FIBC Manufacturing Process at Rishi FIBC

State-of-the-art FIBC Manufacturing Process at Rishi FIBC

To ensure their maximum efficiency every FIBC bag needs to undergo stringent production and quality check procedures. At Rishi FIBC, quality management procedures as laid down by authorized bodies are strictly followed at each and every stage of manufacturing process. This ensures we offer highest quality products to our customers in India and 27 countries abroad.

How are FIBC Bags Manufactured at Rishi FIBC?

Being a prominent FIBC manufacturer in India, our FIBC manufacturing facility situated in Vadodara and Mysore, conducts various steps to ensure the FIBC bags are created in a professional and safe manner.

  • Sourcing the Best Raw Materials: Manufacturing FIBC bags require polypropylene granules and low density polyethylene.
  • The Extrusion Process: The virgin polypropylene granule is melted using an extrusion plant, it is then transformed into tapes, following which it is wound on bobbins of various sizes.
  • Weaving and Ultrasonic Cutting: The extruded tape bobbins are then either put in a flat or circular weaving machine. This helps to weave the tapes to fabric depending upon various specifications. This processes helps by turning out to become the body of the FIBC bag.
  • Cutting and Printing: The fabric rolls will be put into the automatic cutting machine so that they can be cut into various sizes. Following the cutting process, the cut bits are fed into a heavy duty printing machine.
  • Needle Loom-Custom based Webbing: The bulkier polypropylene tapes are taken for webbing. This helps to form the FIBC bag’s lifting loop.
  • Sewing: All the parts of the FIBC bag are sewed together by expert professionals under the supervision of technically qualified experts.
  • Ultra Violet and Stress Testing: All of the products are UV tested. They are then put under various conditions to ensure they adhere to various parameters.
  • The Inspection Process: All of the manufactured bags are inspected and checked by trained professionals.
  • Metal Detection Inspection and Vacuum Cleaning: All contaminants inside the bag are done away with to ensure cleanliness is kept at top priority.
  • Gluing and Packaging: These procedures ensure the products are well sealed and neatly packed.
  • Warehousing and Shipping: Ensures the FIBC bags are stored and shipped in a safe manner.

Types of FIBCS Manufactured

Being a leading FIBC manufacturer in India that produces highly efficient and perfectly safe FIBC bags, we ensure that our bulk bags are as per your requirements. We offer you a wide variety of FIBC bags. These include:

  • UN FIBCs
  • Hazardous Goods Bulk Bags
  • Food Grade FIBCs and Pharma Grade FIBCs
  • Big Bags and Baffle or Q Bags
  • U-Panel, 4-Panel, Conical, Circular, Coated/Uncoated Bags
  • Conductive Type C FIBC
  • Dissipative Type D FIBC
  • Container Liner
  • Flexitanks
  • Liner Bags and Sulzer Looms Fabric

These are just some of the types of FIBC bags we offer our customers. Rishi FIBC works to ensure that every client is completely content with the services offered. We have high-end infrastructure and superior machinery and a pool of qualified and well experienced professionals. This ensures that all the bulk bags are manufactured keeping the highest quality in mind.

Applications and Advantages of FIBC Liners-Rishi FIBC

Applications and Advantages of FIBC Liners that Make Them So Indispensable

FIBCs with poly liners increase the efficiency of bulk bags while transporting and storing goods. FIBCs with liners are highly preferred when transporting fine powders and food products. Rishi FIBC is a prominent FIBC liner manufacturer and exporter in India. As per your requirement, we can create FIBCs with loose or attached liners and in materials of your choice.


Advantages of Using FIBC Liners

  • Using FIBC liners helps keep the product safe by shielding it from moisture and oxygen.
  • Liners eliminate the danger of product getting damaged by preventing contamination of cargo.
  • The size and material of FIBC liners can easily be customized as per the application.
  • Bulk bags with liners come in both top and bottom spouts options so you can choose anyone for ensuring safe filling/ discharge of the products.
  • Installation of container liners is fast and easy. They require little handling when shipping cargos door to door.
  • FIBC liners are affordable logistic solution as it allows you to ship materials in bulk while saving on the transportation cost.


Application of FIBC Liners

  • As containers are very easy to install, having them can transform a 20-40feet container into a productive transport framework with minutes.
  • Liners are frequently used in food and pharma industry to maintain hygiene of the products.
  • Petrochemicals, chemicals, polymers and resins, adhesives, powder, granules, adhesives, seeds, minerals and other farming items are frequently transported in container liners.
  • Using a liner creates an add on internal divider thus keeping the product away from the container walls while ensuring better safety of the product.
  • The placement of container liner can be attached with the bulk bag or loose as per the demand of the consumer.
  • Container liners are available in following types – Form fit Liners, Tubular Liners and Food-Grade Liners. You can choose any type depending upon your requirement.


Owing to various advantages and applications of container liners, their demand is consistently rising. While there many FIBC liner manufacturers, you need practice caution when choosing your manufacturer. Spurious quality liners can hamper the quality of products during transportation.


At Rishi FIBC, we follow all the norms with sincerity to ensure superior quality of liners we manufacture. Our products undergo stringent quality checks both in-house and at an independent testing facility. The products conform to international quality standards and are highly sought after by logistic agencies across the globe. We keep abreast with the latest innovations and keep researching ways to ensure better customer satisfaction by improving the quality of products as well as service.


You can expect on-time delivery of container liners. We also offer to customize the size and material of container liners as per your need. So, when Rishi FIBC is your chosen FIBC liner manufacturer you can store and transport products with peace of mind.