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Selecting The Right Jumbo Bag Dimensions

Businesses around globe dealing in bulk transportation of products often come across serious challenges related to storage of products during the process of transit. This majorly happens because of size and material issues of packaging along with the other operational challenges. In order to overcome these challenges the invention of jumbo bags was made to resolve these transit issues. These jumbo bags come in all shapes and size along with different variety of materials and specifications to select from.

Let’s take a look at what Jumbo bags are and things to look out for before selecting the right one to serve your business purpose.

What are Jumbo Bags?

Jumbo bags are large size intermediate flexible bulk containers used for the purpose of storing and transportation of materials. They are made from woven polypropylene fabric and sustainable reusable solution for storage and transportation of bulk amount of product. The Jumbo bags are usually extremely durable in nature and hence are long lasting in nature. This allows industries to reduce wastage behind packaging solution providing them to benefit from cost point of view and bring down the impact on environment that are caused by the usage of regular plastic bags. Thus clearly reflecting how jumbo bags contribute as a perfect solution to industries when it comes to storage and transportation of bulk materials.

However in spite of these large scale advantages that the usage of Jumbo bags provide there are certain things industries should take into account in order to select the right dimension when opting to use jumbo bags for the purpose of storage and transportation they are as follow:

Material of the Product

The choice of material for the bags is critical importance depending on the type of materials that are to be stored inside the bag. It is because in spite of weight carrying capacity of the bags being identical, some materials stored in the bags are reactive towards it or may tear the bag because of its surface contact not being compatible with the material of the bags. It is because of this reason selecting the right material of the bag is of high importance depending on the type of material that is to be stored or transported using the jumbo bags.

Determination of Size

The determination of the ideal size for your use depends on the following major factors:

  • Types of Material to be stored in the bag for transportation
  • The space of the location where the bags are stored after being filled
  • The size of the container in which the bags will be transported to other destination
  • How the bags will be placed in the container when set for transportation

It is based on these four major considerations the size of your bag should be determined before making a purchase for jumbo bag. This would allow you to store a larger quantity of material, without having to face the trouble of storage and transit issues.

Other Important Specifications

Before deciding on the right size of Jumbo bags based on the above two important factors there are some more specifications that should be taken into account to when selecting right dimension jumbo bags for industrial purpose. They are as follow:

Lifting Loop

These are hoops sewn, woven or stitched to the bags and are used for the purpose of lifting the bags or moving it from one place to another. Depending on the type of lifting mechanism you industry has selecting the right size of lifting loop is important for efficient operational process.

Filing Inlet

This is another major specification that should be taken into account when purchasing a jumbo bag. It is because depending on the type of product that will be loaded into the jumbo bag the size of filing inlet varies. As it defines way, type and method the product will be loaded into the bags. For example loading sand into jumbo bag can have smaller filing inlet but stone would require larger filing inlet. It is because of this reason defining the size of filing inlet is extremely important when selecting right dimension jumbo bags to serve your purpose.

Discharge Outlet

Similar to filing inlet defining the size of discharge outlet of jumbo bags are equally important for operational purpose. So depending on the types of materials that will be stored and transported along with the methods that will be used for the purpose of discharging the material the discharge outlet size should be determined.

These three specifications have their own dimensions and hence it is important to select these dimensions wisely when investing in jumbo bags is equally important for the business.

So if you are interested in selecting right size jumbo bags for your business, you can get in touch with us we would be happy to help and guide you.

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