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Importance Of Static Protection In FIBC Bags

At the time of handling of sensitive powders or any other inflammable objects or filling and discharging in the presence of flammable gases or vapours, it is extremely essential to have astatic protection. This is for the prevention of a fire or any catastrophic explosion. This is exactly where the anti static FIBC bags comes to the rescue. These bags offer static protection either in the form of Type C or Type D bags. So, let us read through to find out more about the importance of static protection in FIBC bags.

Type C FIBC Bags

The Type C FIBC bags which are also referred to as the conductive FIBC bags are made up of a conductive fabric. This particular fabric is woven with the conductive threads or tapes unlike the standard propylene fabric. These fabrics can be unidirectional in which the conductive threads or tapes are in a stripe pattern or they can also be bidirectional in which the conductive threads or tapes are in a grid pattern.

The construction of these bags with the interconnection of conductive fabric and grounding tabs allows the charges from both inside as well as outside to be collected on a continuous basis. Before filling of discharging, it is important to attach a grounding wire to the grounding tab. The electrostatic charges are able to dissipate through the conductive fabric and they are discharged with the help of the grounding tab in to ground. Now when properly grounded, these conductive bags help in the prevention of electrostatic discharge like brush discharges, propagating brush discharges and incendiary sparks.

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Type D FIBC Bags

The Type D FIBC bags which are also referred to as the static dissipative FIBC bags are made up of a static protective fabric. This particular fabric is woven with threads that are static dissipative in nature. The electrostatic protection in these types of bags is provided by the safe dissipation of charges through the fabric into the atmosphere directly. This process is known as corona which is actually a form of electrostatic discharge but it is of low energy and is not incendiary to the atmospheres that are explosive or flammable. In case of the Type D bags, grounding is not required.

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Thus, it becomes quite clear as to how important is static protection for the FIBC bags for the avoidance of unwanted situations.

Best Food Grade FIBC Bags Manufacturer In India-Rishi FIBC Solutions

Best Food Grade FIBC Bags Manufacturer In India

FIBC food bags as can be understood from the name are the bags used for the transportation of food materials. These food grade bulk bags are manufactured from with resins which necessarily meets the FDA standards thereby making sure that the food products can be put into those bags without any kinds of hesitations. Now, at this point of time, if you are looking forward to food grade FIBC bags, you might be confused. The ultimate reason behind the confusion is due to the availability of a number of FIBC bags manufacturers in India. But in this regard, we are certainly one of the best options. Now you might be wondering why we are the best FIBC bags manufacturer in India. Here are a few reasons to prove our leadership in being the best in this field.

Quality Product

At the time of manufacturing food grade FIBC bags, we make sure that there is no compromise in the quality of the product. Top quality resins are used in the manufacturing of these food grade FIBC bags so that none of the users get even a single chance of complaining about the product quality.

Manufacturing Facilities

At Rishi FIBC solutions, we make use of an effective combination of resources as well as machines for the creation of a manufacturing line that is not only highly efficient in nature but also highly productive. Unique & innovative techniques, superior machines and highly trained, qualified as well as experienced personnel make sure to deliver premium food grade FIBC bags with utmost precision along with reliability.

Customised Solutions

We offer customised solutions so as to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our very well assimilated FIBC facility for food grade bags make sure to create perfectly tailored solutions.

Clean and Hygienic

We as the leading FIBC bags manufacturer in India takes a very good care that the bags are free from germs, dust, and pollutants. After palletizing the food grade FIBC bags, we follow a 5 % statistical quality control inspection. Vacuum cleaning as well as pallet shrink wrapping of the food grade is done to ensure that the bags are clean and hygienic. We follow an effective hygiene policy for complete satisfaction of our clients.

Minimum Defects

At Rishi FIBC solutions, we guarantee minimum defects with a defect percentage of 0.01 which means one defected bag in every 10,000 bags.

Research and Development

We follow a thorough research and development process to come up with the solutions that are unique as well as effective. We have a dedicated research and development team which is headed by the top management to make sure there are no flaws. Our efforts in the same is evident from the improvement that we have shown over the years including enhanced tenacity yarn resulting in increased strength of the bags, optimized palletization for lowering cost etc.

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So, when you are looking for the best FIBC bags manufacturer in India, Rishi FIBC solutions would certainly be your first and most preferred choice in this regard.

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