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Choosing The Right Material For FIBC Bags

It is extremely important to choose the right material for a FIBC bag which in turn plays a vital role in the success of the overall manufacturing process. The choice of the right material for a FIBC bag is not quite a very difficult task. The four general types of FIBC bags are Type A, Type B, Type C and Type D. Now selecting the right material for the different types of FIBC bags should be based on the environment of the manufacturing plant and the product. The FIBC bags are generally made up of woven propylene and are then coated with a synthetic film consisting of a mixture of polyethylene and polypropylene. Please read through to find out about the choice of the right material for the FIBC bags that best suits your needs.

Type A FIBC Bags

For the Type A FIBC bags, a mixture of polypropylene, calcium carbonate and a special additive for UV for an effective protection against erosion when stored outside. These bags are usually used for the transportation of products that are not flammable in nature. Since these bags have no special electrostatic protection, they should not be used for any inflammable materials of combustible environments.

Type B FIBC Bags

Standard propylene material is the right choice for the Type B bags but these bags are enabled to prevent sparks. For effectively preventing the same, the FIBC bag manufacturer have a special anti static coating for the prevention of any kinds of explosion or disaster.

Type C FIBC Bags

For the Type C bags woven carbon filament is ideal which is always to be grounded at the time of filling the bags. These bags are best suited for the flammable powders since safety is greater in this regard.

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Type D FIBC Bags

The Type D bags are also popularly referred to as antistatic bulk bags which are quite similar to the Type C ones. The best material to be used for these bags is complete static dissipator which is able to automatically dissipate the static charge therefore preventing any causes of spark. These bags are not to be used when the ground surface is wet or greasy.

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Any good FIBC manufacturer in India makes use of the appropriate material for manufacturing the FIBC bags in order to ensure that the bags appropriately serves the intended purpose of use.

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