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FIBC Liners for Bulk Bags

FIBC bags have become extremely popular in the recent times. This is because of the fact of the immense functionality of these bags. The FIBC bags serve great purposes in storing as well as transportation of a number of items in bulk. Now, for the enhanced protection of the items inside the FIBC bulk bags, […]

Why Your Business Needs BOPP Bags?

BOPP bags are biaxially oriented polypropylene bags which is made up of biaxially oriented polypropylene and hence its name. It is an extremely durable material which is very commonly used for the packaging of pet food, bird seed, animal nutrition products and a number of similar others. In an addition to this, these bags are […]

Ideal Applications for FIBC bags

Demand and supply cycles continue to make the economy of the world go round. The logistics so involved in the manufacturing as well as distribution of a product actually make up the supply chain. Now, at the time when the finished products have to go through numerous stages during the supply chain and the normal […]

Benefits of Using Silo Bags for Grain Storage

For the storage of grains, the use of Silo bags are the best options. The silo bags are able to store the grains in the best possible way and at the same time, these bags make sure that the grains so stored is not damaged or wasted. Idea About the Silo Bags For the purpose […]

Best Container Liners For Dry Bulk Shipping

Container liner is are basically a layer that lines the container so that the product does not touch the container itself. These containers are usually made up of polypropylene fabric and results in the creation of an additional inner wall in the container which plays a vital role in safeguarding the product itself and necessarily […]

Advantages And Uses of BOPP Bags

BOPP bags are nothing but Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene bags which have gained a lot of popularity in the recent times with its immense usefulness and highly functional characteristics make the bags ideally suited for the intended purpose of use. Idea About BOPP Bags BOPP is basically a film of polypropylene which has been stretched in […]

Choosing The Right FIBC Bag Fabric

The choice of the right material for FIBC bags is a matter of immense importance for keeping the functionality of the bags at its best. The right material is extremely important for the for the manufacturing process to come up with the intended results. Thus, it can be clearly understood as to how important role […]

Best Flexitanks Manufacturer in India

What is Flexitanks? Flexitank is basically a bulk liquid container that is made up of a number of layers of polyethylene along with an outer covering of woven polypropylene. The flexitanks come with different volume ranging from about twelve thousand litres to twenty six thousand litres. These are fitted usually with a dry box container […]

Understanding The Different Types Of FIBC Liners

The use of FIBC bags have become very common in the recent times owing to their immense functionality as well as usefulness. FIBC liners are those that are attached to the FIBC bags for enhanced protection. Now, at this point of time, it becomes quite important to have a clear idea about the different types […]