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Shipping Liners And Storage Liners Used For Industrial Containers

The ways of transporting various goods and products have not changed over the last century. About 90% of world trade involves ocean shipping, with over 50,000 merchant ships chugging around the world’s oceans transporting every type of cargo you can imagine. Since businesses dealing with goods and products have a common requirement of storing and transporting products, they made huge investments in these utilities.

Despite several arrangements, the businesses experienced challenges, resulting in incurring financial losses or additional resources to rectify the mistakes. The introduction of container liners helped protect the products in transit, reducing the possibility of encountering challenges.

Shipping Liners: What are they and Their Advantages?

Shipping liner involves transporting goods and cargo from one destination to another by large ocean ships that move through regular routes on fixed schedules. Today, over 400 liners are operating, and most of these liner services offer weekly sailing from the ports of call. Shipping liners is the most efficient mode of transportation for goods, which makes use of various liner vessels, including container ships, bulk carriers, tankers, and specialist ships.

The Advantages of Shipping Liners

Large Capacity

Shipping liners have a huge capacity and can carry large volumes of goods. Therefore, most businesses prefer shipping liners to air shipping. Moreover, you can choose the ships depending on the cargo size, which ensures safe and secure transportation.


It is one of the cheapest modes of transporting cargo, making it a perfect choice for transportation for many companies. Using shipping liners is several times cheaper than transporting goods by air.

Environmental Friendly

Shipping liners is one of the most carbon-efficient modes of transportation. It produces very low amounts of exhaust gas emissions. Furthermore, more than millions of containers used around the world are recyclable, making transportation environmentally friendly.

Storage Liners: What are they and Their Advantages?

Storage liners are protective packaging bags made from different materials ideal for storing and transporting dry goods and products. Storage liners also called bulk container liners, come in handy for transporting products beyond the country’s borders through shipping. It also ensures the safety of products across national calamities and changes.

The Advantages of Storage Liners

Enhances Productivity

One can easily load and unload container liners with automated equipment, including a belt thrower, conveyor, and gravity-fed arrangement. It reduces the handling time of shipping containers.

Less Wastage

One can load the industrial liners horizontally and vertically. Experts designed these liners in such a way that the cargos remain securely enclosed throughout the shipment process. The construction and advanced design make them puncture-resistant, which reduces the chance of leakage.

Saves Costs

Packaging bulk materials inside container liners substantially reduce packaging and handling costs compared to traditional bulk bags and sacks.

Why Choose Rishi FIBC Solutions?

Rishi FIBC Solutions is a prominent name in providing fully integrated World Class facilities for flexitanks, silo bags, FIBC, Woven and LDPE container liners, specialty barrier films, and BOPP bags worldwide. Safeguarding the well-being of our stakeholders is of prime importance, and therefore we established high standards of personal and professional hygiene.

Top Advantages of Using FIBC Bulk Bags for Seed and Grain Storage

One may find different ways to effectively and safely store as well as transport seeds and grains. The choice lies in plastic and concrete containers to traditional metals and woven sacks. However, it is best to choose an option that suits the operation. At the same time, it must create a successful shipping and storage process while streamlining the customer experience.

This brings us to the use of FIBC bulk bags. With multiple benefits, these are fit for storing seeds and grains. Let us explore some of the top advantages of using such storage options.

  • Protection from Moisture

Sometimes storing the farm produce in open-top bulk storage containers can expose your products to environmental elements. It can cause damage to the product or even destroy it. The moisture can result in the growth of mold in seeds and grains only to incur a huge loss.

Due to this reason, investing in bulk bags becomes imperative. These bags offer the best moisture protection. Besides, the sealing option helps keep the content safe and enhances the longevity and shelf life of the product. You can also look forward to customized bulk bags to secure your grain and seeds further.

  • Easy Handling

Filling the storage containers with seeds and grains and then transporting the same package or unloading the contents can be a lot of hard work and hassle. It can also result in under and overfilling or spilling of the product. But the bulk bags with proper inlets and outlets can help you to avoid all the associated hazards.

  • Shield against Pest Infestation

Pest infestation is quite common when it comes to farming products like seeds and grains. It can simply contaminate the entire product, resulting in a dent in the profit margin. Therefore it is the need of the hour to safeguard the products from rodents, insects, and birds.

Since these bulk bags are made of interwoven polypropylene strands, therefore it becomes hard for pests to infiltrate. This property makes the bag sturdy and the perfect storage solution for your farm products.

  • Cost Saving

Bulk bags offer an economic solution for storing seeds and grains. From the time the product gets harvested on the farm till it reaches the processor, one can conveniently store the product in these bulk bags. If your business requires a packing solution for farm products, you can simply rely on these bags.

  • Space Saving

The best part is you can simply fold these empty FIBC bulk bags. The structural features of the bags allow them to stack up neatly when they are filled with products like seeds and grains. It takes up minimal space. Moreover, if you add vessels to these bulk bags, you can stack them upright without bulging them out in the middle. It reduces the chances of tumbling down.

Why Choose Rishi FIBC?

As you choose FIBC bags, you will get the advantage of low cost and low maintenance. Furthermore, if one particular product of the bag gets contaminated, it would not contaminate the rest of the products present in other bags. We manufacture these bulk bags while maintaining FDA standards. Our bags are economical and ideal for transportation and storage purposes.