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What Makes Rishi FIBC the Ideal Pharma Grade FIBC Manufacturer in India

When it comes to the pharmaceutical industry, a great deal of attention is paid to quality standards and stringent procedures. This is because if the pharmaceutical products are handled haphazardly, it can result in contamination. If you are making use of FIBC bulk bags to transport, store and handle these materials, you need a pharma grade FIBC manufacturer that understands the setbacks and expectations well. That is why Rishi FIBC is the right choice for your pharma grade FIBC bags.

Why FIBC Liners?

Using FIBCs for pharmaceutical purposes is beneficial because it comes with a polyethylene liner. This ensures that the fine, powdered quality of the product is safe and secure at all times. With polyethylene liners, you obtain:

  • An added layer of protection for your products
  • Improved control for powders
  • Better protection against moisture and contamination

These liners can be purchased individually and can come pre-inserted into every bag so that it becomes easy to handle or it can be inserted into the bag by yourself. You need to ask your supplier about poly liners and their availability at the time of purchase.

BRC Certification is Imperative

You can safely assume that the standards set for the food industry are similar to those set for the pharmaceutical industry. This is why, when looking for a reliable supplier, you have to check out certifications and see whether they can produce packaging that meets ISO 22000:2005, ISO 9001:2008, BRC Global Standards that also caters to GFSI standards and AIB International.

Out of these, you need to lay special emphasis on BRC certification. After all, it is imperative to know that your supplier delivers FIBC bags that come with third party certifications such as BRC. When your bags meet BRC criteria that make it safe for pharmaceutical use, it means that it is meeting the standards of:

  • Light table inspection
  • Proper and systematic ventilation
  • Record keeping
  • Proper workforce wardrobe
  • Pest control procedures
  • Impeccable personal hygiene
  • Metal detection
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Program (HACCP)

You also have to make sure that your FIBC bags use 100% virgin resin. This makes sure the bag is safe for pharmaceutical use.

The Hazards that come with Static Electricity

More often than not, the pharmaceutical industry has to transport powders and materials that can be extremely volatile in nature, especially when this transportation is done through FIBC bags. When bags are filled for discharge, the flow of the finely powdered substances can cause a hazardous buildup of static electricity. If not taken into consideration and properly mitigated, the dangers that come with static electricity can cause a disastrous event.

Generally speaking, there are four types of FIBC bags, namely A, B, C and D. Each of these bags comes with different features and safety measures. For static electricity buildup, types B-D are relevant and advantageous as they help to do away with this occurrence. You need to make sure that your supplier understands types B-D well. Being a responsible pharma grade FIBC manufacturer, at Rishi FIBC our experts make it a point to discuss the usage of the FIBC bags with the client and accordingly suggest which type of bulk bag would be best suited for it.

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At Rishi FIBC, we provide the best and most reliable guidance and advice possible when choosing the right pharma grade FIBC bags. We even offer to customize pharma grade FIBC bags to ensure safe, secure and hassle-free packing, handling and transportation of your pharmaceutical products.