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Find us: Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd
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Retail Products

Rishi FIBC Solutions offers a diverse range of retail products suitable for gardening, farming, aquaculture, and transportation purposes.
Heavy Duty Weather Shield-Rishi FIBC Solutions
Heavy Duty Weather Shield
  • It is all weather protection, especially for all logistic Industries and for industrial as well as transporting vehicles covering applications.
  • The weather shield is made from state-of-the-art technology being introduced in India for the first time with 7 layers of blown film extraction film which gives strength, waterproofness, and tear resistance. The added features of High tear strength, Uv stabilized leakproof, and puncture resistance. Weather Shield is the only product available in India in this segment which have all the features for covering application.
  • The main feature is of PVC-free tarp which can be recycled.
Weather Pro
  • Weather Pro is a Medium Duty weather protection cover for any static application. Weather Pro is made from Virgin material which has a long life and features Waterproofness, Tear resistance, UV stabilization, Easy to handle, Lightweight, washable, and Puncture resistance. Weather can be used as protective covers from rain and can be used for light and medium commercial vehicles and for pandal applications.
Weather Pro-Rishi FIBC Solutions
Flexible Water Tank-Rishi FIBC Solutions
Flexible Water Tank
  • Green pro flexible water tank is the ultimate solution for all Water Storage, Rainwater Harvesting, Irrigation, and also for storing Drinking water. This tank is uniquely constructed of Multiple layers of Polyethylene with an outer covering made of woven fabric. The advantage of this product is of use in hilly areas, construction sights, irrigation, and rainwater harvesting. The green pro water tank is of 23 Layer structure of woven fabric, Food grade LDPE film, and lines made of 7-layer barrier films. This water tank can be used for portable water since the property of barrier films make it safe for drinking purposes.
Bioflock Liner
  • Bio flock Liners are used for Fish Farming which helps in a better harvest. Bio floc Liner is the best solution for a portable fish tank. The material used for manufacturing this product is non-toxic, unlike PVC liners. We provide a multiple-layer structure that arrests any water leakage.
  • We also offer High UV stability, weather protection, tear resistance, and flexibility. We also provide reverts all around to attach the bio flock tank to the base metal frame. We also use a 7-layer barrier film which arrests any toxicity with water.
Bioflock Liner-Rishi FIBC Solutions
Tree Water Bags-GreenPro Ventures
Tree Water Bags
  • This is a process of watering the trees and a water conservation solution.
  • Green Pro Tree water bags are made of reinforced and UV-treated fabric and fit exactly around tree trunks. You must simply fill the bag to the desired level and allow the water to drip. It is another form of drip irrigation. Depending upon the configuration one water bag holds more than 50 Litres of water and it can drip for 3 to four hours. This comes with heavy-duty nylon zippers and strong and durable heat-sealed edges that ensure high durability even in extreme weather conditions and can be used for outdoor plants.
Planter Bag /Grow Bag
  • Green Pro Planter Bags are made of Woven fabric which is the best alternative for conventional poly bags or mud pots. Grow bags are the best solution for terrace gardens and organized gardeners. It is useful for growing leafy vegetables and fruit plants. Green pro grows bags offer a combination of rigidity with high tear strength, and low elasticity and can be moved from one place to other places. We also provide flexible candles to carry.
  • Due to UV stabilization, this product gives durability and weather protection. This is also made from non-toxic material and is also environmentally friendly.
Planter Bag-Grow Bag-GreenPro Ventures
Vertical Planter Bags-Rishi FIBC Solutions
Vertical Planter Bags
  • Green Pro vertical planter Bags is mainly used as micro-farming solutions for Food security. Vertical Bag Farming is a very productive and profitable way of farming in smaller land areas, this is also a good business proposal for urban and rural small-scale farmers. Vertical gardening is a concept of micro-agriculture that uses minimum space and water for growing especially leafy vegetables and herbs.
  • Vertical Planter Bag is environment friendly, Non-toxic, easy to handle, economical, and durable.
Vermi Bed
  • GreenPro Vermibed is a solution for making organic Fertilizers. Vermibed is specially designed for advanced farming for farmers to make their own organic compost. Vermibed is made with multilayer HDPE material. It is eco-friendly and non-toxic, unlike PVC-coated fabric. This Vermibed uses low energy to produce high-quality organic compost which improves the chemical and biological properties of soil and thus reduce the incidents of pest and diseases during crop production, This product is environmentally friendly, easy to handle, tear resistant, very high UV protection, and easy to clean.
Vermi Bed-Rishi FIBC Solutions
Tuff Mat-Rishi FIBC Solutions
Tuff Mat
  • Green pro tuff mat is a woven Pond liner for water storage solutions. This product is designed as farmer-friendly giving enhanced life to the product and profitability to farmers. With our latest in-house technology of a 7-layer extrusion Plant, we can manufacture UV-stabilized, virtually impermeable reinforced composite Geo membranes, which will block seepage. It is also suitable for water retention in aquaculture, pond, and canal lining application.
  • Tuff Mat has the properties of excellent flexibility, environment-friendly, non-toxic, UV protection, and Puncture and crack resistant.
Hydro Mat
  • Hydro mats are extruded pond liners made from & a 7layer extruder for water storage solutions. This multi-layer film ensures there is no water seepage.
  • The film offers High UV stability weather protection, good tear resistance, and Flexibility. This product is Non-Toxic and has Very High UV protection puncture resistance crack resistance.
Hydro Mat-Rishi FIBC Solutions
Mulch Film
  • Greenpro Mulch films are the best solution for soil covering to curb the growth of weeds, insects, and pests. This also helps in increasing crop yield. Green pro mulch film is made of advanced 7-layer film to meet a wide range of specifications.
  • Mulch films are non-toxic, environment friendly, have high UV protection, are easy to handle, and have water conservation.
Weed Mat
  • Green Pro weed mats are used for weed control solutions for better crop and landscape. Weed mats are made of PP tape and are resistant to the degrading effects of pesticides. The consistent weave construction provides excellent and effective weed prevention. It is an ideal product of choice for controlling the growth of weeds in nurseries, greenhouses, and landscapes. GreenPro weed mats are lighter in weight, easy to install, fold and spread, and adhere to the ground resistant to tearing, piercing, and weed penetration. Weed mats have high strength, air, and water permeability, consistent weave construction, UV protection, and Having 5 Years Long Outdoor life.
Weed Mat-Rishi FIBC Solutions
Shade Net-Rishi FIBC Solutions
Shade Net
  • Green Pro shade nets are used in agricultural, residential, and commercial places. Shade net cloth is essential for protected cultivation, protecting crops from Harsh sunlight. We provide Tape x Tape combinations in different colors and varying degrees of shade. Superior shade fabrics block up to 99% of harmful UV rays. Shade nets are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, easy to handle, economical, UV protected, and very long durability.
Mosquito Net
  • Mosquito nets are made using highly durable HDPE Monofilament that does not break formation easily. We supply our nets with Velcro for easy fixing on wooden metal or UPVC window frames.
  • Our net has better light transmittance, and ventilation and is made using high UV stabilized material which ensures better life.
  • Our next is tear resistance, filters out the dust, cost-effective, environment-friendly, non-toxic, recyclable, and easy to clean.
Mosquito Net-Rishi FIBC Solutions

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