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What Is An Antistatic FIBC And When To Use It?

FIBC fabrics are all about controlling static electricity, which is a disparity of electric charges within or on the surface of a material. When bulk bags are quickly filled and discharged, the graceful movement of finely powdered substances can cause an increase of static electricity. Eliminating or preventing an electrical charge is vital in the packaging of combustible or flammable materials or in an environment where combustible dust may be available.

FIBC Fabrics can be of Type A, B, C and D

Type A FIBCs are made from basic woven polypropylene and other non-conductive fabrics. Type B FIBCs are made from plain woven polypropylene fabrics that have a low breakdown voltage. On the other hand, Type C FIBCs are made from non-conductive polypropylene fabrics interwoven with conducting threads, usually sewn in a grid pattern.

Type D FIBC bags are made from static and antistatic dissipative fabrics that are meant to safely prevent the incidence of inflammable sparks, brush releases and disseminate brush discharges without the requirement for a connection from the bulk bag to the ground. Type D FIBCs can be utilized to safely package combustible products and to deal with products in flammable and combustible environments.

These Bulk Bags can be treated with antistatic coating by FIBC bag manufacturer lessening the surface resistance of the fabric. As the electro-charge is debauched through corona discharge this type of bulk bag can charge conductive objects and operatives close by. These people or objects can then cause electrostatic sparks with contact with grounded objects that could light air dust mixtures or explosive or flammable gas atmospheres close by. Antistatic FIBC is also known as type D bags.

Safe use of Type D

  • Can be used to transport flammable powders
  • When flammable solvents or gases are present around the bag

Type D FIBC bulk bags are designed specially to function in dangerous situations. Type D FIBC bulk bags also function safely in the attendance of combustible dusts. However, they are not usually recommended if there is a chance that the bag’s surface can become infected or speckled by conductive materials.

One of the key benefits of these Type D bags is that they do not need internal conductive yarns to be interconnected so that they pose less of a risk of human error compared to some other FIBC bulk bags. Thus, it can be said that Type D bags are some of the most versatile options available.

Application of ISO Container Liners-Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd

Application of ISO Container Liners

Container liners can convert your 20 or 40 foot container into a competent transport system for bulk goods in ten minutes. With container liners, every ISO standard container can be utilized. It can be used for petrochemicals, chemicals, agricultural products, minerals, seeds and food products. As the polypropylene fabric is attached to the within of the container, the product does not touch the container itself. It creates an additional inner wall that safeguards the product and stops any contamination.

The ISO Container Liner is hand fabricated in house based on the customer’s specifications meaning that they can tailor the container liner to suit the customer, including the procedure of filling or emptying necessities.

Important Benefits of ISO Container Liners

There are a number of benefits of using ISO container liners which are as listed below.

  • They can eliminate product damage and offer total protection against oxygen and moisture.
  • Considerable reduction in product damage costs during transportation.
  • No least amount order quantity and short lead times
  • Well-known companies that specialize in the manufacture and design of container liners and have the ability to customize a liner to best suit your product, loading and discharge necessities.
  • A vast range of container liner available including Military Grade, and Anti-Static to best guard your products.
  • A Customer Support team can work with you to create the most appropriate container liner for your customers or businesses requirements.
  • Container Liners permit a high space utilization of shipping containers as a result maximizing the return from transport costs per ton.

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The container liners offer a lucrative, defensive, value packaging alternative which serves to transport your goods in a safe and contagion free package. Polypropylene and polyethylene container liners are designed to permit the conversion of any ISO shipping container into a bulk transport system for dry flowable products such as granules, powders and food products.

The container liners are offered with a variety of types of bulkhead design for the sake of meeting our clients’ individual loading and unloading necessities. Container Liners are a kind of bulk packaging purposely designed for moving bulk cargo within a Container, with a single bag equal to the internal volume of the container.

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