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Pharma Grade FIBCs And Their Applications

If you’re managing business with pharmaceutical grade materials the 1st kind of bag to ask about is Pharma grade FIBC. Pharma grade FIBC bags are uncommonly fabricated to satisfy certain guidelines that make them wonderful, where item tainting is totally unsuitable. What is Pharma Grade FIBC? When it comes to the pharmaceutical industry, a great […]

How is UN Certified FIBC Bags Different?

Transporting and storing dangerous materials presents interesting difficulties just as stricter guidelines. These expanded guidelines as well as the unsafe idea of the items being put away and shipped require a strong FIBC item, hence resulting in the introduction of UN Certified FIBC Bags. UN Certified FIBC Bags What it is? UN (United Nations) Certified […]

Thermal Liner for Container

Thermal liner is a defensive foil liner application, fitted to standard dry sea steel trailers. The Thermal liner is intended to protect a lot against radiation, compartment downpour, and load sweat. Shifting environments and erratic worldwide temperatures can unleash ruin on payload. The mix of a long sea travel, port traffic, and waste to definite […]

Silo Bags a Modern Solution for Grain Storage

Silo bags are actually bags made up of polyethene and hence popularly referred to as polyethene bags as well. These bags are made up of three layers of polyethylene which provides a total thickness of 250 microns. The outer layer of the bag is usually white in color so as to reflect solar radiation. On the […]

What are Barrier Liners and Their Applications?

A barrier liner,  is a special type of liner used for the purpose of providing protection to the contents of a container. The barrier liners play a significant role in providing adequate amount of protection to the inner contents from the environment during transport or transit. Now, at the time of selection of the barrier […]

FIBC Bulk Bag Safe Handling Guide

The FIBC bulk bags have become one of the most popular options for transporting a wide array of products in different industries. The popularity of these bulk bags is because of the huge benefits so offered them. Now, for getting the most out of these FIBC bulk bags, it is of immense importance to follow […]

Advantages of Using FIBC Bags for Pharmaceutical Companies

The pharmaceutical companies need to transport a number of different types of chemicals. The transportation requires some containers or bags for the effective completion of the task. In this regard, the FIBC bags are undoubtedly one of the most suitable options for transporting different chemicals and medicines in the pharmaceutical industry. The FIBC bags have […]

Benefits Of Using BOPP Bags In The Food Industry

BOPP sacks, short for biaxially oriented polypropylene sacks, are ideal bulk storage bags for a number of products, especially food-grade products. Available in a density of three to four layers, with sizes that can carry five to 75 kilos of the packed product. These bags are capable of featuring high-quality photographic printing that makes them […]

Container Liners for Wet Hide Transport

The most effective form of transporting bulk goods these days is by maritime shipping. The Network of Transport and the Environment claims that it is one of the most carbon-efficient forms of transporting goods as compared to road, rail, and air. And for maritime shipping of bulk cargos, the most ideal packing method is by […]