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Advantages And Uses of BOPP Bags

BOPP bags are nothing but Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene bags which have gained a lot of popularity in recent times immense usefulness and highly functional characteristics make the bags ideally suited for the intended purpose of use.

Idea About BOPP Bags

BOPP Bags are a film of polypropylene that has been stretched in a machine across both directions. They are available in several standard specifications which makes them suitable for being chosen by the users as per their needs as well as requirements.

The selection of a trusted and reputed BOPP bag manufacturer like Rishi FIBC would make sure that the bags are of the highest quality along necessarily meet all the standards. The bags manufactured by Rishi have high transparency, clarity, and superb tensile strength thereby making the bags perfectly usable. These bags are highly durable and the prints embossed on these bags are clear as well as beautiful. Rishi FIBC ensures that there is no compromise in the quality of these BOPP bags and they are cost-effective for being used in the food and beverage industry.

Characteristics of the BOPP Bags

The BOPP bags have highly functional characteristics that are mentioned below.

  • The bags have a very high tensile strength
  • The clarity of these bags is just excellent
  • The electrostatic charge of these bags is low
  • Their texture is highly glossy
  • Bags have a high amount of stability as well as flatness
  • The bags are waterproof
  • These bags can reverse printing
  • Our bags provide very good performance on high-speed printing

Uses of BOPP Bags

The BOPP bags find a wide range of applications and the most common uses of bags are as listed below.

  • Used for storing and transporting pet food
  • Great for being used as storage of seeds, grasses, bird feeds, and several others
  • Readily used for storing animal feed as well

Advantages of BOPP Bags

Using the BOPP bags provides several advantages to the users which are as follows.

  • Having a very high tensile strength makes the bags perfect for the intended purpose of use
  • The printing on these bags is of superb quality and most importantly it cannot be scratched off
  • The surface image is highly glossy which can be easily wiped off as and when required
  • The bags are quite attractive to look along with a moisture-resistant function
  • Due to their top-class appearance, these bags can also be used for costlier and high-end products

Thus, whenever you need the BOPP bags do not waste any more time but contact Rishi FIBC soon to get the premium quality bags sooner.