just perfect for the prevention of sparks. Here the manufacturers also make sure to apply an anti static coating so that all kinds of explosion or disaster can be effectively prevented.

Type C FIBC Bags

The manufacturing of the Type C bags involves woven carbon filament. Most importantly, these bags have to be grounded while filling the bags. These bags are just appropriate for transporting the flammable powders because safety will not be concern in this situation.

Type D FIBC Bags

For the Type D bags, a completely static dissipator is used which can dissipate any of the static charges automatically. This in turn necessarily helps in the prevention of any sparks. This is the reason as to why the Type D bags are also referred to as the antistatic bulk bags. Care needs to be taken to make sure that the bags are not used in a wet or greasy surface.

Why Rishi FIBC?

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Best Flexitanks Manufacturer in India-Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd USA

Best Flexitanks Manufacturer in India

What is Flexitanks?

Flexitank is basically a bulk liquid container that is made up of a number of layers of polyethylene along with an outer covering of woven polypropylene. The flexitanks come with different volume ranging from about twelve thousand litres to twenty six thousand litres. These are fitted usually with a dry box container of about twenty feet. These tanks are usually used for the purpose of transporting or shipping of all sorts of non hazardous liquids especially in bulk quantities. The flexitanks are generally manufactured with the custom formulated blended polyethylene. This in turn makes these flexitanks an extremely environment friendly medium for packaging of liquids.

Applications of Flexitanks

Flexitanks offer a flexible, dynamic, cost effective and safe solution for all bulk liquid transport requirements. These tanks are just appropriate at the time of transportation or shipping of various types of liquids that are non hazardous in nature. In particular, these tanks are readily used for the shipping of food grade liquids in the most effective way. The tanks being very easy and convenient to use find great applications in case of transporting liquids in bulk. In an addition to this, the considerations for travel is great and the liquids can be easily transported over long distances with lower cost of shipment as well as receiving and hence the most preferred for application in this regard.

Guidelines for Loading and Unloading

At the time of loading or filling these tanks the following precautions should be taken.

  • Any unintended movement should be necessarily prevented. This can be done by securing the wheel of the vehicle with wheel chocks
  • The bulk head and the valve so used in the flexitank should not make any contact with the interior of the doors of the container
  • The hose should be very securely connected for the reduction of stress on the valve
  • Dedicated and tested hoses should be used for filling
  • Before the initiation of the loading process, all the valves should necessarily be in correct position
  • The left door of the container should be properly closed before loading starts
  • Spill protection devices should be used
  • Care should be taken to make sure that no gases enter the flexitank before, after or during the loading process
  • The connection of the pipe as well as the hoses should be checked for their tightness
  • Air pumping in the tank must be avoided
  • The flexitank should be filled to the appropriate capacity

Here are a few important guidelines to follow while unloading the flexitanks.

  • The right hand door of the flexitank should be opened with care
  • The left hand door should be kept in closed position till the time the tank is substantially empty
  • Necessary precautions should be taken for spill protection
  • All of the markings should be removed from the flexitanks after the unloading is over

Rishi FIBC – The Best Flexitank Manufacturer in India

Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd is certainly one of the best flexitank manufacturer in India. With the manufacturing of the top notch flexitanks yet strictly adhering to all of the specifications makes Rishi the best flexitank manufacturer in the country. Rishi FIBC has several years of experience in this field and has consistently lived up the expectations of the users ensuring hundred percent satisfaction. So, at any point of time you are need of the flexitanks for your business, you should essentially contact the best flexitank manufacturer in India. With the experience and expertise of Rishi FIBC, you can completely rely on them for getting the premium quality flexitanks that too of the exact specifications as per the need.