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Points To Note About Dissipative FIBC Bags (Antistatic FIBC)

Transportation of flammable powder is one of the challenging operations in the logistics industry. One of the biggest reasons behind this is the hazard that flammable powders carry when stored in a bag during the process of transportation. The hazard reflects challenges about the build-up of static electricity which builds up between the flammable powder and the bag that has been used to store the powder for transportation. One of the biggest reasons behind this is the reactive nature of friction that flammable powders have, which ultimately can result in the development of fire or explosion during the process of storage and transportation of flammable powders. It is because of this reason, it is extremely important to select a proper bag for the storage and transportation of flammable powders. One major solution to this challenge has been the introduction of Dissipative FIBC or Type D bags also known as Antistatic FIBC.

Let’s take a look at what Dissipative FIBC is and how it functions.

What is Dissipative FIBC or Type D Bags?

The Dissipative FIBC Bags or Type D FIBC bags are made of woven texture which empowers electrostatic charge to be scattered without being grounded. The texture of a Type D FIBC for the most part contains conductive strings or fibers that securely disseminate the charge through low-energy releases. Some Type D bags have a low resistivity lining, which can decrease the danger of combustible releases. Type D bulk bags are right for moving FLAMMABLE items. Even in the presence of combustible materials or gases outside the bag.

Some Major Points to Note when using Type D bags or Dissipative FIBC Bags

The usages of dissipative FIBC or type D bags are majorly found in industries dealing in flammable products. It is for this reason businesses must be aware of some major points when dealing with Type D bags or dissipative FIBC:

  • Type D FIBCs are NOT REQUIRED TO BE GROUNDED during filling and release.
  • Type D FIBCs should meet the necessities identifying with the breakdown voltage of the FIBC Type B (< 4 kV).
  • Ungrounded channels, for example, metal drums or people nearby Type D bags, can become charged. It should be guaranteed that all conductors are grounded within the sight of an explosive atmosphere.
  • Spark releases may happen from the outside of the FIBC Type D if it is sullied by, or covered with, a conductive material (water, oil, or grease, for instance). Safeguards should be taken to keep away from such pollution and to avoid conductive items, for example, devices or metal clasps being set on the FIBC.
  • Type D bulk bags, are made with a texture containing semi-conductive yarns that securely scatter electricity produced via friction into the climate through protected, low-energy release.

This highlights that Type D bags are ideal for the transportation of flammable items even when combustible gases and or other solvent flammable in nature is around the bags. However particular care should be taken to ensure that the bags are not covered in conductive material like water, oil, or grease during the process of transportation, since the bag functions by dispersing of charge into the atmosphere, thus enabling resistance against static electricity.

So if you are into business dealing with flammable products, and are looking for an ideal solution, that would protect your business from all types of possible challenges and accidents, then please get in touch with us.

Why Choose Us?

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