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Tips for Temporary Storage of Grains in Silo Bags

The silo bags have gained a lot of importance in recent times. These bags are readily used for storing grains on a temporary basis. Whenever, any grains are harvested, it would be a very good idea to store the grains temporarily until the permanent storage option is available. But at this point of time, the users need to make sure to follow a few of the most important tips at the time of temporarily storing the grains in the silo bags for the best results.

Storing on a Levelled Ground

The first tip to follow is to keep the silo bags on a firm and well drained ground that is level as well as smooth. This, in turn, provides a plenty of room for the loading and unloading equipment to operate with ease as well as convenience. It is to be made sure that there is no debris present that could cause harm or puncture the bag. So, it becomes quite important to keep the silo bags in a safe and stable place while temporarily storing grains in them.

Avoid Grain Spills Near the Bags

It is immensely important to avoid any kind of grain spills near the silo bags because this will attract rodents to the bag. The rodents can then cause damage to the bag by clawing or chewing which needs to be avoided at any cost. Thus, the users should necessarily make sure that no spilling of grains happen near the silo bags full of grains.

Minimum Folds at the Base

Keeping the folds at the base of the silo bags to a minimum is quite essential at the time of filling. This is because of the fact that the folds are very easy places for the rodents to chew on the silo bags. Thus, it is to be always kept in mind to minimise the folds at the base for the safety of the bag with grains.

Eliminate Growth of Moulds and Insects

The users should always keep in mind that while storing dry grains in the silo bags, the bags are not hermetically sealed. This, in turn, increases the chances of moulds, and insects growing in these storage bags. Thus, the users should always keep this mind and eliminate chances of growth or mould and insects to keep the grains intact.

Check for Holes and Damages

The silo bags with grains stored in them should be regularly inspected for any kinds of holes and tears. If there is any requirement for repair, it should be done without wasting even a moment. It is best to carry out the repairing task with tapes and sealants that are compatible with the bags.

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Following the tips would make sure that the grains inside the silo bags as a temporary storage is not damaged and the quality is kept intact. It is recommended that the users should purchase the silo bags from a dependable and reputed manufacturer.

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