Type D Bags – Dissipative FIBC (Antistatic FIBC)

Made of a special antistatic fabric, the anti static bulk bag at Rishi FIBC comes with permanent discharged properties and is designed to prevent the occurrence of flammable sparks, brush discharges and propagating brush discharges without connecting the bulk bag to ground or earth. The reason for this is that the dissipative FIBC bag does not require grounding or earthing which means no interconnection required either. A safe dissipation of static electricity in the atmosphere is possible via low-energy corona discharge as these dissipative FIBC bags are made up of fabric that contains quasi-conductive yarns.

These FIBC antistatic type D bags at Rishi FIBC are designed to guarantee the protection against the unforeseen electrostatic hazards as the risks related to human errors are eliminated with the manufacturing and use of grounded Type C FIBC. The Type D FIBC bag is been safely and successfully used to pack materials like foods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, minerals, pigments as well as other products.

When it is safe to use?

The antistatic Type D bags are safe to use to transport the flammable powders and even when the flammable solvents or gases are present in the environment and around the bag.

When it shouldn’t be used?

It is wise to not use the Type D FIBC bag when conductive materials like water or grease are coated or contaminated on the surface.