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What Are Barrier Liners? Applications Of Barrier Liners

Barrier liners as can be understood from the name are used for the purpose of protection of packaging so done in the FIBC bulk bags. Since these barrier liners for FIBC offers top quality protection to the bags as well as the inside contents, these barrier liners are readily used. But at the time of selecting the barrier liners, the users need to be careful about their choice. It is always recommended to go for only the trusted and reliable manufacturers for the best results in this regard. So, at any point in time, if you feel the need for barrier liners, do not look any further and come to Rishi FIBC for the most effective solution.


The barrier liners are extremely effective as well as efficient for packaging products that are sensitive to moisture and susceptible to corrosion of any kind. This is exactly the reason why the use of these liners is so much preferred. The high functionality and the versatility of the barrier liners help them in finding a wide range of applications that are as discussed below.

Protection from Corrosion

These barrier liners are helpful in preventing corrosion and offer protection as well as complete control at the time of packaging, storage, shipping, and transportation of a number of items. This is to make sure that the inner contents of the bags are completely safe and quality is intact.

Crafting and Exporting

Starting from the largest pieces to the smallest, proper packaging is quite crucial. This is to prevent them from losing their functionality. This is exactly where the barrier liners come to the rescue in offering effective protection to even the smallest parts that too in the best possible manner.

Storage for Long Term

At a time when there is a requirement for long-term storage, proper sealing along with effective protection is extremely important. In this regard, the barrier liners are just ideal. These liners offer highly effective sealing as well as protection so as to prevent all types of corrosion during long-term storage.

Protection for Outdoor Storage

Whether or harsh environmental conditions happen to the natural enemy of a wide range of products. The combination of sun, water, humidity, and exposure to oxygen can propel the corrosion of several items that are to be stored outdoors. Here the barrier liners find great applications. These liners offer very good and effective outdoor storage solutions which necessarily act as a barrier to the natural enemies of the products that are stored for a long term.

Why Rishi FIBC?

Rishi FIBC is a premier barrier liners manufacturer for FIBC bulk bags which is clearly understood from the high preference of the company for the same. Rishi FIBC always makes it a point to follow the standardized manufacturing process of the liners and consider each of the factors to produce the best quality liners. With several years of experience in this regard, Rishi FIBC has become the most sought-after company in this field.