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Top 10 Uses of FIBC Bags for Bulk Transportation

The flexible intermediate bulk containers, commonly known as bulk bags or FIBC bags, are the preferred choice for bulk transportation in various industries. Since their first use, these bags have undergone numerous changes. However, in the supply chain, you can use the FIBC bags to curb the normal tear and wear. Being a safe method of bulk transportation, these bags have stood the test of time. The current bags also come with modern modifications.

If your industry intends to transport bulk items, you must take a glimpse at the different uses of bulk bags.

  • Transport food-grade products

FIBC bags are popular when it comes to transporting food-grade products. One can transport powder, granular, or dry food items without tampering with quality while using these bags.

  • Transport fine powders

FIBC bags having sift-proof seam work can effectively transport fine powder products. However, if the sift proofing does not work well in holding the fine powder, then one can take the help of polyethylene liners.

  • Transport pharmaceutical products

While transporting pharmaceutical products, one has to pay attention to hygiene standards. One can pack these products in bulk bags during transportation. These bags help to keep the product away from contamination.

  • Transport chemicals

FIBC bags are perfect for transporting bulk quantity granular or powder chemicals. Products can experience minimum air contamination while they are known to save storage space. Besides, they are durable and made of rigid industrial materials. Such construction of the bag ensures the safe transportation of chemicals.

  • Transport agriculture products

Industries that transport agriculture-related products can use FIBC bulk bags to transport various products, including animal feeds or fertilizers. One can also take the help of big bag liners for this purpose. The bag’s sturdy construction helps maintain the shape of the products during transportation.

  • Transport construction or building materials

It sometimes becomes difficult to manage or transport construction materials, including soil, cement, dragon, and other products. If you are using suitable bags, it can eliminate the difficulties or challenges associated with transportation.

  • Transport powdered metals and minerals

Industries that deal with powdered metals or minerals, including carbon black and tiO2, can safely transport them using the FIBC bags. These bags are designed to handle search materials conveniently.

  • Transport petroleum products

One needs to be careful while transporting or handling flammable products. Sometimes the build-up of electrostatic charges from the products can create explosions. Hence, using type c and d static control, FIBC can safely transport any flammable products.

  • Transport plastic

Different industries use plastic products as their inputs. Hence, one can transport the product in pellet form using these bulk containers.

  • Transport wood and paper

Industries involved in transporting chopped wood products and other wood-related products can take the help of bulk bags for the safe packaging and transportation of their products. At the same time, one can also use bulk bags to transport paper products effectively.

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