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PE Container Liners

PE Container Liners

A Polyethylene (PE) container liner is essentially a packaging material used to create a barrier between the container carrying products that are to be shipped.

Polyethylene Container Liner

A Polyethylene (PE) container liner is essentially a packaging material used to create a barrier between the container carrying products that are to be shipped. These liners are effective for transporting materials like minerals, powders, seeds and food.

As the name suggests, the material used to make these liners is polyethylene. They are designed from this material based on the requirements it facilitates any ISO standard container to be shipped in bulk, easily and efficiently. We offer customised design dry bulk container liners based on the customer’s needs, for example, single layer, double layer, and triple layer for food, hazardous and non–hazardous in the form of dry, semi-wet, and slurry.

Both standard and custom container liners to fit a typical shipping container size can be produced for your specific requirement. If your business uses a customised shipping method, specialized custom liners to fit your shipping containers can be worked out. These liners are made from virgin materials, ensuring that your goods do not come in contact with a material that they ideally shouldn’t gel with.

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  • Many industries use the PE liners to ship resins, food products, powders, chemicals, petrochemicals, minerals, agricultural products, seeds and many other products. The list is endless.
  • Custom made bulk container liners are designed for specific applications. For example,  if powders and granules are to be loaded directly from the silo, the packaging design will be in a manner that it provides hassle free transport. Or say for sending materials like powders and resins, a specialized dry bulk container liner can be provided.

Advantages of PE Liners

  • The PE liners are easy and quick to install.
  • Goods can be shipped long distance with minimum handling.
  • Made from virgin polyethylene, they can be safely used for transporting food items with no risk of contamination. The goods also travel free of pollutants and moisture.
  • These liners are certified by ISP 9001-2000 and ISO 22000 which ensures food and safety management.
  • Most importantly the usage of these liners are cost effective, providing protection from cargo spillage, unnecessary container cleaning costs and competitive pricing for packaging your products effectively.

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