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Safety Precautions To Be Taken While Filling And Emptying A Bulk Bag (FIBC)

We all know about the functionality of the FIBC bags. Due to its great functionality in several industrial uses, these bulk bags are highly preferred by users. At the time of choosing a bulk bag manufacturer, you need to be extremely careful to choose an experienced and reliable manufacturer for getting premium quality bulk bags. But at the time of loading and unloading of the bulk bags, some safety precautions need to be mandatorily taken so as to prevent any kinds of hazards or unfavorable situations or happenings. The precautions to be taken are as mentioned below.

Use All the Loops

At the time of using a bulk bag, care should be taken that all of the loops so provided should be necessarily used. The loops of the bulk bags form an essential part of construction and are particularly designed for being used together while filling, emptying, or lifting them.

Filling Should be Even

At the time of filling the bulk bag, it is essential that the bag is filled evenly and they are kept totally stable. Not doing so at the time of filling as well as emptying can cause the bulk bag to topple which might be dangerous.

Loops Should Always be Kept Vertical

While loading, unloading, carrying, or lifting the bulk bags, it is to be noted that the loops are always kept vertical because they are designed to be used only in that way. If the loops are kept laterally, horizontally, or any other way, it might be dangerous and hence best to be avoided.

Keep Surroundings Clear

At the time of filling and emptying a bulk bag, the surrounding should be necessarily kept free without anyone standing beneath while the bag is suspended. It can cause severe accidents or even death if the suspended bulk bag is dislodged from the suspension device.

Avoid Gathering All the Loops

It is to be made sure not to gather all of the loops of the bulk bag at the time of lifting it with a single hook. The using of the loops of the bulk bags in any other ways that are not specified might be dangerous.

Never Exceed Working Load

Each bulk bag comes with its own safe working load. Extreme care needs to be taken to ensure that the bags are always used within their safe working load or rated capacity. Exceeding the workloads of bulk bags can lead to severe accidents.

Proper Closing

After the bulk bag is filled, the closing of the bag should be appropriate as per the instruction. This ensures the safe performance of the bag along with the prevention of leakage. Hence, the chances of any hazards are eliminated.

These safety precautions if taken at the time of filling, emptying, lifting, carrying, and transporting would necessarily make sure that the bulk bags are effectively used without any dangers or unfavorable happenings or events.