What Goes into Making of FIBC Bags

What Goes into Making of FIBC Bags?

Today’s industrial growth demands bulk bags with woven fabric called FIBC bagsFlexible Intermediate Bulk Containers which are used for a wide range of applications in the industry. FIBC bags are also known as Jumbo Bag, Big Bag, Tote Bag, Bulk Sack or Super Sack.

FIBC bulk bags are collapsible and flexible to help these store various materials of different shapes and sizes. Hence, they occupy less storage place. The capacity of these bags can vary from 500 kgs to 2000 kgs depending on the requirement. Such bags are found to be useful and cost effective solution for packing, storing and transporting food-grade, petrochemicals, chemicals and inorganic products.

Making of FIBC

FIBC bags are made by polypropylene woven fabrics utilizing various processes and expertise of technicians. The PP fabric is also stabilized against UV degradation. Virgin polypropylene fibers are a very versatile material (which is petroleum based) and is used extensively in manufacturing of FIBC bags. LDPE inner liner is also sometimes used in FIBC bags to provide additional protection against moisture ingress.

Food grade and pharma grade FIBC – Special care needs to be taken when preparing food and pharma grade FIBC. Such bags are to be prepared using resins approved by the FDA and the manufacturing process should also follow FDA approved standards for quality and hygiene.

Triple dust proof FIBC – When the material is loaded or off loaded, FIBC bags are prone to generating electrostatic discharge. So there is a risk of igniting combustion if the surrounding environment contain inflammable material. In such situations, especially designed Type C FIBC bags are to be used. Such bags are made of conductive film tapes and hence help ground the electrostatic charge developed during emptying or filling process.

The use of bulk bags in industrial applications is ever increasing as the advantages of their usage generally outweigh the disadvantages; however, it is very important that each application is assessed individually and that electrostatic hazards are adequately controlled when using bulk bags for packaging and transporting combustible/explosive materials and/or using the bulk bags where flammable gas, vapor, and dust cloud atmospheres is present.

There is extensive usage of these FIBC bulk bags worldwide however great care needs to be taken when choosing FIBC manufacturers . A small mistake in choosing an FIBC bag can cause loss/damage of goods and also affect the reputation of the manufacturer. Same goes with the manufacturing of FIBC bulk bags.

We, at Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt. Ltd, believe quality is always the result of high intention, sincere efforts, intelligent direction and skillful application. We have a fully integrated world class facility for manufacturing food and pharma grade FIBC bulk bags. Our state -of -art facility prepares FIBC bags of international standards and is proudly serving 27 countries in the world.

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