Why FIBC Bags are Becoming Indispensable in Malting Industry

Why FIBC Bags are Becoming Indispensable in Malting Industry

FIBCs are fast gaining prominence in the logistics operations of malting industry. As the craft brew industry has seen exponential growth in the last decade, malters are looking to FIBCs as a dependable way to transport specialty malted barley.

Here we discuss why malting industry is doing away with the use of traditional 50-pound bags and relying so much on jumbo bags, a.k.a. FIBCs as an economic and efficient way to transporting and transporting their products.

Food Grade FIBCs – the Best Match for the Malting Industry Requirements

FIBCs are Safe for Carrying Food – FIBC bags adhere to hygiene standards set for the food industry by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). Following the standards laid by FDA, food grade FIBCs are made from 100 % virgin polypropylene resin. Use of recycled materials is prohibited in the bags to prevent contamination of food.

When choosing FIBC supplier for storing or transporting malt beverage, make sure the manufacturer’s facility is BRC certified. This certification ensures the facility is hygienically clean and prescribed manufacturing standards are being followed.

Cost Effective – Food Grade FIBCs can help malters transport up to 3,000 pounds or more safely.  These bags are safe to handle even if these are being carried by hoists, cranes or forklift. Empty bags are also easy to store as these can be folded into compact sizes. FIBCs can easily be recycled. These bags are also designed to be used multiple times as long as they are being cleaned and reconditioned and qualified for reuse to store or transport same product and in the application for which the bag for designed.

Can be Customized – FIBCs come in a variety of designs to ensure ease of filling and discharging. You can choose safe working loads and cubic food capacity for your FIBC as per your requirement.

Helps in Brand Building – Another advantage of using FIBCs is that they help malters do their own branding and marketing. FIBCs can be custom printed. You can, therefore, have your company name and logo printed on it. You also have the option to go for classic black-and-white prints or full-color images. This helps malters establish their brands more firmly and expand their business reach.

Choose Rishi FIBC as Your Jumbo Bags Supplier

If you have still not initiated the use of FIBCs, or are looking forward to a genuine FIBC supplier that is reputed for offering high-quality FIBCs we would like to invite you to visit our facilities in Vadodara and Mysore. You can check for yourself the processes and procedures we follow to ensure hygiene and quality of our FIBC bags.

At Rishi FIBC, our representatives will first understand your requirement and accordingly offer you customized products. We maintain an inventory in our warehouse so you can expect timely delivery of your products. Owing to our reputation for efficiency and customer service, we have established ourselves in the malting industry. Our FIBC bags are supplied in 27 countries around the world. Give Rishi FIBC a chance to serve and we are sure to delight you.

What Makes Rishi FIBC an Ideal FIBC Supplier

What Makes Rishi FIBC an Ideal FIBC Supplier?

The world is sort of a global village today as you can source things from anywhere in the world. So, when you are looking to buy FIBCs or jumbo bags, you get plenty of options to make your selection. Though you’ll be amazed by the choices you have, you will also find it difficult to conclude on a particular FIBC supplier. Price, of course, you can negotiate to an extent, but how would you ensure the quality?

Here we offer some guidelines to choose the right FIBC supplier and why Rishi FIBC is one of the most trusted FIBC suppliers from India, one that can offer you high-quality products, timely and at the best possible price.


5 Tips to Choose FIBC Supplier

  1. Ability to Customize Design

If you are in the know-how of things pertaining to FIBCs you would know that there are plenty of factors that determine its quality and efficiency such as its design, weight of the fabric, sewing technique, and UV characteristics. You should, therefore, associate with an FIBC manufacturer that can guide you about the characteristics of the FIBC bag that would best match your requirements. Besides, your chosen FIBC supplier should be able to manufacture tailor-made FIBC bags and offer you a foolproof logistic solution.

At Rishi FIBC, we have the technical ability to customize designs as per your requirement. Our representative will first understand your logistic requirement and accordingly offer you the right product.

  1. Should Follow Stringent Quality Checks

You have to be thoroughly sure of the quality standards followed by your FIBC partner. A poorly manufactured FIBC bag can have a grave impact on your business operations and also pose a risk to the lives of your employees.

A great way to ensure the quality of the products is to visit the manufacturing facility of the supplier. If that is not achievable, enquire about the quality procedures and processes followed by the manufacturer and, what all certifications your FIBC manufacturing partner has.

At RishiFIBC, we have sophisticated equipment to ensure stringent quality checks at each stage of the manufacturing process. Our commitment towards quality and hygiene has resulted in us garnering the trust of businesses in over 27 countries.

  1. Should hold FIBCA Membership

Always check if your FIBC partner has a FIBCA membership. This assures that the manufacturer has the knowledge of rules, regulations, and certifications pertaining to FIBC bags. This also signifies that the manufacturer is abreast with the latest trends taking place in the FIBC manufacturing industry and is following the regulations and best practices with regards to FIBC manufacturing processes.

Rishi FIBC is a member of FIBCA and follows all regulations and best practices pertaining to FIBC manufacturing.

  1. Should have a Warehouse

Warehousing capability means your trusted FIBC supplier will be able to supply you FIBC bags when you need it the most. Warehousing facility allows your FIBC manufacturer to keep a check on the inventory levels and be able to ensure that your required products always remain in supply. This can help you a lot in ensuring smooth operations of your business.

When Rishi FIBC is your FIBC supplier you never have to worry about inventory.

  1. Must Offer Excellent Customer Service

It would make your life much easier if your supplier can offer you dedicated rep that is polite, efficient and easily approachable. This makes things much smoother and you always know who holds the accountability of your order.

At Rishi FIBC, you can expect most efficient and polite people to handle your account.