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How To Use Flexible Bulk Container Bags For Your Business

FIBC Bulk Containers is an acronym for Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers. These are commonly known as Big Bags in the market and are used for the storage and transportation of all kinds of loose or granulated materials. Rishi FIBC solutions specialize in manufacturing these containers and design specific containers for specific requirements. The storage and transportation of goods and materials is very important aspect of the product life cycle. Rishi FIBC solutions understand this importance and manufacture the containers with the best possible design and materials.

Today to further help you with the ways Flexible Bulk Containers can be used to get the maximum benefit for your business, we have compiled a list of task that would help you define how to use flexible bulk container bags:

Things to do when Handling Flexible Bulk Container

  • Make sure there are no sharp edges on any equipment used for handling. Lifting straps can be easily torn by forklift tines and crane hooks, which can lead to dangerous situations. Check these out first. This would ensure safety of the Flexible Bulk Containers.
  • All lifting straps should be used vertically (or single-point centre pick, if applicable). Follow the lifting instructions given by the producer to get the most out of the load and spread it out evenly.
  • When moving a bulk bag, don’t block your view. The key to moving loaded bags is to avoid people and other obstacles. Communication that is clear and works well is also important here.

Thing to avoid when Handling Flexible Bulk Container

  • Stand or have someone else stand under a bulk bag that is hanging.
  • Use less than all of the straps to hang your FIBCs. If you don’t use all the loops, things could go wrong or get dangerous.
  • If you push, pull, or drag a full lift bag, it will wear out and break.
  • Don’t put more in the bulk bag than its safe working load. The packaging would lose its integrity if you did this.

Best Practices for Safe Storage of Flexible Bulk Container

  • Keep nails and other sharp things away from bags. Make sure there are no sharp edges or objects on the floor or walls that could tear, cut, or rip the bags.
  • Keep somewhere dry and out of direct sunlight. If you leave the bags out in direct sunlight or UV rays for a long time, the outer material may break because it can only handle a certain amount of exposure. The best way to store them is under a roof or with a proper tarp.
  • Only stack bags that are made to be stacked. Not all bulk container bags are made to be stacked, so only stack the ones that are made to be. Also, make sure they stay in place, and if they need to be stacked, do it in a pyramid shape.
  • Full bags should be kept on the floor or on pallets. Some of them can be stored on pallet racks or in other places, but the best way to keep them safe is to keep them on the ground.

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Best Practices to Safely Transport Cargo using Flexible Bulk Container

  • Follow the instructions on the package at all times. PacTec also gives written instructions on how to handle their products safely and, in many cases, videos as well.
  • Use the right tools at all times. Using the right tools is important whether you are using a forklift with or without a pallet to lift cubic yard bags or a crane to lift a 30 yd3 bag. If you don’t have much equipment, you can talk to our team about other safe ways to get where you need to go.
  • Make a pyramid out of the bags you put on a pallet. This is important to say again because most FIBCs are not made to be stacked right on top of each other. By using the pyramid method, you can make sure that all of the packages’ loads are stable.
  • When moving bags, don’t make any sudden moves, when a forklift stops quickly, a bag can fly off the tines. Sharp turns at high speeds can also do the same thing. Take care to avoid sudden movements to prevent disaster.

These are some of the major steps that you should follow in order to ensure safe use of Flexible Bulk Container while ensuring the maximum benefit out of it.

So if you are interested in Flexible Bulk Container bags for your business, you can get in touch with us we would be happy to help and guide you.

Why Choose Rishi FIBC Solutions?

Rishi FIBC Solutions is one of the leading Flexible Bulk Container bags manufacturers with business across 42 different countries providing premium quality products to the users. All our Flexible Bulk Container bags so manufactured meets all the necessary standards and quality parameters, thereby making sure that none of the users get even a single chance to complain. With our decades of experience and sheer level of expertise, Rishi FIBC Solutions makes sure to live up to the expectation of every user in the best possible manner. So what are you waiting for! Get in touch with us over our helpline number or our website to get proper guidance and fulfill your business inquiry related to Flexible Bulk Container bags that will meet your business requirement.

Certified Food Grade Bulk Bags Supplier & Manufacturer

Looking for a Bulk Food storage or transportation solution for your business? Well, in that case you are looking at the right place. Introducing Rishi FIBC an ISO certified globally recognized Food grade bulk bags supplier and manufacturer. At Rishi FIBC we produce great quality Food Grade Bulk Bags that are majorly used storage and transportation by different industries throughout the world.

Let’s walk through in details about our Food Grade Bags:

What is Rishi FIBC’s Food Grade Bags?

FIBC food bags as can be understood from the name are the bags used for the transportation of food materials. These food grade bulk bags are manufactured from with resins which necessarily meet the FDA standards thereby making sure that the food products can be put into those bags without any kinds of hesitations. Now, at this point of time, if you are looking forward to food grade FIBC bags, you might be confused. The ultimate reason behind the confusion is due to the availability of a number of FIBC bags manufacturers. But in this regard, we are certainly one of the best options. Now you might be wondering why we are the best FIBC bags manufacturer.

Well, below listed are some of the major reasons that makes us stand out from our competitors:

We Use Virgin Resin for Manufacturing Our Food Bags

Food grade bags are best made with 100% virgin resin to ensure their suitability for use. Virgin resin is the polypropylene resin that does not contain any recycled material (something that FIBCs other than the food grade ones heavily use). Using a bag with zero recycled material ensures that the chances of food getting contaminated from the packaging get reduced to a negligible amount. This is the choice of material that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also approves of in its Food Contact Regulation guidelines.

We adhere to this requirement 100%, making our company one of the most trusted names industry-wide.

Manufacturing Facilities

At Rishi FIBC solutions, we make use of an effective combination of resources as well as machines for the creation of a manufacturing line that is not only highly efficient in nature but also highly productive. Unique & innovative techniques, superior machines and highly trained, qualified as well as experienced personnel make sure to deliver premium food grade FIBC bags with utmost precision along with reliability.

Quality Product

At the time of manufacturing food grade FIBC bags, we make sure that there is no compromise in the quality of the product. Top quality resins are used in the manufacturing of these food grade FIBC bags so that none of the users get even a single chance of complaining about the product quality.

Customized Solutions

We offer customized solutions so as to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our very well assimilated FIBC facility for food grade bags make sure to create perfectly tailored solutions.

Minimum Defects

At Rishi FIBC solutions, we guarantee minimum defects with a defect percentage of 0.01 which means one defected bag in every 10,000 bags.

We Meet Safety Standards Set by Important International Authorities on Food Grade FIBC

Food Grade Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) are used for transporting or storing food, and therefore need to go through stringent quality checks to ensure their safety standards. Organizations like the British Retail Consortium (BRC), American Institute of Baking (AIB) and the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) set these standards; and our manufacturing facilities, at Rishi FIBC Bags, meet each and every one of them. Therefore, you can blindly rely on the safety of our food grade bulk bags.

Clean and Hygienic

We as the leading FIBC bags manufacturer takes a very good care that the bags are free from germs, dust, and pollutants. After palletizing the food grade FIBC bags, we follow a 5 % statistical quality control inspection. Vacuum cleaning as well as pallet shrink wrapping of the food grade is done to ensure that the bags are clean and hygienic. We follow an effective hygiene policy for complete satisfaction of our clients.

Research and Development

We follow a thorough research and development process to come up with the solutions that are unique as well as effective. We have a dedicated research and development team which is headed by the top management to make sure there are no flaws. Our efforts in the same is evident from the improvement that we have shown over the years including enhanced tenacity yarn resulting in increased strength of the bags, optimized palletization for lowering cost etc.

These are some of the reasons that not only make us standout as the certified food bulk bags supplier and manufacturer but also help us ensure that all food industry get assured best quality bags with us. So, if you are in need for food grade FIBC, Rishi FIBC promises to be the right partner for you. Our manufacturing facility and hygiene standards are world-class. Our superior customer service and ability to customize production, makes us the preferred food grade FIBC manufacturer for companies worldwide.