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Benefits of Container Liners

Container liners, as can be understood from the name, are special liners that are used in the containers in the transportation industry. These liners are extremely useful and provides a wide array of advantages in the transportation industry. It is precisely the reason as to why the container liners have become immensely popular in the […]

Hermetic Bags Helping Farmers Reduce Loses

The farmers produce suffer great losses when they are sealed in plastic or gunny bags. When the produce is done in bulk, the farmers and traders preserve the stock and try their best to maintain the commodity in perfect condition. Since traditional preservation methods are inadequate, storage techniques cannot prevent wastage due to pests and […]

Advantages Of Thermal Liners For Bulk Shipment Of Goods

Heat is transferred through three modes: conduction, convection and radiation or infrared. Radiation is main mode of all the three and other two are secondary and come to the forefront only when matter stars interfering with radiant heat transfer. All substances require transfer heat including air spaces. Heat transfer rate is changed depending on differences […]

Dry Bulk Container Liner Benefits and Applications

Dry Bulk Container Liners commonly known as sea bulk, shipping or sea-land container liners are manufactured by using materials like polyethylene or polypropylene. It is made with virgin resins and the bulk container liners can be made with woven fabric or blown film either coated or uncoated depending upon the application. The containers have moisture […]

Difference Between BOPP, OPP and PP Bags

The food industry majorly uses BOPP plastic packaging. BOPP bags are easy to print, coat and laminate which makes them suitable for packing products like fresh produces, confectionaries and snacks. Alongwith BOPP, OPP, and PP bags are also used for packaging. Polypropylene is a common polymer among the three used for manufacturing the bags. OPP […]

The Mechanism Inside a Silo Bag

Silo bags are specialised storage bags for storing crop harvests in an appropriate manner so as to reduce harvest losses. The bags are immensely helpful for the farmers to gain a perfect control over marketing their stored grains between crop harvests. While choosing silo bags, it is essential to buy from a trusted manufacturer such […]