Manufacturing and Exporting of FIBC Bulk Bags – Rishi FIBC

Manufacturing and Exporting of FIBC Bulk Bags – Rishi FIBC

If you are looking to carry bulk material or products from one place to another, you will need to make use of FIBC bulk bags. Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers or FIBC are large bags that are woven and designed for the sole purpose of carrying bulk material around. The good thing about FIBC bags is that they are available in different dimensions so you can even carry weight of up to 4000 lbs. This is why FIBC bulk bags are increasingly being seen as the smartest option for transporting and handling heavy or bulky dry goods.

It has been found that there has been a global increase in the usage of bulk bags over the last couple of years. Known for having flexible walls as well as for their wide usage, there is no reason why you would not choose to use a FIBC bulk bag for packaging bulk material.

Rishi FIBC – Renowned Exporters of FIBC bulk bags

Based out of Vadodara, Gujarat, Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt. Ltd is one of the best- known FIBC manufacturers in India. So you can count on us to provide you with customized bulk bags that are not just easy to handle but recyclable too. We specialize in providing companies with good quality FIBC bulk bags that are sturdy and tough. Opting for bulk bags is an economical option in the long run and not only can we cater to your need but we will make sure that our products reach you at the nick of time.

We have a wide range of products to offer our clients. By ensuring that we meet the hygiene standards and other specified requirements, we have developed for ourselves a reputation that sets us apart from the rest. On a monthly average our company produces 200-250 MT of geo-textiles which we export to various places around the globe. Thus, at Rishi FIBC you can count on us to make sure that all the parameters and guidelines of export are met and our FIBC bulk bags are transported to their destinations quickly and efficiently.

What you can expect from us

Rishi FIBC is an ISO certified export oriented undertaking. Our export products have stood the test of time and have met the demands of our clients globally. So when you choose us to meet your companies FIBC requirements, these are some things you can assure yourself of.

  • With sophisticated technology and stringent quality checks, you will be provided with FIBC bulk bags that can boast of their world-class quality.
  • Since we are committed to maintaining exceptional hygiene, our food grade bulk bags will certainly be free from germs and pollutants.
  • Being inflexible about our standards of quality and about providing customer satisfaction, you can be sure that we will not let you down.

So if you are ever in need of high-quality, sturdy and tough FIBC bulk bags, Rishi FIBC are the best exporters of FIBC in the market. Choose us and you will not regret the decision. We are capable of meeting your companies FIBC requirements. With efficient delivery services that make sure your items reach you on time you will have no reason to complain when you get into a contract with us. Choose Rishi FIBC and know that you have made the right choice!

What Goes into Making Our Food Grade FIBC Bags – Rishi FIBC

What Goes into Making Our Food Grade FIBC Bags – Rishi FIBC

If you are looking to get your hands on high-quality, hygienically prepared FIBC Food bags that are not just easy to handle and use but also inexpensive when compared to other modes of packaging, Rishi FIBC is the place for you.

More about FIBC Bags

FIBC bags are meant to carry, transport or handle large bulk material. Mostly coming in a range of sizes, they are the best packaging choice for bulky material. People across the globe make use of more than 13 million bags annually and this figure is expected to increase with time due to the convenience and feasibility of these bags.

At Rishi FIBC, we specialize in manufacturing a range of different FIBC bags and our range covers C- Type FIBC Bags, D-Type FIBC bags, liners bags, Pharma Grade FIBC bags and more. Each of our bags is suited to serve a different purpose thus the process of manufacturing them is also different.

It is not just the food grade FIBC bags that involve an intensive process of formation but every different bag has certain rules and requirements that need to be adhered to in their creation and unless these are observed, the FIBC bags will not have the desired results.

What goes into the making of our Food Grade FIBC Bags?

The making of our Food Grade FIBC Bags involves a long meticulously-drawn procedure. The process of creating these bags begins right from point of taking the order. You can decide the number of food grade FIBC bags you are in need of and of what dimensions and so on.

However, that is not all that goes into its design. Since we make customized bags for our clients, you can choose how you want the bag to be made right from the size and capacity that you would like it to hold to the filling, discharging and handling features that you would like to put into it. If needed, you can also ask for additional barrier properties to be inserted into your bags in order to make them stronger and more capable of withholding heavier weights.

It is only after we have all these specifications finalized that we begin the actual process of making the food grade FIBC bags. Keeping in mind that you need to put food grade raw material into the bags, ensuring hygiene of the bags becomes our foremost priority. As far as food grade liners are concerned, they can be inserted or attached to the bags and are meant to keep food free from contamination. We will make sure that your food grade FIBC bags are free from dust and other pollutants and come with pallet shrink wrapping.

Our final leg of the process involves testing the bags before shipping them off clients.  This inspection will take in the quality levels and ensure that there is no defect in any of our food grade FIBC bags. Only once all of our products have undergone the inspection, will we deliver them to clients.

So if you need food grade FIBC bags with food grade liners, come to Rishi FIBC and know that you will get the highest quality food grade FIBC bags and liners available. We provide the best products at the most reasonable price.

Premium Jumbo Bag Supplier in India – Rishi FIBC

Premium Jumbo Bag Supplier in India – Rishi FIBC

FIBC or Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers are perfect for handling granules, powders or other flaky materials. They are also very good for storing and transporting such materials. These FIBCs are generally made from woven polypropylene (PP) material and shaped like cubes. They are more commonly known as jumbo bags and are widely used today for a variety of purposes and are in high demand. They are mostly used in pharmaceutical and food production companies. Rishi FIBC Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer of Jumbo Bags. The company also exports its premium jumbo bags in 27 countries globally.

Why Jumbo Bags by Rishi FIBC are The Best?

Based out of Vadodara, Gujarat Rishi FIBC has received several awards and certificates for its dedication and commitment to quality and hygiene. We offer a wide range of premium jumbo bags in different shapes and sizes. Here are some of the key features of our Jumbo bags. 

  • Our premium quality jumbo bags are capable of withstanding the toughest conditions.
  • They are finely weaved and a lot of care, attention to detail and hard work goes into their production.
  • Our top quality jumbo bags are mostly water-resistant because we believe in producing only the best FIBCs for your convenience.
  • They have a high storage capacity and are able to carry a substantial amount of material.
  • Our premium jumbo bags are very affordable and are priced at extremely reasonable rates.
  • We ensure that only the best quality polypropylene is used in the production of these premium jumbo bags.

Quality is Our Motto

Rishi FIBC Jumbo bags are highly demanded all over the world. This is because we do not compromise on quality ever and we put all our energy and effort into creating products that are effective, efficient and highly durable. It is precisely this attitude which has made us one of the most sought after premium FIBC / Jumbo bag suppliers in the world.

We put our products through intense quality control tests and we have a separate department with its own trained personnel who are experts at facilitating the quality control process.

Each jumbo bag that we manufacture is carefully checked before it is dispatched for sale. Right from the raw materials needed for producing FIBC to the final finished product, all our jumbo bags go through a lot of scrutiny. That’s why we can promise you that you will never have any regrets with regard to the quality of our jumbo bags.

We Meet Industry Standards

Our impeccable service and fantastic products never fail to meet industry standards and hence, year after year, we’ve been given various certificates and awards from prestigious and reputed institutions. Rishi FIBC is ISO certified.

Our Infrastructure and Facility

Our jumbo bags are manufactured keeping global quality standards in mind. At Rishi FIBC, we believe in using only advanced technology which is highly effective and efficient. Our research and development staff is constantly searching for new and innovative production techniques and with our sophisticated infrastructure and state-of-the-art equipment, we do our best to encourage and motivate them.

Our production department at Rishi FIBC has many years of experience and consists of some of the best and brightest minds in the country. We are highly motivated and work together in perfect harmony to achieve our goals of high quality production, hygiene and customer satisfaction.

Call us!

We deal in only premium quality jumbo bags and these bags can be customized to suit your specific needs. If you are looking for top quality yet affordable jumbo bags, contact us right away.

Custom Bulk Bag Designing – Rishi FIBC

Custom Bulk Bag Designing – Rishi FIBC

When it comes to packaging, there are various alternatives that people can now choose from. However, FIBCs or Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers are being considered far better than other alternatives as they are clean and cost efficient when compared to other forms of packaging.

Why should one opt for Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers?

What makes these bulk bags so easy to use and maintain is that even when they are filled with something, they have the lowest package to product weight ratio. Thus carrying them around is not a burden. Apart from this, there are other factors that make them a desirable option. Some of these reasons are:

  • As they have integrated holding loops, handling, carrying, transporting and storing these bags is very simple.
  • When empty, all you need to do is fold them up and they will take just a fraction of the space that other packaging containers would need. 

What Makes Rishi FIBC Different from Other Bulk Bag Manufacturers?

The most important aspect is that, at Rishi FIBC, we can customize your FIBC bulk bags for you. Thus you can make sure that it is capable of catering to your needs whether it is with regard to the filling and discharging ability or its handling features.

The best part is that these bags are recyclable and you can choose them based on the size and capacity that you are in need of. We will manufacture bulk bags that are sure to serve their purpose and leave you satisfied. Our bags which are mostly cubic in shape are made out of woven polyprophylene material which is sturdy enough to withstand the toughest of weathering.

Types of FIBC Bags that we have to offer

Apart from the pharma grade FIBC bags, we have the Type C- FIBC Bags which come with conductive threads that are capable of controlling electrostatic charges; and the Type – D FIBC Bags which are made from material that does not conduct static and thus can be used for safely transporting any kind of combustible products for you.

Our food-grade bulk bags and pharma-grade bulk bags are designed specifically for pharmaceutical products and thus will be protected against germs, dust, pollutants and other unwanted contaminants. We make sure that all the requirements are met so that your products, when packages, are assured of remaining in perfect condition. Thus you can be sure that our Food grade bulk bags and pharma grade bulk bags will be effective in serving you well.

All the bags that we offer are available at a reasonable cost though we do not compromise on quality so you can get high-quality food grade bulk bags as well as pharma grade bulk bags at very reasonable prices.

At Rishi FIBC, our bulk bag manufacturers have the expertise that will provide you with rich, good quality bags that will give you no reason to complain. By browsing through our website you can take a look at our stock of custom food and pharma grade bulk bags which we can customize to meet your requirements. So irrespective of what features you would prefer, we are the bulk bag manufacturers that will provide you just what you are looking for.