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Advantages of Woven Polypropylene Liners

Businesses’ dealing in packaging and transportation of material faces many different challenges pertaining to cost, wastage of materials, straining in storage place, destruction of material from bacteria, wastage of material by water, humidity, high temperature and more. It is because of this reason businesses often look forward to alternatives that would provide them with the perfect resolution to overcome these challenges, while ensuring the solution is cost effective and provides flexibility to transportation of the products. It is based on these challenges recognized in the field of packaging and transportation introduction of Woven polypropylene liners were made for the packaging and transportation industry. The woven polypropylene liners are distinguished solution for packaging, storing and transportation of goods across agriculture, food, construction and other major industries, providing them with flexibilities the businesses has been looking for in packaging, storing and transportation of material.

If you are into business that requires packaging, storing and transportation of material then woven polypropylene liners are your ideal solution to all your major challenges. Let’s take a look at what woven polypropylene liners are and how it can help your business in both short and long run.

What is Woven Polypropylene Liners?

Woven polypropylene liners are bags created with thermoplastic resin (polypropylene) by tightly weaving a circular pattern using polypropylene strips. This helps in creation of a light, but strong material ideal for storing of material, packaging and transportation. The bottom and the sides of the polypropylene bag is sewn shut leaving the top open for packing of product. Woven polypropylene bags are great for packaging because it’s non-toxic, non-staining, reusable, durable, and eco-friendly. Woven polypropylene bags are also an economical solution to packaging: Salt, rice, coal, flour, feed, feed, fertilizers, chemicals, and much more.

Different Variant of Woven Polypropylene Liners

The Woven Polypropylene Liners are available in three different types of structure they are as follow:

  • Circular Woven Polypropylene Liners
  • L-Seam Woven Polypropylene Liners
  • Back Seam Woven Polypropylene Liners

Base on the requirement and industry of operation businesses can select the ideal variant of Woven Polypropylene Liners which suit and meet their requirements.

Specifications of Woven Polypropylene Liners

Woven Polypropylene Liners comes in multiple variant of circular, l-seam and back seam model with each model reflecting size variant between small, medium, large, XL, XXL, and Super XXL depending on the need of the industry, businesses can select ideal size of Woven Polypropylene Liners which suits and meet their business requirement. Further Woven Polypropylene Liners also provides businesses with options of ultra violet inhibitors or non ultra violet inhibitors, easy to open option and plain or printed from the outside option depending on business needs. Other than these specifications Woven Polypropylene Liners also showcases some major properties that justifies and meet majority of business requirements, they are as follow:

Properties of Woven Polypropylene Liners

  • The liners do not degrade when they are wet
  • They are reusable in nature
  • These liners are naturally resistant to tearing
  • Allows the inner contents to breath until air dried
  • Possesses much better burst strength as compared to plastic liners
  • These liners can be very easily laminated so as to act like the moisture as well as vapor barrier
  • These can be side gusseted so as to appropriately accommodate the bulky items with ease

These properties ensures that Woven Polypropylene Liners are ideal product that can be used in different industries, reflecting large scale advantages for the businesses with the usage of Woven Polypropylene Liners.

Major Advantages of Using Woven Polypropylene Liners

Through the development, material usage, properties and specifications it is thoroughly evident that Woven Polypropylene Liners provides large scale flexibility to an organization dealing in packaging, storing and transportation of product. This helps us analyze the large scale advantages that usage of Woven Polypropylene Liners provides to a business are as follow:

  • Very easy to produce: The production of Woven Polypropylene Liners are extremely fast and less time consuming with the availability of the material in abundance, providing flexibility of fast turnaround time for businesses.

  • Economic material: The availability of the material in abundance makes the price of producing Woven Polypropylene Liners very cheap for the organization, allowing organization to financially benefit with use of the product.<>/p

  • Non toxic in nature: Woven Polypropylene Liners are made from thermoplastic resin it is because of this reason, the product showcases non reactive properties to the material stored in it, showcasing non toxic nature. This ensures safe guarding of the product from any toxic reaction from outside because of the non reactive property of the thermoplastic resin, ensuring quality maintenance of the product.

  • Does not stain: Since the Woven Polypropylene Liners are made from thermoplastic resin and it is non reactive and leakage proof it ensures that any material with the property of straining the surface on which it is kept, stays intact within the Polypropylene Liners. This in turn brings down the work load of cleaning the place over and over again, along with cutting down of cost behind cleaning storage places.

  • Hundred percent durable and reusable as well: Woven Polypropylene Liners are made from resins that have a chemical structure of (C3H6) n, which makes them literally indestructible to natural causes like water, rainfall and sunlight, increasing their longevity in the process. It is because of this reason the Woven Polypropylene Liners can be reused over and over again saving thousands of rupees in packaging and storage cost for the organization.

  • It is anti bacterial in nature and extremely easy to clean: The chemical structure of Woven Polypropylene Liners (C3H6) n makes them waterproof and anti reactive. This results in non breeding structure for any living thing on the package itself, making the packaging made from Woven Polypropylene Liners anti bacterial because of high amount of nitrogen present in the packaging along with its waterproof nature contributing to easy cleaning of the Woven Polypropylene Liners making them ideal for food and agriculture industry. This in turn contributes to safe keeping of the materials inside along with cost saving and long term storage option.

  • The liners are lightweight in nature: The Woven Polypropylene Liners are made from thermoplastic that showcases a molecular weight of only 354.6 making the Woven Polypropylene Liners extremely light weighted in nature. It is because of this reason storing and handling the Woven Polypropylene Liners when not in use becomes much easier for the organization, allowing businesses to save cost on storing Woven Polypropylene Liners and moving them when empty.

  • They are of low density with a high melt index: The Woven Polypropylene Liners low density and high melting index makes it ideal storage units even in hot and humid temperatures, which contributes by large in long term storing of perishable good, without the items inside getting affected by temperature.

  • These are waterproof or breathable when laminated with a thin film: The waterproof quality of Woven Polypropylene Liners makes them ideal storage unit for high rainfall places and moisture places. Further the breathable properties make them ideal for long distance transportation of product along with thorough quality maintenance of the product making them ideal for businesses in transportation of edible items. Further with waterproof and breathable nature of Woven Polypropylene Liners organizations can save large financial values behind additional cost that is need to make transportation waterproof and product safe with proper oxygenation.

  • Installation is easy and quick: Woven Polypropylene Liners easy and fast installation allows industries to save on time with their packaging, storing and transportation process, allowing organizations to gain from faster turnaround time.

  • The operational temperatures are quite high with a melting point of 167 degrees Celsius: The operational temperatures of Woven Polypropylene Liners makes them ideal unit to carry out packaging, transportation and storing of material across all terrains and region, bringing down the pressure on business to consider variant factors of packaging, storing and transporting based on change in temperature, altitude and weather.

  • The liners are resistant to most of the acids, alkalis, organic solvents and degreasing agents: The non reactive property of Woven Polypropylene Liners ensure businesses safe keeping of their materials from any foreign reactive agents on storage and transportation making the process much easier and simple.

These advantages clearly showcases the large scale flexibility that usage of Woven Polypropylene Liners provides businesses in both short and long run, making it an ideal packing, storing and transporting material for different industries.

The advantage of Woven Polypropylene Liners makes it an ideal demanding component in different industries. If you are into business where you require storage, packing, and transportation of material then Woven Polypropylene Liners are the ideal solution for you. To know more about Woven Polypropylene Liners for business requirement get in touch with us at Rishi FIBC.

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