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Silo Storage Solution

Silo Storage Solution

High-quality silo bags for efficient storage of grains and silage. Durable, reliable, and cost-effective solution. Order now for hassle-free storage.

Silo Storage Solution


  • Pro 7 Silobags are made of 7-layer blown film extruded from Bandera.
  • The outer layer is white with a UV protective coating while the inner layer in contact with the grain is black.
  • We can produce 8ft,9ft,10ft, and 12ft diameter Silobags with common lengths up to 150 meters and thickness ranging from 100 microns to 270 microns.
  • We can also produce Barrier/EVOH Silobags.
  • Every bag is folded with an automatic folding machine.


  • Pro 7 Silo Bags are Ideal for storing products like Wheat, Maize, Sorghum, Soybean,  Paddy, Barley, Sunflower seeds, Millets, Cottonseeds, dried fruits, wood chips, fertilizers Oats, Fodder Hazelnut and other grain product.
  • Pro 7 Silo Bags should be sealed when grains / other materials are filled. Thus the available oxygen is consumed by grains and then produces an atmosphere-rich Co2. This will prevent the development and reproduction of fungus and Insects inside Silo Bag.
  • As the bag is airtight/sealed environment, anything alive (insects, bacteria, the grain) consumes the limited oxygen in the bag and expels carbon dioxide.
  • Usually, within 10 days, the oxygen volume in the bag drops from 20% to 3% and CO2 volume rises from 0% to 17%. Thus the bag will become anaerobic and provides free from FUNGUS and INSECTS.
  • By using a specially designed machine-like Grain Bagging machine and De–Bagging machine, grains or other materials are loaded and unloaded from Silo Bags.


  • Lower initial investments
  • Scientific bulk storage and Economic solution as compared to underground bunker storage or Metal Silos and can be stored in an open field.
  • Quality and quantity remains intact the same during the storage period
  • Long- term storage solution and No fumigation required ( Up to 18 months)
  • Silo Bag hermetically sealed storage system which perpetually produces 17% of carbon dioxide within 30 days, thus inhibits any kind of insect and microbiological. The bag is airtight, therefore chemicals are not normally required to control insects
  • Silo Bag has been tried and tested under weather conditions of – 20 degrees C to +55 degree C in various countries.

Streamlining Bulk Storage with Unmatched Efficiency and Reliability.

Silo Storage Simplified! Effortlessly Streamline Bulk Storage with our Seamless Solution, Delivering Unmatched Efficiency and Reliability at Scale.