Our wide range of products makes us the jumbo bag manufacturer of choice the world over. Complete product range, coupled with high hygiene standards makes Rishi FIBC Solutions a respected name as a bulk bag manufacturer. What sets us apart from other jumbo bag manufacturers is our ability to make custom solutions.Our UN FIBCs are certified to meet the requirements of packaging UN approved, or Hazardous Goods bulk bags are designed to comply with the United Nations Recommendations on the Transportation of Dangerous Materials.

Further to the successful performance with food grade FIBC and pharma grade FIBC, Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Ventures now in Technical Textiles.

The company can produce 200- 250 MT of geo-textiles per month and can make for export – various qualities of geo textiles such as W200- W250-W270-W315 as well as ground covers & lift fence. Company has well equipped in-house facilities for checking various requirements of standard parameters of geo textiles. We can make fabric upto 213” i.e 5.4 meters width.

FIBC Products:

    • U-Panel, 4-Panel, Circular (Tubular), Conical, Coated/Uncoated
    • Big bags
    • Baffle or ‘Q’ Bag (Net baffles/tie baffles/fabric baffles) ig bags
    • Food Grade / Pharma Grade /UN certified – HAZMAT FIBC
    • Liner Bags: Loose/Glued/Tabbed/Stitched Liners, EVOH Liner,
    • Baffle Liner, Aluminium/Foil liner, Conductive /Antistatic liner
    • Sulzer Looms Fabric

Manufacturing Capabilities:

        • First plant with Auto-Doffing Winders
        • Looms with Ultrasonic cutting
        • Circular & Sulzer Looms to serve multiple needs
        • Producing 1, 00,000 sq. mtr. fabric every day in Dust Free & clean Environment
        • Lamination plant is equipped with brushing and dust removal
        • System to ensure a very clean laminated (coated) fabric
        • 7 Layer Liner plant with 0.3 micron filtered air cooling
        • Ionized air-wash units to ensure that finished FIBCs are Contamination free
        • HEPA Filtration of 0.3 microns is used to ensure absolute contaminant free for Pharma bags
        • In house Printing facility
        • Dust removal along with Carona Treatment for better bonding
        • Perfect Square Pallets to stack 24 pallets in 20 fcl & 48 pallets in 40 fcl

Quality & Hygiene Edge:

    • Strict compliance with:
          1. HACCP
          1. BRC
          1. AIB
    • Each & every bag is vacuum cleaned
    • Positive air pressure maintained
    • Bags are stitched in complete clean room environment with 5 micron filtered air environment
    • Bales are stretch wrapped and subsequently covered with PP Cover
    • Nothing is kept on floor, everything is stacked on GI stands
    • 100% metal detection done for Food/Pharma grade bags
    • Ultrasonic cut fabric to prevent tape fraying for Food/Pharma Bags
    • Insulation Testing done for Conductive fabric/Type ‘C’ FIBC
    • QUV testing done using UVB-313 Lamp
    • MFI (melt flow index) tested for raw material
    • Dart Impact Testing done for Liner
    • Tensile Testing done for Fabric and Loops
    • Straight Top Lift Testing done for FIBC
    • Sewing Machines with Embedded Heat-cutting units
    • Sewing Machines have Embedded Vacuum systems to prevent loose thread contamination
    • MOCON Testing Machine
    • QUV Weathering Testing Machine
    • UTM
    • Breakdown voltage testing machine
    • Haze guard eye
    • FTIR and UV vis Spectrophotometer
    • Dart impact and UV testing machine



Bulk bag are also known as Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) or jumbo bag , is economical and ideal packing used for the storage & transportation of powdered, granulated or bulk products. FIBC bags are manufactured by polypropylene woven fabrics that are stabilized against UV degradation



To meet your customized shipping needs, Rishi FIBC designs UN FIBC bags that are certified to handle products known to be hazardous by the United Nations. In the interest of people’s safety, environment control and materials security, the transport of dangerous goods has been regulated by a team of experts from the United Nations.


Type C Bags (Conductive Bags)

Also known as Conductive FIBC Bag, these Type C bags were originally made entirely from conductive materials. But today, Rishi FIBC provides Type C FIBC bags that made from non-conductive polypropylene interwoven normally in a grid pattern with conduction yarns.


Type D Bags (Antistatic FIBC)

Made of a special antistatic fabric, the anti static bulk bag at Rishi FIBC comes with permanent discharged properties and is designed to prevent the occurrence of flammable sparks, brush discharges and propagating brush discharges without connecting the bulk bag to ground or earth.

liner-bagsFIBC Liners Bags

Liners can be inserted loosely or attached to the bag as well. There are different types of liners for different applications like, Form Fit liners, Tubular Liners, Food-Grade Liners.

other-productOther Products

Pharma Grade FIBC Bags are exclusively designed for pharmaceutical products so that the products are in very good condition and are free from unwanted contamination. Food Grade FIBC Bags are made with the objective of putting food grade raw material into bags.