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Industrial Application of FIBC Bags

Flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs), or bulk bags, are great for transporting dry products in bulk like ash, sand, or flour. There are quite a lot of unique advantages that bulk bags provide. They can be easily lifted by machines, folded and stored, and also used as storage receptacles. A few of them also provide safety features for reducing antistatic shock and increased employee safety. Unmatched in their package-to-product-weight ratio, a metric ton of product can be shipped in a bag that weighs not more than five to seven pounds.

Bulk bags have different uses across a variety of industries. Each type of bulk bag has specific features that cater to the requirements of different industries and their products.

Let’s see how specific benefits of bulk bags offer each industry in their way.

Reliable Quality of Seams, Linings, and Closable Spouts

Some of the products come in powder form, like chemical, agricultural, and mining products. There is a need to transport them in a way that the powders don’t leak or blow away. The Siftproof seams, Liners that coat the entire inner surface in a Bulk bag, and Closable spouts, ensure that the finest of powders are contained well.

Chemical industries tend to have to use products that can be hazardous. Bulk bags come in a variety of options for carrying these hazardous materials and also reducing the risk of static shock. As per their rating, bags of B to D range offer different forms of protection depending on the specific requirement of each industry’s product.

Electrostatic Control

Some hazardous products like petroleum products often build up static charges that expose a serious risk to the employees who handle these bags. Thankfully, there are bulk bags from B to D range offering a different level of protection that is product-specific. Bulk bag of type A does not offer any protection, while type B bags although not antistatic, can safely transport dry inflammable materials. Type C FIBC Bags and Type D FIBC bags are the ones that are designed specifically to offer antistatic protection to workers.

Food-grade Quality

Unless specific to the industry using it, not all bulk bags are of FDA food-grade quality. However, those that offer that kind of quality are of great use to the food-processing industry. These food-grade FIBC bags are perfect for transporting food products effectively making sure that they reach their destination safely while remaining fresh, tasty, and free of chemical contamination.

A lot of agricultural products are to be used in livestock feed, animal food, or for human consumption, so they must be stored and transported in chemical-free bags. Being certified as safe and stress-free for the transport of food products, bulk bags are quite useful in this particular industry.

Stringent Standards

In the case of chemical industries, strict standards are adhered to when it comes to how pharmaceutical products need to be stored and transported. Bulk bags are certified to offer a safe and convenient method of shipping these products.

Just like chemical products, paints, and color additives also contain toxic chemicals. Sturdy bulk bags offer them protection and minimize employee contact with these harmful chemicals and fumes.

Sturdy Construction

Some products that are shipped are quite heavy-duty, for instance, chemicals, paint products, construction products, metals, and minerals derived from mining. These products require superior quality of durability to avoid leaks, tears, environmental contamination, and spoilage. Heavy-duty bulk bags that are reinforced and certified by a third party to a certain safety standard ensure even the most difficult products to transport reach their destination safely.

Construction projects usually require tons of raw materials while a successful mining operation generates a huge amount of product. These materials can be transported effectively in bulk bags that provide them the durability and versatility that they need.

Moisture and Pest Resistance

A bulk bag’s sturdiness can be attributed to polypropylene, a type of thermoplastic material that offers its maximum strength. A thermoplastic tends to become soft and is easy to mold at high temperatures, but once it cools it becomes solid and hard. This makes the bulk bags effectively protective and moisture-resistant, keeping away mold, and offering a strong barrier against pests. This kind of quality is vital for agricultural, pet food, and food-processing industries, which are prone to attracting pests, and mold growth that could spoil the entire shipment of the product.

As in the case of agricultural products, the food processing industry also needs a storage and transportation option that is not only safe for food-grade items but most importantly, can also accommodate a bulk of dry products of human food-grade products.


Some bulk bags are reusable if their safety protocol allows multiple uses unless they have been used to carry toxic chemicals. Bulk bags that have been used for agricultural products, pet food, or human food products can often be reused in other industries. Not only is this kind of reusability helpful for agricultural and food-processing companies, in keeping their costs down, but they are also environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Employee Safety

Across all industries, the safety of their employees comes first. A lot of heavy lifting of bags and containers tends to put excess stress on the employees’ backs and joints which might lead to injuries. It is easy and safe to lift bulk bags that can hold thousands of pounds with forklifts and other equipment that help reduce serious workplace injuries, at the same time keeping employees healthy, pain-free, and productive.

We at Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd. provide comprehensive and superior-quality of FIBC Bags. Our quality and hygiene standards have made us a leading and preferred FIBC bag manufacturer the world over.

For further assistance please get in touch with our team. With so many options that we can customize as per the needs of each of your products irrespective of the industry it belongs to, our bulk bags offer way more flexibility, durability, and protection for products than any other storage method for transportation.