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FIBC Bulk Bags Are Economical and Eco-friendly

When you are transporting bulk cargo or any other material from one place to another, it is imperative to make sure that the packaging is done right so that no moisture or dampness seeps into your items. At Rishi FIBC Solutions, we provide you with customized FIBC bulk bags to transport minerals, chemicals and agricultural items in a safe and hassle-free manner. We believe in quality and so constantly strive to innovate and improve our FIBC bags, their packaging as well as transportation.

Many of our customers order custom FIBC bags and so we provide you with a variety of FIBC bags that you can opt from. These include:

  • FIBC Bags: The most standard and common jumbo bags. These are great for shipping non-flammable products. (Read more: FIBC Bags )
  • Type C-FIBC Bags: Made from electrically conductive fabric, these anti static jumbo bags are ideal for shipping dry flammable powders. (Take a look at our blog for more: Type C-FIBC – Rishi FIBC )
  • Type D-FIBC Bags: Made from anti-static and static dissipative fabrics, Type D FIBC bags are utilized to transport flammable powders and are preferred at times when flammable solvents or gases are in and around the bag. (Read more our blog: Type D-FIBC Bags)
  • Pharma Grade FIBC Bags: These are specially designed keeping pharmaceutical products in mind so that the products are in perfect condition and are not prone to any contamination. (Read more: Pharma Grade FIBC Bags)
  • Food Grade FIBC Bags: These bags help to transport food grade raw materials. These are designed to be free of germs and bacteria and are used to transport food grade raw material in bulk. (Read more: Food Grade FIBC Bags)

Why Should You Opt For FIBC Bags?

Companies and organizations dealing in the shipping of bulk items need to opt for FIBC bags because:

  • They are the most cost-effective and economical way of transporting liquids, material and cargo in bulk.
  • No contamination of the product occurs, especially once the product has been packaged and sealed.
  • Dry bulk goods can be easily stored, handled, packed and delivered in a problem-free way.
  • They are easy to put together and quick to install.
  • FIBC bags can be re-used multiple times and thereby help companies reduce their transportation cost.
  • FIBC bags are eco friendly and do not cause harm to the environment.

Take a look at our presentation: Why Should Business Opt For FIBC While Moving Goods – Rishi FIBC

FIBC Bags and the Environment

The fact that carbon emissions and waste have a negative influence on the environment is disturbing. This is why businesses today have no choice but to go in for eco-friendly solutions even when it comes to packaging. FIBC bags that are made from woven polypropylene fabric come as a savior during these times as they help to transport material in bulk and at the same time help the environment at large. Since the FIBC bags are huge, they do not require multiple smaller sacks, thereby greatly minimizing waste and the cost of packaging. Besides, FIBC bags can be re-used over and over which further helps to reduce waste generation.

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Choosing an FIBC bag is not only profitable and cost friendly but it also helps you play a part in saving the environment. This is why many companies and organizations have switched to FIBC bags for transporting their bulk material and items to and from places.

We, at Rishi FIBC, are a reliable FIBC manufacturer and so you need not worry when it comes to quality as well as punctual delivery. So do give us a call, if you ever need an FIBC bulk bag as we follow all of the international guidelines that need to be adhered to and so you can be at peace knowing that your cargo is being transported in a safe and eco-friendly manner.

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