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Tips for Temporary Storage of Grains in Silo Bags

The silo bags have gained a lot of importance in recent times. These bags are readily used for storing grains on a temporary basis. Whenever, any grains are harvested, it would be a very good idea to store the grains temporarily until the permanent storage option is available. But at this point of time, the users need to make sure to follow a few of the most important tips at the time of temporarily storing the grains in the silo bags for the best results.

Storing on a Levelled Ground

The first tip to follow is to keep the silo bags on a firm and well drained ground that is level as well as smooth. This, in turn, provides a plenty of room for the loading and unloading equipment to operate with ease as well as convenience. It is to be made sure that there is no debris present that could cause harm or puncture the bag. So, it becomes quite important to keep the silo bags in a safe and stable place while temporarily storing grains in them.

Avoid Grain Spills Near the Bags

It is immensely important to avoid any kind of grain spills near the silo bags because this will attract rodents to the bag. The rodents can then cause damage to the bag by clawing or chewing which needs to be avoided at any cost. Thus, the users should necessarily make sure that no spilling of grains happen near the silo bags full of grains.

Minimum Folds at the Base

Keeping the folds at the base of the silo bags to a minimum is quite essential at the time of filling. This is because of the fact that the folds are very easy places for the rodents to chew on the silo bags. Thus, it is to be always kept in mind to minimise the folds at the base for the safety of the bag with grains.

Eliminate Growth of Moulds and Insects

The users should always keep in mind that while storing dry grains in the silo bags, the bags are not hermetically sealed. This, in turn, increases the chances of moulds, and insects growing in these storage bags. Thus, the users should always keep this mind and eliminate chances of growth or mould and insects to keep the grains intact.

Check for Holes and Damages

The silo bags with grains stored in them should be regularly inspected for any kinds of holes and tears. If there is any requirement for repair, it should be done without wasting even a moment. It is best to carry out the repairing task with tapes and sealants that are compatible with the bags.

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Following the tips would make sure that the grains inside the silo bags as a temporary storage is not damaged and the quality is kept intact. It is recommended that the users should purchase the silo bags from a dependable and reputed manufacturer.

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Benefits of Container Liners-Rishi FIBC Solutions

Benefits of Container Liners

Container liners, as can be understood from the name, are special liners that are used in the containers in the transportation industry. These liners are extremely useful and provides a wide array of advantages in the transportation industry. It is precisely the reason as to why the container liners have become immensely popular in the transportation industry in recent times. In the past, there were several issues arising from the use of alternate methods such as damage of the cargo while transportation, contamination, and a number of others. Let us understand the benefits of container liners that would make it clear about the popularity of these liners.

Saves Quite a Lot on the Costs of Packaging

At the time of packaging of bulk products inside a container, one can get a lot of options available. Container liners in this regard play a vital role in saving a lot of money on the packaging costs. A lot lesser is required with the container liners because in case of others, multiple sacks and bulk bags are required to store all the products, along with the requirement of pellets for taking their weight. Therefore, a lot of money is saved as packaging costs are readily reduced.

Productivity is Enhanced

There are a number of sophisticated automated equipment that can very easily and conveniently handle bulk products transported inside a container liner. This, in turn, is quite vital to save a lot of human effort required in this regard. In addition to this, the use of automated equipment with the container liners makes sure that the workers do not undergo a risk of injuring themselves, thereby playing a significant role in enhancing the overall productivity.

Wastage is Reduced

The shipping containers are very often loaded both horizontally as well as vertically. The container liners in this situation help in keeping the cargo secure throughout its complete journey starting from loading, transportation, unpacking, and final storage. The container liners are quite helpful in the entire process by reducing the amount of wastage occurring within these steps. The inner content of the containers is completely safe and secure, thereby reducing the wastage.

Contamination is Reduced

Contamination is a very common risk associated with transportation. The container liners play a major role in providing resistance against humidity. The liners come with an impenetrable design for the prevention of leakages and at the same time prevent all other contaminates that could damage the inner content of the containers. Moreover, they are quite easy to maintain and clean, therefore convenient for the users.

Thus, it can be very well understood as to how beneficial is the use of container liners for the transportation industry. It is important for the users to keep it in mind that they should necessary choose a trusted, reputed, reliable, and experienced manufacturer for getting the best quality container liners that ideally serve the intended purpose of use.