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The market for bulk bags manufacturers is growing as their use today permeates every industry where dry bulk solids are handled including food, chemicals, and even pharmaceuticals. However, economical and environmental reasons drive the demand for re-usage of used bulk bags too. But the big question is “How safe and economical is it to reuse these bulk bags”.

Even a tiny leak in the ship can sink the whole ship. This is what exactly happens in re-usage of bulk bags.

Great amount of concern and care is required to ensure that each reused bulk bag is safe and clean. If the bulk bag is worn out or have a small hole in the fabric, it can lead to loss or damage of the goods inside. Frayed lifting loops, loose stitching, fabric tears, and UV fabric, may seem smaller issues but can be extremely harmful to the environment. When the bulk bags made of polypropylene woven fabric comes in contact with sunlight, it degrades in quality. Therefore it reduces the strength of the bulk bag and cause it to snap at any point of time unnoticed. Such a situation not only lead to a loss of product, it also endangers the reputation of the company.

Also, there are different liners inserted or attached loosely to these bulk bags to suit the need of various application / products in the industry. The liners within this bag could have traces of hazardous material and could affect the products repacked in the same bag. Hence the bulk bags used for repackaging have potential harmful effects. Technically, reuse of bulk bags manufactured out of a 5:1 SF material, which has extensive usage in the market, is NOT recommended at all.

For packaging of food grade products, FDA regulation do not permit usage of used bulk bags. Every country has laws governing these potential hazards but inadequate care and concern leads to negligence and violation of these stated laws. This is more important in developing countries where these laws are loosely implemented. Today , as industrial norms are tightening in India it is desirable on the part of all major industries to adhere to strict compliance of the laws. They should be watchful about the potential damage used bulk bags can cause to the environment, animal husbandry and humanity at large.

So the consumers attracted by Bulk bags for Sale tagline, be watchful and assess the potential dangers before joining the bandwagon. If you are going for used bulk bags make sure they have undergone a complete refurbishment process which makes them safe for reuse.

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