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Benefits Of Using BOPP Bags In The Food Industry

BOPP sacks, short for biaxially oriented polypropylene sacks, are ideal bulk storage bags for a number of products, especially food-grade products. Available in a density of three to four layers, with sizes that can carry five to 75 kilos of the packed product.

These bags are capable of featuring high-quality photographic printing that makes them even more desirable as a packaging option for the food industry. The multi-colored printed BOPP Laminated PP Woven Sacks/Bags are manufactured using superior quality raw material adding an aesthetic value to your product with the numerous possibilities of making it attractive.

Among the many benefits of using BOPP bags for food items, here are the major ones:

Safe for direct food contact, BOPP bags can be used without any hazards to store food products like cereals, pulses, rice, seeds, bird/animal feed, charcoal, grass, and other dry ingredients.

Durability and strength due to the strong inner layer make BOPP bags guards it against tears and rips, unlike paper and polythene bags. It is perfect for transporting the product by courier due to its food-grade woven polypropylene material that offers maximum strength and protection.

The quick, easy access and automatic filling lines are ideal for accessing the product inside. Plastic handles for five to 10 kilos of packed product and sewn bottoms are another feature that can be incorporated into BOPP bags for better handling and usage.

Better product visibility is offered by leaving transparent areas on the font or reverse sides of the bag, both in the three- and four-layer bags without compromising on the quality of the bags. This allows the customer to see the product while being untouched and safely contained in the BOPP sack.

The visual appeal of BOPP bags can effectively brand your product with the highest photographic quality of printing. As many as eight colors can be incorporated in the creative to be printed on the bag. Also, high-quality inks are used to print the bags and these are also approved with the FDA. There is an option of having a matt or gloss finish to your BOPP bags as per your requirements in both, three-layer and four-layer varieties. Two kinds of engravings namely, Electronic engraving and Chemical engraving, can be done on it as per the design and the nature of the product.

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Attractive, durable, and safe, the BOPP bags have so many added features that make them a preferred option for bulk product packaging. At Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd, we manufacture BOPP Laminated PP Woven Sacks/Bags of international standards, integrating the best available technology, quality, and hygiene in our finished products. Get in touch with our team to know more about our product offerings.

Container Liners for Wet Hide Transport-Rishi FIBC Solutions

Container Liners for Wet Hide Transport

The most effective form of transporting bulk goods these days is by maritime shipping. The Network of Transport and the Environment claims that it is one of the most carbon-efficient forms of transporting goods as compared to road, rail, and air. And for maritime shipping of bulk cargos, the most ideal packing method is by using Container Liners.

Container Liners are a cost-effective solution when it comes to bulk packing. A clean and dry shield between the product and the interior of the container protects it from spillage, environmental effects on the product, keeping them top-quality and free of contamination. They offer maximum payload leaving minimum residue after discharge. They are also easy to install, load, and discharge with minimal handling. Since a new liner is used every time there is no extra cost attached to repair, cleaning, or multiple trips.

There are various kinds of liners with specific uses as per the product category it is used for. One of them is a Wet Hide Liner. It is a normal liner coated additionally with polyethylene. This extra protective layer prevents and reduces leakages from the container. These containers are ideal for transporting hides and other unpleasant and caustic items. Wet Hide Liners come without a roof cover and therefore they tend to be low-cost. Besides the time taken for cleaning them, they also save a lot of time when it comes to reusing the containers, especially given the nature of products that they carry.

Approximately 7 million tons of raw hides are generated for the production of leather around the world. These hides are processed and transported globally until they end up as finished leather. However, the cargo of hides or skins in the usual containers can create a lot of problems. Containers that have not been specifically put together as per this particular product’s requirement can lead to leakage of corrosive brine during transport, further contaminating its surroundings and raising a strong stench that can lead to the potential health risk from bacterial infections.

Hence it becomes imperative that these Wet Hides are properly packed and transported in containers that are customized especially for their carriage. Our Wet Hide Liners ensure the best solution for this requirement.

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We at Rishi FIBC Solutions (P) Ltd design, produce, and offer support for the installation of a range of liners. From 20 ft, 30ft, 40ft, 53ft, to customized solutions as per the specific requirement of the product and user, we offer the best solutions possible for your bulk cargo packaging needs. Our clientele includes industries like Hides, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Powders of all kinds, Food Grains, and more. Our liners are made of virgin raw materials and can be recycled, making them an environment-friendly option.

Rishi FIBC Solutions (P) Ltd. is a leading Container Liner and FIBC manufacturer bringing you products with world-class quality in sync with your product requirements. To know more about our innovative solutions, please get in touch with our team.