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Make RISHI FIBC Your First Choice When Selecting a Pharma Grade Bulk Bag Supplier

Maintaining logistics for a pharmaceutical industry is a matter of huge responsibility as you cannot compromise on the quality and have to vehemently safeguard the products from contamination assistance of a Pharma Grade Bulk Bag Supplier can help greatly. Rishi FIBC, one of the best manufacturers of FIBC bags, understands these requirements all too well. We are experts when it comes to manufacturing world-class pharma grade FIBC bulk bags.

Rishi FIBC: Your Tested and Trusted Pharma Grade Bulk Bag Supplier

We are a reputed pharma grade bulk bag supplier and our products are sought across the country and several countries across the globe. All of our bags are long lasting and resilient even in the toughest of weather conditions. The bags are easy on the budget, survive the worst kind of environmental situations and are hygienic. These factors help the logistic agencies in pharmaceutical industry store, ship, and handle materials with ease.

Salient Features of Our Pharma Grade FIBC Bulk Bags

  • Our pharma grade FIBC bulk bags are manufactured using 100% virgin resin. Standard bags are usually made from recycled resin during the coating process, which can result in the presence of contaminates in the bulk bag’s coating. Hence, only 100% virgin resin is recommended when manufacturing pharma grade bags.
  • The bags are paired with polyethylene liners which provide an extra layer of protection. This prevents moisture and other kinds of contaminants from seeping and hampering the quality of the products inside during their transportation.
  • To prevent the buildup of static electricity while filling or discharging of finely powdered pharma products, we have four types of pharma grade FIBC bags – A,B,C and D. Each of these bags has unique features that help to mitigate the dangers of buildup of static electricity. Our experts will guide you in choosing the right type of bags depending on the product to be transported.

Quality is Never Compromised with at Rishi FIBC

The fabrics and raw materials used in the production of these especially designed bags are approved by accredited authorities. These include ISO 9001:2008, BRC Global Standards (that also meet GFSI standards), AIB International as well as ISO 22000:2005. Our BRC manufacturing standards include: maintaining immaculate personal hygiene, metal detection, ensuring adequate ventilation, proper personnel wardrobe, record keeping, pest control procedures, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Program (HACCP) and light table inspection. Our professionals also make certain that no tapes and loose threads are visible.

The pharmaceutical industry and food industry both adhere to the same standards. The certification we posses are proof of the fact that we never mess with quality and never compromise on excellence. FIBC bags are great for pharmaceutical products because they offer an added layer of protection to the material inside the bag. All of the pharma grade FIBC bulk bags manufactured by us meet the necessary criteria.

Get In Touch With Us for All your Pharmaceutical Bulk Bag Requirements

If you require a pharma grade FIBC bulk bag, get in touch with Rishi FIBC. All of your needs will be meticulously attended to while ensuring that quality and hygiene are kept at the topmost priority at all times. We are fully capable of manufacturing customized FIBC bags to cater to your needs owing to our state-of-the-art processes, tools and techniques making us the best Pharma Grade Bulk Bag Supplier. You can rest assured that when you associate with Rishi FIBC all of your pharmaceutical FIBC bulk bag demands will be handled in an efficient and effective manner.

Storing FIBCs-Factors Which Can Damage An FIBC-Rishi FIBC Bulk Bag Manufacturer

Storing FIBCs: Factors Which Can Damage An FIBC

FIBC bulk bags are very resilient in nature after all they are exclusively designed to protect food and pharmaceutical products. However, to maintain their strength it is vital that they be stored carefully and all necessary precautions suggested for their safety be carefully implemented.

At Rishi FIBC, we are an FIBC bulk bag manufacturer that creates highly customized bulk bags. Although our FIBC bags are precisely engineered and can safely transport 2,000kg of granular material with ease, they are susceptible to certain factors. Hence we recommend that factors that can damage FIBCs be carefully avoided.

Sharp Tines, Points and Damage

When utilized as a unit, FIBC bags are resilient, but their individual parts are prone to damage. When certain parts of the bag come in contact with cranes, forklifts and other handling equipment, they can get damaged. Make certain that your forklift tines are in level and smooth. The smallest problem in the metal can make the FIBC bag weak. This can leave your cargo and items to be transported on the shop floor itself.

The Unforgiving Rays of the Sun

FIBC bags are made from thermoplastic polymers. When you leave these bags in the sun for extended periods of time, the otherwise sturdy and unbreakable bags can look and feel weak and fragile. The UV rays of the sun can damage and harm your FIBC bags. In case your bags are likely to be exposed to sun during transportation, you need to make use of UV treated inks and fabric. So also, if your FIBC bags are outside for long periods of time, you need to make use of tarpaulins or overpack bags to cover and conceal the already filled bags.

Storms and Persistent Rain

The strength and endurance level of your FIBC bulk bag can weaken and become delicate when exposed to inclement weather conditions such as snow, rain and storms. You also need to be certain that you store the unused bulk bags in areas that are free from any kind of indoor moisture. Exposing your FIBC bags to even a little bit of general moisture can affect the quality and reliability of the bag.


Storing FIBC Bags Outdoors

You need to make sure that you keep the FIBC bulk bags in a clean and dry place indoors. Outside storage does no good for the bulk bags. It can only worsen it and make it unfit for transportation. Even though the bags are made from strong material, if not stored and handled with care, they do not remain light, flexible, easy to store, use and maneuver.

It is so important to adhere to the recommendations of the manufacturer when handling FIBC bags for the storage and transportation of various items and products. Rishi FIBC is a trusted and successful FIBC bulk bag manufacturer that keeps you well informed about the various precautions that need to be taken during the storage and shipping of food and pharmaceutical products. We make certain that individual inspection of the bags is carried out and also see that metal detection and the cleaning process is performed in an impeccable manner. This prevents the bag from coming in contact with pollutants, germs and dust. Storing the FIBC bags meticulously ensures that the shelf life of the bags is extended while quality remains intact.