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The Mechanism Inside a Silo Bag

Silo bags are specialised storage bags for storing crop harvests in an appropriate manner so as to reduce harvest losses. The bags are immensely helpful for the farmers to gain a perfect control over marketing their stored grains between crop harvests. While choosing silo bags, it is essential to buy from a trusted manufacturer such […]

Types of Jumbo Bags

Jumbo bags are also known as the FIBC bags which are readily used in the packaging and transportation industry. Being cost effective, durable and large carrying capacities, the jumbo bags have simply brought about a revolution in this field. These bags are best used for the storing and transportation of products that are dry flowing […]

Advantages of Using Dry Bulk Container Liners

Dry bulk container liners are extremely effective for transportation as well as temporary storage of different types items such as fine powders, grains, agricultural produce, granules, fertilisers, chemicals and even liquids that are non hazardous in nature. These liners actually form one of the most cost effective solutions for the dry cargo transportation and temporary […]

Understanding Woven PP/PE Container Liners

Woven PP/PE container liners are made with circular woven polypropylene or polyethylene fabric, one side sewn as the bottom and the other side is left open which is basically the simplest woven polypropylene or polyethylene container liners. These liners are highly flexible in nature and typically serve the intended purpose of use at its best […]