Types of Jumbo Bags and Their Application-Rishi FIBC

Types of Jumbo Bags and Their Application

FIBC bags, also widely known as jumbo bags, have gained great prominence when it comes to the transportation of bulk food and pharmaceutical items. These bags are durable and lasting, even in the toughest of weather and environmental conditions and are also economical to use. Manufactured from woven polypropylene fabric, they are safe and hygienic in nature and can be re-used multiple times. FIBC bags come in various types and each type has a unique function. Rishi FIBC is a prominent jumbo bag manufacturer in India that keeps quality and integrity of the FIBC bags at top priority.

What are Jumbo Bags?

Jumbo bags or FIBC bags are specially designed bags for the transportation or shipping of dry, flowable products. These bags are held in high esteem in the food production and pharmaceutical industry.

People who utilize FIBC bags need not worry about static electricity control. Static electricity occurs when there is an imbalance of electric charges within certain materials. When FIBC bags are filled up or when they are rapidly discharged, the flow of finely powdered substances can lead to static electricity buildup. It is imperative to get rid of or prevent an electric charge when it comes to the packaging and transportation of flammable materials. The right type of FIBC bag will help to avoid such a mishap.


Types of FIBC Bags and their Uses

Broadly speaking, four types of jumbo bags are manufactured and these types of bags carry out different jumbo bag applications.

  • Regular FIBC Bags: This category of FIBC bags are the most common jumbo bags available. It contains a load capacity that ranges between 500kgs to 2000kgs. These dimensions alter depending upon the preferences and needs of the customer. It is used to transport non-flammable dry substances that are in powdery form. (Read more: https://www.rishifibc.com/fibc-products/fibc-bags.html)
  • Conductive FIBC Bags: They are also known as Type C FIBC bags and are made from non-conductive polypropylene fabrics. It consists of conductive threads that are interwoven and so are great for the transportation of flammable powder substances or when there is combustible dust around when the bags are being filled or discharged. (Read more: https://www.rishifibc.com/type-c-fibc.html)
  • Dissipative FIBC Bags: They are made from an antistatic fabric that comes with static dissipative threads. These bags are utilized to transport flammable powders or when flammable solvents are near or around the bag. You should avoid using these bags when water, grease and such kinds of conductors contaminate the bag. (Read more: https://www.rishifibc.com/type-d-fibc.html)
  • FIBC Bags with Liners: These type of FIBC bags come with polyethylene, multi-layer laminate liners that is used for storing and transporting highly hygroscopic materials. The liners are stitched or glued to the FIBC bags for added protection, to avoid contamination as well as for the safe keeping of the product.

Rely On Our FIBC Bag Manufacturing Expertise

At Rishi FIBC, you can rest assured knowing that we manufacture jumbo bags that are long-lasting and efficient for the storage of granules, powders and other materials. Our bags are certified safe by accredited agencies so you can rest assured knowing that the transportation of your materials will be done in a systematic and safe way.

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Customized FIBC Bulk Bags for Food and Pharma Applications-Rishi FIBC

Customized FIBC Bulk Bags for Food and Pharma Applications

Get Customized FIBC Bulk Bags for Food and Pharma Applications at Rishi FIBC

In the food and pharmaceutical industry, it is imperative to adhere to stringent procedures so that quality is kept on a pedestal while the risk of contamination is reduced. At Rishi FIBC Solutions, we understand this all too well and so we make sure that our hygienic bulk bags stick to the prescribed regulations. It can be rewarding yet it is also a never-ending process, but we are a bulk bag manufacturer who has managed to master this procedure with ease.

Manufacturing High Quality FIBC Bulk Bags

Our bulk bags are specially and intricately designed for the industries that deal with food and pharmaceutical products. We take special pains to ensure that every step of the manufacturing process is supervised and under our control. We make use of state-of-the-art technology to ensure that quality of the FIBC bulk bags is not compromised with in any way. So, if you handle logistics for food or pharmaceutical products, you can rely on our products to do a brilliant job.

Complete Research and Development Strategies

The reason we are the largest FIBC bulk bag exporter in India is because we constantly strive to invent and develop innovative strategies to ensure your food and pharmaceutical items are handled, packed and transported in a trouble-free manner.

FIBC bags are important for the transportation of food and pharmaceutical applications because:

The liners in the FIBC bags help to keep moisture and other contaminants outside.

  • It offers an extra layer of protection for the materials that are being transported.
  • FIBC bags are the most economical way of transporting items in bulk.
  • The bags do not cause harm to the environment in any way.

With the reliability of FIBC bags and the assurance that all of our processes and facilities conform to the rigorous standards of the US FDA, you can be assured that your products are transported to and fro in a safe and secure manner.

Meticulous Testing Carried out on all FIBC Bags

We understand every customer’s needs and so strive to lower costs and enhance capacity so that we can be of optimum service to you. The standards that are applied to the food industry are the same as those applied to the pharmaceutical industry. We document and verify our testing, processes and practices by adhering to the following:

  • Positive air pressure
  • Pest control
  • ISO 14644-1 class-8 compliant entire operation other than liner section
  • Double action blower/vacuum
  • Quality assurance
  • HACCP (A formal hazard and risk management system)
  • ISO certifications such as ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 22000: 2008.
  • Metal detection
  • Traceability system
  • Foreign body/dust control
  • Ultra sonic cutting technology

In this way, we, at Rishi FIBC Solutions, ensure that quality packaging and transportation are carried out in an efficient, cost-effective and successful manner. If you are looking for customized bulk bags for sale in India, do contact us and we will offer you the best deal possible.

Contact Rishi FIBC at Vadodara, Gujarat

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