Silo Bags Help Reduce Post-Harvest Losses

If you are invested into farming or other business dealing with agricultural pulse, grain, or crop production, you are thoroughly aware of the challenges that it carries with the storage of grains and crops for a long period of time. To help farmers and business owners overcome this challenge and reduce their post-harvest losses Rishi FIBC brings you Silo bags, the perfect solution for storing your crops and agricultural production.

Let’s look at what is Silo bag and how it can help reduce post-harvest losses!

What are Silo Bags?

At Rishi FIBC we call our Silo bags, PRO7, because they are made of seven-layers of Blown extruded technology. Our PRO 7 Silo bags are storage bags manufactured from polythene and hence popularly referred to as polythene bags as well. These bags are manufactured from seven-layers of Blown extruded technology with various polymers which provides a total thickness of 180 – 250 microns. The outer layer of the bag is usually white in color to reflect solar radiation. On the other hand, the inner layer of the bag is black in color to block sunlight. The diameter of these silo bags varies from 8-10 feet and Length of 60 m, 75 m up to 90 m, produced as per the requirement of the client. The silo bags basically serve great purpose of effective storage thereby finding a wide range of applications. The silo bags have gained a lot of importance in recent times. These bags are readily used for storing grains and other agricultural production, clearly reflecting the large variety of application it can contribute to.

Now that we have a clear idea of what Silo bags are, let’s walk you through Silo Bags can help in reducing post-harvest losses.

Functions of Silo Bags

Silo bags can be used for grain storage on a regular basis, but some of the important ways Silo bags can protect these post-harvest losses through storage are reflected below:

Prevents crops from Fungus and Insects

Pro 7 Silo Bags should be sealed when grains and other agricultural materials are filled. Thus, the available oxygen inside the bag is consumed by the grains and then produces an atmosphere rich with Co2. This in turn prevents the development and reproduction of fungus and Insects inside Silo Bag. This makes them an ideal protective option for agriculture products with the process of storage.

Helps Expel Carbon Dioxide to Protect the Product

The PRO 7 silo bags are airtight sealed once the agricultural products have been bagged. This in turn creates a limited supply of oxygen environment within the bags. Anything alive (insects, bacteria, the grain) consumes the limited oxygen in the bag and expels carbon dioxide, which in turn keeps the grains healthy with intact quality for longer period, while preventing it from all possible fungus and insects.

Contributes in creating anaerobic environment

With the usage of PRO 7 Silo bags usually, within 10 days, the oxygen volume in the bag drops from 20% to 3% and CO2 volume rises from 0% to 17%. Thus, the bag will become anaerobic and provides free from FUNGUS and INSECTS, without any additional cost.

Prevents Products from Sunlight

The PRO 7 Silo bag is made with the outer layer of the bag white in color to reflect solar radiation. On the other hand, the inner layer of the bag is black in color to block sunlight from entering the bag, thus creating a cooler temperature inside the bag to prevent the crops from sunlight.

Helps grain storage for long period of time

The PRO 7 silo bag creates a colder preserving atmosphere for the grains and agricultural products stored in them. This is done by usage of black paint for the inner layer of the bags, which in turn helps in preserving the crops for a long period of time. This makes the PRO 7 Silo bags ideal for long time preservation of agricultural product.

Protect product from rainfall

If you carry out business in region with higher rainfall, then PRO 7 Silo bags can be a great application for storage. Since the bags are made up of polymers it will protect the stored grains and agricultural product from water damage by rainfall.

These functions clearly reflect how PRO 7 silo bags can contribute to your agricultural business, making it ideally the need of the hour in the farming industry to prevent post-harvest losses. So, if you are into business dealing with agricultural products, then PRO 7 silo bags are just the itinerary your business requires. To know more about silo bags or business-related enquiry, you can get in touch with us.

Take a look at it’s applications:

Why Choose Rishi FIBC?

At any point of time, you feel the need of the silo bags; no other option would be as good as Rishi FIBC. Being one of the premier manufacturers of silo bags, Rishi FIBC is certainly the first choice of the users. Rishi FIBC has a team of adequately trained and vastly experienced professionals who have the necessary expertise and all the skill set required to manufacture the bags without any compromise in the quality. Rishi FIBC makes sure that all of the silo bags so manufactured is at par with the quality standards so that each of the users are hundred percent satisfied with the use of the silo bags from Rishi FIBC.