Applications of Our PRO 7 Silo Bags-Rishi FIBC Solutions

Applications of Our PRO 7 Silo Bags

If you are invested into farming or other business dealing with agricultural pulse, grain or crop production, you are thoroughly aware of the challenges that it carries with the storage of grains and crops for a long period of time. In order to help farmers and business owners overcome this challenge Rishi FIBC brings you PRO 7 Silo bags, the perfect solution for storing your crops and agricultural production.

Let’s take a look at what is PRO 7 Silo bag and the various application it can be used for!

What is PRO 7 Silo Bags?

The PRO 7 Silo bags are actually storage bags brought you by Rishi FIBC. These bags are manufactured from polythene and hence popularly referred to as polythene bags as well. These bags are manufactured from seven-layers of Blown extruded technology with various polymers which provides a total thickness of 180 – 250 microns. The outer layer of the bag is usually white in color so as to reflect solar radiation. On the other hand, the inner layer of the bag is black in color so as to block sunlight. The diameter of these silo bags varies from 8-10 feet and Length of 60 m, 75 m up to 90 m, produced as per the requirement of the client. The silo bags basically serve great purpose of effective storage thereby finding a wide range of applications. The silo bags have gained a lot of importance in recent times. These bags are readily used for storing grains and other agricultural production, clearly reflecting the large variety of application it can contribute to.

Let’s take a look at various applications PRO 7 Silo bags contributes to.

Application of PRO 7 Silo Bags

There are many applications that PRO 7 Silo bags contribute to, some of which are as follow:

Pro 7 Silo Bags are contributes majorly to the primary function of storage. These bags are ideal to store products like Wheat, Maize, Sorghum, Soybean, Paddy, Barley, Sunflower seeds, Millets, Cottonseeds, dried fruits, wood chips, fertilizers Oats, Fodder Hazelnut and other grain product.

Prevents crops from Fungus and Insects

Pro 7 Silo Bags should are sealed when grains and other agricultural materials are filled. Thus the available oxygen inside the bag is consumed by the grains and then produces an atmosphere rich with Co2. This in turn prevents the development and reproduction of fungus and Insects inside Silo Bag. This makes them an ideal protective option for agriculture products with the process of storage.

Helps Expel Carbon Dioxide to Protect the Product

The PRO 7 silo bags are airtight sealed once the agricultural products have been bagged. This in turn creates a limited supply of oxygen environment within the bags. Anything alive (insects, bacteria, the grain) consumes the limited oxygen in the bag and expels carbon dioxide, which in turn keeps the grains healthy with intact quality for longer period of time, while preventing it from all possible fungus and insects.

Contributes in creating anaerobic environment

With the usage of PRO 7 Silo bags usually, within 10 days, the oxygen volume in the bag drops from 20% to 3% and CO2 volume rises from 0% to 17%. Thus the bag will become anaerobic and provides free from FUNGUS and INSECTS, without any additional cost.

Prevents Products from Sunlight

The PRO 7 Silo bag is made with the outer layer of the bag white in color so as to reflect solar radiation. On the other hand, the inner layer of the bag is black in color so as to block sunlight from entering the bag, thus creating a cooler temperature inside the bag to prevent the crops from sunlight.

Helps grain storage for long period of time

The PRO 7 silo bag creates a colder preserving atmosphere for the grains and agricultural products stored in them. This is done by usage of black paint for the inner layer of the bags, which in turn helps in preserving the crops for a long period of time. This makes the PRO 7 Silo bags ideal for long time preservation of agricultural product.

Protect product from rainfall

If you carry out business in region with higher rainfall then PRO 7 Silo bags can be a great application for storage. Since the bags are made up of polymers it will protect the stored grains and agricultural product from water damage by rainfall.

Facilitates easy Loading and Unloading

It is possible to use Grain Bagging machine and De – Bagging machine with PRO 7 silo bags to load or unload grains or other materials. This in turn makes the loading and unloading process easier for Silo bags making it ideal for storage bag for loading and unloading purpose.

These applications clearly reflect how PRO 7 silo bags can contribute to your agricultural business, making it ideally the need of the hour in the farming industry. So if you are into business dealing with agricultural products, then PRO 7 silo bags are just the itinerary your business requires. To know more about silo bags or business related enquiry, you can get in touch with us.

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Why Choose Us

At any point of time, you feel the need of the silo bags; no other option would be as good as Rishi FIBC Solutions. Being one of the premier manufacturers of silo bags, Rishi FIBC is certainly the first choice of the users. Rishi FIBC has a team of adequately trained and vastly experienced professionals who have the necessary expertise and all the skill set required to manufacture the bags without any compromise in the quality. Rishi FIBC makes sure that all of the silo bags so manufactured is at par with the quality standards so that each of the users are hundred percent satisfied with the use of the silo bags from Rishi FIBC.

BOPP Bags An Ideal Packaging Solution For Your Business-Rishi FIBC Solutions

BOPP Bags An Ideal Packaging Solution For Your Business

If you are into business dealing with physical movable product, you know how important is packaging and branding of the product! To provide your business with the flexibility of packaging and branding Rishi FIBC brings to you BOPP bags.

BOPP bags are the ideal solution that your business needs when it comes to bulk packaging. Further, with the usage of BOPP bags it is possible for your business to promote their brand using printed display over the bags. This in turn will brings down the riding cost of branding by a huge margin reflecting a double layered solution for your businesses in a single investment. If you are into business dealing with products then BOPP bags are an ideal cost effective solution for you. It will not only help your brand get recognized but also provide you with unlimited flexibility of bulk packaging of your products.

Come let’s take a look at what are BOPP bags and why it is an ideal packaging solution for your business!

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What is BOPP Bags?

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene bags better known as BOPP bags are packaging unit developed by stretching the raw material (BOPP FILM) in both directions, producing molecular chain orientation in two directions. This in turn helps in development of a water resistant, durable and long lasting quality bag that can be used for the purpose of packaging small to large quantity of goods, along with its nylon and rubber stereo external finish making it ideal for printing. Thus lays the foundation of BOPP bag development which serves the purpose of both packaging and branding.

Let’s take a look at some of the major specifications that makes BOPP bags ideal for your business.

Specifications of BOPP Bags

The utility of BOPP bags in packaging and branding are endless, in regards to the large scale usage of the BOPP bags in businesses. The main reason behind this is the large scale specifications of BOPP that caters business requirements. Some of the important specifications of BOPP bags are as follow:

  • A BOPP bag has various layers in the bag and they are also known as Multi-layer bag. One of the layers of the bag is made from HDPE/PP woven fabric. Multi colored BOPP films are made through engraved cylinders and Rotogravures reverse printing technology. It is then laminated with HDPE/PP woven fabrics. Eventually the cutting and stitching is done as per the specific requirements.

  • BOPP bags have brought in a new improved technology and attractive methods in bulk packaging for 5 kg to 75 kg packs. These multicolored printed BOPP Laminated PP Woven Sacks/Bags that are precision manufactured using quality raw material bags add value to your product with their attractive features.

  • As many as 8 colors can be printed on a single bag. A specialized graphic department develops various customized designs for the particular product with the relevant images and colors. The final designs are then engraved on the cylinders to print the same.

  • There are two kinds of engravings done on the cylinder: Electronic engraving and Chemical engraving. Electronic engraving is recommended when the printing quality needs to be sharp. It is more expensive than chemical printing. Hence, depending on the design, suggestions are made regarding the engraving technique that can be adapted.

  • In a BOPP bag, the front side will be printed in multi color and the back side can be printed with Flexo printing. As in case of some products that need to have ventilation, there’s no lamination in the back side while the front side will have multicolor prints and lamination. Automatic and manual printing machines with corona treatment and dryer are used for the Flexo Printing.

These specifications ensure that BOPP bags fulfill all requirements demanded by the business while catering to their packaging and branding requirements.

Benefits of Using BOPP Bags

There are many different benefits that can be acquired by a business with the usage of BOPP bags, the regular advantages of using a BOPP bags are as follow:

  • BOPP bags are alluring and have a long life.
  • BOPP bags have multicolor printing that covers both the sides of the bag.
  • BOPP bags are printed and covered starting from one end to the other which gives an excellent laminated looks to the bags. With the printing done on both sides with branding and gorgeous designs, the brand image gets an extra edge.

  • The double layer of printing on the BOPP bags not only provides an aesthetic finish that helps in promoting the brand image, but also contributes by large towards development of the bag’s strength.

  • Rubber and Nylon are utilized for generalized printing qualities that are ideal for making prints on the bags.

  • FDA approved High quality inks are used to make the prints on the bags
  • These bags reduce the cost for both, the cylinders and bags. Also, it is possible to provide the bags approved with tape test and rub test.

With so many benefits in terms of attractiveness, durability and added features, a BOPP bag is fast becoming the most preferred choice for product packaging for many businesses.

The specification and benefits of BOPP bags clearly reflects why it is an ideal option for your business. So if you are into business dealing with products then BOPP bags are the solution you definitely need. To know more about BOPP bags and related business enquiry you can get in touch with us.

Why Choose Rishi FIBC Solutions?

Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd is one of the leading BOPP bags manufacturers with business across 42 different countries providing premium quality products to the users. The bags so manufactured by us meets all the necessary standards and quality parameters, thereby making sure that none of the users get even a single chance to complain. With our decades of experience and sheer level of expertise, Rishi FIBC makes sure to live up to the expectation of every user in the best possible manner. So what are you waiting for! Get in touch with us over our helpline number or our website to get proper guidance and fulfill your business inquiry related to your BOPP bag requirements.