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Rishi Fibc / Dry Bulk Container Liners  / Dry Bulk Container Liners – Overview, Applications And Features

Dry Bulk Container Liners – Overview, Applications And Features

Dry bulk container liners are an extremely cost-effective as well as time-efficient alternative to intermediate packages as compared to the traditional way of small or intermediate packages within containers. These dry bulk liners for containers are readily used for shipments with free-flowing granular or powder products. The dry bulk liner helps in the formation of a dry, clean as well as a protective barrier between the product and the interior of the container. This, in turn, makes sure that the inner content of the container is free from any kind of contamination at the time of bulk transport and storage system for any of the dry bulk commodities for the food, pharmaceutical, mineral, and chemical industries.

Different Types of Dry Bulk Container Liners

There are several different types of dry bulk container liners that as specifically used as per the requirements.

Back Fill Liners – Helps in the conversion of and shipping container to a bulk transport container for most of the free-flowing products that are non-hazardous.

Top Fill Liners – These enable any of the bulk containers to be used for transportation of most of the free-flowing non-hazardous liquids in bulk quantities.

Open Top/Open-Ended Liners – Allows almost all containers, railcars, or trailers for the safe transportation of several non-hazardous cargoes in bulk.

Foil Liners – The installation of this liner inside a container helps in providing a controlled climate for the cargo.

Barless Liners – Highly effective in lining the containers for transporting of liquids in bulk quantities of a non-hazardous nature.

Fluidising Liners – Helps in enabling hard-to-flow products to be very easily and conveniently discharged from a container.

Thermal Liners – Installing these liners in a container helps in the reduction of peaks and troughs of changing climate while transporting.

Bulkhead Sheets – These sheets are quite useful for converting shipping containers for transporting non-hazardous liquids in bulk quantities.

An Overview of the Dry Bulk Container Liners

To have a clearer idea about these dry bulk container liners, here we have presented an overview of the same.

  • These liners are very easy and convenient to install
  • Can be installed in containers of any dimensions
  • Helps to increase the range of products that can be transported in the container
  • Easy loading and discharging process
  • Cost-effective
  • Reduces the time taken for loading and unloading the containers

Features to Know

Here are a few of the most important features of dry bulk container liners that are as follows.

  • The liners are made up of high-quality and heavy-duty PE films or woven liners
  • Installation is quick and easy which does not at all require additional labor
  • Offers very good protection to the inner contents
  • Very effective discharge arrangements for suiting the needs of the users at their best
  • The liners offer very good sealing and hence the protection to the inner contents is quite effective
  • Low-cost system for effective loading as well as unloading of various products


The dry bulk container liners find a wide range of applications for the transportation of several products and even liquids of a non-hazardous nature. These container liners are readily applicable for the transportation of all of the easy-flowing materials such as granules, chemicals, fertilizers, polymers, foodstuffs, agricultural products, and fine powders. The users select the most appropriate liners depending on their exact needs as well as requirements.

Why Choose Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd?

Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of dry bulk container liners offering premium quality liners with the required specifications so that all the needs of the users are effectively met thereby ensuring hundred percent satisfaction among them. So, for all dry bulk container liner requirements, the users should not look any further and contact Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd.