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Find us: Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd
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FIBC Bulk Bags Solutions offered by Rishi FIBC

Transporting bulk items or liquid items can be strenuous affair. After all, the loading and unloading needs to be carried out securely while the entire transportation process, right from packaging, shipping to unloading,  needs to be conducted in a cautious and timely fashion. But you needn’t worry too much as at Rishi FIBC, FIBC bulk bags are economical and perfect for the transportation and storage of granulated, powdered or liquid bulk items.

Custom made Solutions for all your Bulk Transportations

All of our FIBC bags are made from polypropylene woven fabrics. Depending on your requirements and preferences, we offer customized solutions that come in the form of UN FIBC bags, Conductive bags, Antistatic FIBC and FIBC Liner bags among others.

  • UN FIBC bags – These are meant to safeguard people and the environment since they are resilient to handle products that are said to be hazardous by the UN.
  • Antistatic FIBC – These bags are manufactured from a special antistatic fabric which helps to prevent the occurrence of avoidable incidents such as flammable sparks.
  • Conductive bags – These are made from non-conductive polypropylene that is interwoven with conduction yarns.
  • Pharma Grade FIBC – These bags are meant to cater to pharmaceutical products so that these products do not get contaminated in any way.
  • Food Grade FIBC – Such bags are specially designed to store and transport food grade raw materials.

Custom FIBC bags are built to go well with individual packaging requirements so that you know for a fact that even the most sensitive items are transported in a secure manner.

The FIBC Products We Offer

Rishi FIBC offers the following FIBC products for the safe delivery and storage of your items.

  • Flexitanks
  • Liner Bags
  • Big Bags
  • Container Liners
  • Conductive Type C FIBC
  • U-Panel, 4-Panel, Conical, Circular, Coated/Uncoated
  • Dissipative Type D FIBC
  • Sulzer Looms Fabric

These are just some of the packaging options and FIBC bags we offer our customers so as to ensure safe delivery, shipping and transportation.

Your Most Trusted FIBC Bag Manufacturer

We, at Rishi FIBC, are an FIBC manufacturer that keeps quality and hygiene at top priority and at the same time see to it that all of the manufactured FIBC bags are reliable, steadfast and resilient to survive the harshest of weather conditions.

Our manufacturing capabilities have grown with time as we have kept pace with innovation. We are the first plant with auto-doffing winders while our lamination plant comes with brushing and dust removal. We possess an in-house printing facility and have a three layer liner plant with 0.3 micron filtered air cooling. Our manufacturing abilities are touted to be among the best, this is why we stand up to expectations and deliver high quality FIBC bags to our customers.

When it comes to hygiene, we match international quality norms. Each and every FIBC bag is vacuum cleaned and the air pressure in the manufacturing plant is always positive. For liners, dart impact testing is carried out while tensile testing is performed for fabrics and loops. In this way, we take care and are attentive to the minor as well as major aspects that go into the FIBC bag manufacturing process. The bags are designed based on the prescribed set of parameters that are put forth by the industry so that we provide only the best to our customers at all times.