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Food Grade FIBC Bulk Bags Makes a Fantastic Option for Commercial Food Companies

FIBC bulk bags are high-end flexible bags that can store great quantities of goods without any hassle. Flexible intermediate bulk containers are used by various industrial sectors like agriculture, chemicals, and pharmaceutical, but one of the largest users of FIBC bags is the food industry. These sturdy containers are best for carrying perishable products. Food grade FIBC bags are the need of the hour. Manufacturers and distributors looking to transport and store their food usually choose these huge bags over any other handling method.

Reasons why Food Grade FIBCs are Essential for Commercial Food Companies

FIBC is the safest and the most popular option chosen for transport and storage by commercial food companies.

1. Food Safety is maintained:There are a number of manufacturers that produce FIBC bulk bags, but it is always to stick to a reliable Food Grade FIBC bag manufacturer, especially if you are in the food business. Transporting and storing food is tougher to do than any other product. The main function of a Food grade FIBC bag manufacturer is to maintain hygiene and safety around food. In order to ensure the best possible quality, make sure you select a manufacturer like Rishi FIBC Solutions, who ensures that fool-proof safety standards are maintained during the production process.

2. Reusable and Eco-friendly: Since food grade FIBC bags are made from 100% virgin polypropylene resin that can be recycled within no time. These bags can be used multiple times. To check the safety factor of a bag, make sure you thoroughly inspect the safety ratios. Those with a 6:1 ratio can be reused, provided the bags are cleaned, reconditioned and qualified for reuse. Once it passes the test, you can easily use the bags whenever and however you like, as long as your products are being transported with care.

3. Approved by the US FDA: FDA ensures that all food grade FIBC bag manufacturers can only sell their bags once they have been approved by the US FDA. Since it is built with 100% virgin polypropylene resin, these bags are extremely safe and secure for transportation. And, since they have been approved by the FDA, it is safe to use these bags without fear of contaminating food that are being transported or stored in them. Food is one product that can be easily contaminated, which is why it’s absolutely essential to make use of food grade FIBC bags.

Apart from these essential qualities, FIBC bags also come in various designs. They are cost-effective, which also makes them one of the most commonly used bulk containers to store and transport perishable products. Since the invention of this product, it has been become extremely easy to overcome the challenge of transporting perishable items without contaminating them.

If you are looking for superior quality food grade FIBC bags, look no further than Rishi FIBC Solutions. We have zero-contamination production facility for such bulk containers and we conform to international hygiene and quality standards.

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The Importance of FIBC Liners and Their Applications

FIBC containers are used in numbers of industries that need to transport or store large quantity of products. Sturdiness and flexibility are two distinct features of these industrially advanced containers. Industrial sectors, like agriculture, chemical, pharmaceutical, pet food, and metal and mining industries, have a high demand for FIBC bags.

Since goods produced by these industries are in gigantic quantity, an FIBC is paired with a bag poly liner, thus strengthening the bag. The application of FIBC Liners is to enable companies to securely store or transport large quantities of fine powder or perishable items. Industries can also call for detachable liners, which can be tied, glued or sewed to the bag. These liners are compatible with spout top as well as duffel top bags. There are four kinds of widely used liners, customized according to usage.

  1. Form-Fit Liners

High protection form-fit liners are one of the most common liners used for storage and transportation. It is designed to adapt to the size of the bag. The oxygen barrier and the moisture resistant quality of these bags protect the products in the bag from contamination. It is also chemical resistant and thus protects the produce from any other damage.

Another advantage of form-fit liners is that these allow for convenient and consistent filling and discharge of products. This is because such liners do not come with pleats, folds or other traps that would cause any hurdle to the flow of the product. The form-fit liners are detachable or can be permanently attached to the bag. Application of form-fit FIBC liners is quite common in a number of industries.

  1. Aluminium Foil Liners

Foil liners or aluminium foil lines provide UV protection, are moisture resistant and allow oxygen to flow in. They can be customized to a variety of bags. This is one of the most stable FIBC liners, and they are also known to improve filling, discharging and safe handling of goods. Foil liners can also be manufactured using different materials. Aluminium foil liners are built using different aluminium compounds as suitable for different applications.

  1. Baffle Liners

One type of FIBC liners is the baffle liner. The USP of this liner is that it reduces the shipping costs, gives high-end package performance, and also lessens storage costs. Apart from providing increased stability, it also enhances bag stack ability. Square in shape, this liner utilizes internal baffles to maintain its shape. Application of FIBC liners is essential in the transport and storage of goods. The square-shaped liners also reduce the amount of space taken by the bags, which means added quantity of bags can be fit in a smaller place. It can hold up to 30 per cent more product than any other liners.


  1. Lay-Flat Liners

The lay-flat liners are cylindrically designed with an opening at the top. Bottom of this liner is sealed with heat. This means in order to get the produce out of the bag, the liner has to be cut open. Designed by experts, the lay-flat liners contain oxygen barriers, moisture protection, anti-static properties and are resistant to harmful chemicals.

These FIBC liners can be used for various activities, depending on the industry. It is easily fit into an FIBC bag and be carried around without taking up much space. Some liners can be purchased in a role while others are sold separately. If you are looking for quality and state-of-the-art FIBC liners, look no further than Rishi FIBC Solutions. We have a world-class manufacturing facility and can offer you customized liners for FIBCs.