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Which Industries Are Using FIBC Bags?

A business selling a product needs to take special care when transporting the product to the customers. Often transportation puts your legal cannabis, hemp, agricultural, construction, or pharmaceutical products at risk. However, flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) or bulk bags offer safe and cost-effective solutions for transporting materials.

FIBC bags streamline your logistics and process of packing and shipping products. Though industries have been using these bags for decades, modern bulk bags have experienced modification for today’s various industrial needs. Investing in bulk bags is essential if your business requires transporting bulk items.

Use of FIBCs In Various Industries

FIBCs found their application in many industries, including agricultural, construction, food processing, chemicals and petroleum, mining, and pharmaceutical industries. These industries use these bags in the following ways.

Agricultural Industry

The agricultural industry uses these bags to retain the freshness of their products and boost their shelf life. The industry can avail of FIBC bulk bags in various ranges and with customizable properties like ventilation, liners, and lamination. Baffle bags and circular FIBCs are ideal for storing dry grainy produce like legumes, beans, and rice. Fine powders like salt, sugar, and flour find appropriate packaging solutions in bags with liners and those with lamination. Ventilated bags are ideal for transporting and storing perishable produce. Another type of FIBC, the jumbo bags, are ideal for handling livestock feed and pet food, as this help retain the nutritional value of the products.

Construction and Associated Industries

From fine cement to stones, the construction industry uses bulk bags for handling, storing, and transporting material of various consistencies. Moreover, the industry uses these bags for carrying construction debris efficiently for disposal and treatment. Furthermore, jumbo bags offer a perfect solution in the paint industry for safely handling certain materials, such as color additives in dry form.

Food Processing Industry

FIBCs are excellent for handling processed food, especially for hygienic storage, safe stacking, lifting, and convenient transportation. Different bulk bags combined with innovative customizations fit the nature of the processed food, making them the best fit for the intended products.

Chemicals and Petroleum

Businesses dealing with non-hazardous chemicals resort to FIBC bulk bags, as it avoids any mishap and supports the safe handling of the goods. The industry mostly prefers type-C conductive bulk bags, as these prevent any build-up and development of static electricity within the package. Furthermore, the industry requires retardant bags for transporting and storing flammable materials.

Mining Industry

Businesses in this sector opt for sturdy bulk bags ideal for carrying heavy mining materials, such as coal, minerals, and metal ores. The lightweight and strength of these bags make FIBCs the most durable solution for logistics in the mining industry.

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Rishi FIBC Solutions is a leading manufacturer and exporter of bulk bags worldwide. Having a business spread over 40 countries worldwide, we offer fully integrated excellent facilities for FIBC, woven and LDPE container liners, and silo bags. Our integrated facility allows us to create highly customized solutions to meet our client’s demands. We incorporated in-house R&D, the efforts of which helped us support our clients with improved quality products and on-time deliveries.

What Are The Benefits Of Bulk Bags In Different Industries-Rishi FIBC Solutions

What Are The Benefits Of Bulk Bags In Different Industries?

Several industries have been using FIBCs for decades. Manufacturers designed these large and sturdy bags to store and transport large amounts of supplies, including seeds, crops, and chemicals, to name a few. Even with the frequent small innovations, the basic structure of a bulk bag did not change over the years. It owes to the fact that these bags are efficient across industries in every sense of the term.

Bulk Bags: What are They?

Bulk bags are large, durable sacks designed to hold many products. Often these bags have loops sewn into the corners that assist in lifting them with a forklift. They might often come with a liner sewn inside them, which helps with moisture control.

The Benefits of Bulk Bags in Different Industries

Enlisted are how several industries benefit from using bulk bags for storage and transportation.

Mining Industry

Bulk bags are an excellent choice for transporting mining and construction materials. Successful mining generates tons of products. FIBC bulk bags are strong, versatile, and durable enough to get them as required.

Construction and Related Industries

The construction industry requires heavy-duty products that require reinforced and sturdy material bags for transferring materials like paints, metals, and minerals. If you transport them filled with flimsy materials like lighter plastics, there is a fair chance that they will rip and tear, resulting in spillage. It might completely disintegrate the bag or contaminate the materials stored inside.

Food Processing Industry

Since most food transported is powdered, bulk bags are the perfect way to transfer them. Manufacturers specifically design the bulk bags for the application and certify them safe for transporting human food-grade products.

Chemical Industry

Products used in the chemical industry are often hazardous. However, bulk bags come in various options for carrying hazardous materials that reduce the risk of static shock. Often chemical companies mostly transport products in powdered form, and FIBC bulk bags ensure that the powder does not leak or blow away. The various features of bulk bags, like sift-proof seams, bulk bag liners, and closeable spouts, keep the products secured during storage and transportation.

Petroleum Industry

In its varied form, Petroleum is highly flammable and often poses major risks during storage and transportation. The static produced by these products requires control for safe transportation. It is where the anti-static conditions for type C and type D bulk bags come in. These bags can control the static, creating a stable and safe environment for transporting petroleum products between destinations.

Agricultural Industry

Besides producing food for human consumption, the agricultural industry produces livestock feed and animal food. Since bulk bag manufacturers certify them as chemical-free and safe for food products, the bags are easy to store and transport these products.

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Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd  is a prominent name in manufacturing and exporting food and pharm-grade bulk bags. With our operations in over 40 countries, our integrated facilities allow us to create highly customized solutions to meet businesses’ needs. Our desire to make the best quality FIBCs for our clients is taking us to new parts of the world. We always stand by our products, and our innovative ability sets us apart.