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Why Container Liners For Shipping

Business invested in transportation of products whether within the country or beyond the borders are thoroughly aware of the challenges logistics carry from natural and unforeseen causes. As such it is of prime importance to have an itinerary that can allow businesses to harbor logistics without any challenges. Hence the introduction of container liners was made, especially for shipping of products to protect them from all unforeseen calamities.

Now that we know the importance of container liners, let’s walk you through what container liners are and why it is important for shipping!

What are Container Liners?

Container Liners are protective packaging bags made up of many different types of materials that are ideal for the purpose of storage and transportation of dry goods and products in a cargo. Container liners can be used for transportation of products even beyond the borders of the country through shipping, while ensuring safety of product across natural calamities and changes, while being compatible with the basic necessities of the product. Production of container liners from variant materials makes it ideal utility for storage and transportation of all types of goods in a controlled environment. This clearly highlights the wide variety of proposition that container liners bring in for industries in terms of storage and transportation of products.

Now that we know what container liners are, let’s walk you through why they are important for shipping!

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Why Container Liners are important for Shipping

The main use of container liner is to ensure safe packaging of products for the purpose of transportation. The container liner works as an ideal itinerary to create gap between the container and product in order to keep it safe from any type of reaction with the container. Further, container liner provides assistance in temperature and other factorial control for the product within the container to keep it safe from getting spoiled or damaged from any natural element or fluctuations in surrounding environment. Thus, clearly reflecting why container liners are important for the purpose of shipping.

Besides these generalized protection brought in by the container liner during shipping of products, there are other ways as well, using which container liners can assists logistics they are as follow:

  • Container Liners protects the cargo from contamination safe guarding it from getting spoiled
  • Container Liner’s protection ensure delivery of bulk cargo in a single transit, contributing to industry’s profit making
  • Container Liner helps in moisture control safe guarding the cargo from damage
  • Container Liners helps maintain temperature inside container keeping the product quality intact for longer period of time
  • Container Liners can contribute to heat transfer and rate of heat transfer thus safe keeping the cargo from challenges of natural element
  • Container Liners facilitates easy loading and unloading mechanism contributing to faster, challenge less, and cost saving operational process for the industry
  • Container liners prevents direct spillage on to the container protecting it from getting damaged and accidents that may happen because of the spillage while contributing to cost saving that may be necessary to clean of the spillage

These additional advantages brought in by the usage of container liner clearly highlights why they are such an important itinerary for shipping of products.

So if you are into business related to transportation of product and is looking for an easy and cheap solution to protect your cargo, then container liner is the ideal itinerary for your business.

Why Choose Us Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd?

Rishi FIBC is one of the leading container liners manufacturers with business across 42 different countries providing premium quality products to the users. The container liners so manufactured by us meets all the necessary standards and quality parameters, thereby making sure that none of the users get even a single chance to complain. With our decades of experience and sheer level of expertise, Rishi FIBC makes sure to live up to the expectation of every user in the best possible manner. So what are you waiting for! Get in touch with us over our helpline number or our website to get proper guidance and fulfill your business inquiry related to container liners.

Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd Leading FIBC Bag Manufacturers

Rishi FIBC Leading FIBC Bag Manufacturers

Are invested in business, where you have a daily requirement of FIBC bags for storage and transportation purpose? Well, then you must be thoroughly aware of the challenges that poor quality FIBC bags brings on to business. It is because of these reasons it is pertinent that your business should have a quality and high skilled FIBC bag supplier.

To put an end to this challenge for business, at Rishi FIBC we bring you premium quality FIBC bags at the most competitive price.

Let’s walk you through all you need to know about our FIBC bags and why we are considered the leading FIBC bag manufacturer!

What are Rishi’s FIBC BAGS?

Rishi’s FIBC bags are Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container also known jumbo bags or bulk bags, specifically developed for packaging, storage and transportation of of powdered, granulated or bulk products. Manufactured using polypropylene woven fabrics that are stabilized against UV degradation these bags are a perfect utility that serves many different industry, including;

  • Petrochemical & chemical products manufacturers
  • Food manufacturers (e.g. sugar, flour, spices, wheat, milk powder)
  • Construction related (e.g. cement, granite, sand)
  • Agricultural related products (e.g. fertilizers, animal feed, grass).
  • Industrial applications (e.g. scrap materials, copper coils & slag, sludge waste)

These multi-utility service areas make Rishi’s FIBC bags one of the most demand itineraries because of their quality and variety of range it provides for businesses in the market. Further, with a load capacity range of 500 to 2000 kilograms, these bags are just the quality storage and transportation utility that can support almost every business.

Now that we understand the type of quality FIBC bags you get with Rishi, let’s walk you through the large variant of bags you get, when Rishi FIBC supply you with FIBC bags.

Variants of FIBC Bags

At Rishi we provide our consumers with a large variety of FIBC to select from, based on their business requirements. We have compiled a list of FIBC bags that you can get when you tie – up with Rishi for your business requirements:

These large variants of bags makes us absolutely ideal to serve all types of industry and wide range of products – making us one of the most demand FIBC manufacturers.

Further at Rishi we maintain a long list of quality check to ensure all our customers get nothing but the best FIBC when they order from us. It is because of these reasons we have a stringent quality checking parameters. Let’s walk you through how we maintain quality.

Quality Maintenance for FIBC at Rishi

We follow a strict compliance with: HACCP BRC and AIB. Besides these we are ISO certified organization and ensure:

  • Each & every bag is vacuum cleaned
  • Positive air pressure maintained
  • Bags are stitched in complete clean room environment with 5 micron filtered air environment
  • Bales are stretch wrapped and subsequently covered with PP Cover
  • Nothing is kept on floor, everything is stacked on GI stands
  • 100% metal detection done for Food/Pharma grade bags
  • Ultrasonic cut fabric to prevent tape fraying for Food/Pharma Bags
  • Insulation Testing done for Conductive fabric/Type ‘C’ FIBC
  • QUV testing done using UVB-313 Lamp
  • MFI (melt flow index) tested for raw material
  • Dart Impact Testing done for Liner
  • Tensile Testing done for Fabric and Loops
  • Straight Top Lift Testing done for FIBC
  • Sewing Machines with Embedded Heat-cutting units
  • Sewing Machines have Embedded Vacuum systems to prevent loose thread contamination
  • MOCON Testing Machine
  • QUV Weathering Testing Machine
  • UTM
  • Breakdown voltage testing machine
  • Haze guard eye
  • FTIR and UV vis Spectrophotometer
  • Dart impact and UV testing machine

For more details visit: https://www.rishifibc.com/quality-hygiene.html

These quality parameters allow us to deliver you the best of quality FIBCs’. So if you are invested in business and is looking for a reliable FIBC manufacturer for storage and transportation of your products, then Rishi FIBC is just what you need. To know more about our FIBC bags you can get in touch with us.

Now get premium and assured quality FIBC from the world’s leading FIBC manufacturer, RISHI FIBC – a name synonymous to the mark of quality and trust for customers.