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Find us: Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd
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Find us: Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd
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Fusion Bags

Fusion Bags

Crafting 21st Century Bulk Bags for Modern Products – A Perfect Blend of Innovation and Functionality.


With the help of fusion bag technology, FIBCs can be assembled with the fusion of pp fabric instead of stitching components together.

  • World’s first stitchless & liner-free bulk bag.
  • Zero sifting (leakage) or contamination.


  • No Sewing in the Product Containment Area
  • No Liners are required
  • Real-Time Digitally Monitored Quality and traceability
  • Rigorously Tested Design
  • Works on Current Fill & Discharging Equipment
  • Non-Destructive Load Test For All Bags


Fusion Bulk Bag VS Standard Unlined Bag

Fusion Bulk Bag VS Standard Unlined Bag

Fusion Bulk Bag VS Standard Lined Bag

Fusion Bulk Bag VS Standard Lined Bag
  • As there is no requirement for a liner in Fusion FIBC
  • It eliminates many steps required in the segregation/removal of liner and liner tabs from the bags
  • Hence facilitating an easier recycling process.

Recycling of Fusion FIBC

No sewing in the product containment area

Unlike traditional bulk bags, the product containment area has no-sew holes or any of the potential contaminants that come with using sewing to form the bag.

Works on current fill & discharge equipment

Rather than force our customers and end-users to reinvent the wheel, we made sure that the Fusion bag would work with traditional fill and discharging equipment. Because the physical tolerances are so tight on Fusion bags, there is potential for robotic bag handling.

No liners are required

Companies traditionally use liners to protect their products from either contamination or moisture. Because Fusion bags are coated and have no sewing holes, most of the time liners are unnecessary. The bags are produced in such a manner that there is never any equipment in the bag, eliminating concerns about needle fragments in the bag, or any other metal contamination.

Rigorously Tested Design

The traditional bulk bag has a tried-and-true design; it is a design that is overbuilt to make up for the damage sewing inflicts on the fabric. AmeriGlobe has tested thousands of Fusion bags to lock down the design and verify the entire Fusion process. With the computer-controlled manufacturing process, the tested design, is the produced design, every time.

Real-time Digitally Monitored Quality

21st-century bulk bags deserve computer-controlled tolerances. Fusion bulk bags are produced using a computer-controlled sealing process and an automated vision control system for the highest quality available in the bulk bag market.

Non-destructive load test for ALL bags

We’re testing the peel strength of the loop patch with the body fabric under a specified pressure to mimic the 5:1 load ratio, ensuring all bags are safe to use before leaving the facility.

Seamless Strength, Limitless Possibilities: Introducing Fusion FIBC

Discover the future of bulk packaging with Fusion FIBC – where seamless strength meets limitless possibilities, revolutionizing your storage and transport needs.