Guidelines for Using FIBC Bags for Transporting Wet Materials and Products-Rishi FIBC Solutons Pvt Ltd

Guidelines for Using FIBC Bags for Transporting Wet Materials and Products

The FIBC bags have become very popular in the transportation industry owing to a number of advantages that these bags have on offer. Many times, it happens that there are some wet materials and products which are to be transported. In this situation as well, the FIBC bags serve great purposes. But at this point of time, to make the best use of the FIBC bags for the transportation of wet materials and products, here are a few important guidelines to follow.

Materials or Products are Very Wet

At the time when the materials or products to be transported are very wet, the moisture or the water can seep through seams or the fabric of the FIBC bags. This simply cannot be accepted at any cost. Now, to effectively deal with this seepage issue, the liners serve great purposes. The liners are highly effective in keeping the moisture in the bag and necessarily prevent any kinds of materials from getting in or coming out of the bag.

Wet Products are Heavy and Cause Trouble

It is quite a common fact that weight products are heavier due to the presence of moisture or water. Now, if the moisture is present in larger amount it adds a significant amount of weight to the bag in the same volume. This, in turn, can cause a lot of trouble by interfering with the safe working load or SWL of the FIBC bags. Thus, it becomes important to consider FIBC bags that have higher safe working load which are made out of thicker fabric and mostly have heavy duty stitching to have a greater SWL.

Materials or Products are Too Moist at the Time of Storage

There are certain products which are too moist at the time of storage such as industrial hemp thereby readily increasing the chances of formation of moulds. This might be a cause of serious headache for the users because of the fact that the moulds can cause the product inside the FIBC bags to rot degrade in quality which in turn can result in financial loss as well.

Spout Bottom Gets Clogged at the Time of Discharge

The spout bottom FIBC bags have a tendency to get clogged at the time of discharging with wet products or materials in the bags. This is quite an important thing to keep in mind. This is undoubtedly a major issue faced by the users since it is not only inconvenient to attempt for clearing a clogged spout but also can be sometimes dangerous as well. In this situation, it would certainly be a very good idea to consider a full bottom discharge FIBC bags or diaper bottom bags. These types of bags can be used as a very good alternative where the issue of clogging is resolved.

Following all of the guidelines so mentioned above would be of a great help at the time of using FIBC bags for the transportation of wet materials or products.

Why Choose Rishi FIBC?

Now, at the time of using FIBC bags, it is of immense importance to select a trusted FIBC bag manufacturer so as to make sure that only the premium quality bags are manufactured. Rishi FIBC is a well known name in the field of FIBC bags and hence can be chosen without any kind of hesitation. With several years of experience as a manufacturer of FIBC bags, the users can be assured of getting the premium quality FIBC bags that too at the best prices.

Application and Uses of FIBC Bags with Discharge Spout with Flap-Rishi FIBC Solutons Pvt Ltd

Application and Uses of FIBC Bags with Discharge Spout with Flap

The use of FIBC bags have become extremely common in the recent times. This is because of the fact that these bags provide the transportation industry with a wide range of benefits. In an addition to this, the FIBC bags are of different types which is exactly the reason as to why they can be put to appropriate usages as per the requirements. Similarly, there is a special type of FIBC bag with discharge spout with flap. Now, at this point of time, it becomes quite important to understand the type of bags for appropriate application and usage.

What is FIBC Bag with Flap?

Discharge Spout with Flap

A flap in FIBC bag is actually a piece of fabric which is specifically designed for the purpose of covering the bottom or the top of the FIBC bag. The flap happens to be of the same length and width as the FIBC bag with which it is attached to. The flap is made up of the exactly same woven polypropylene material with which the rest of the bag is made up of. The flap is attached to one of the four sides thereby creating a flap which can be easily open and closed. The flap of the FIBC bag is designed such a manner that is able to cover the FIBC bag irrespective of the type of opening or closing that the bag has. The flap is suitable for spout top, bottom open top, full bottom discharge and many more thereby providing additional protection to the bag.

Uses of FIBC Bags with Flap

There are a number of industries where the FIBC bags with discharge spout with flap is of immense help. So, let us delve a bit deeper into the topic to find out uses of the FIBC bags with flap.

  • In the situations where there are very high possibilities of contamination, the FIBC bags with flaps come to the rescue of the users. The flaps are used for the purpose of covering of the discharge ports which plays a vital role in the prevention of any kinds of outside elements from entering the bags thereby preventing contamination of any sort.

  • There might be few concerns regarding the bottom discharge port getting damaged at the time of transportation or storage in the bag. In this type of situation, the FIBC bags with flaps certainly offers additional protection which is extremely beneficial. This, in turn, also helps in preventing the discharge port from getting which otherwise could render the entire FIBC bag unusable.

  • In the cases where the FIBC bags are being transported through shipping containers, the bags with a flap can be extremely useful. The flap is crucial in terms of providing additional protection to the bottom or the top of the bag at the time of transportation.

  • At the time when the bottom discharge spouts are used, the flaps serve great purposes. After the bottom discharge spout of the FIBC bags are tied shut, the flap can be drawn over the spout apparatus for the purpose of efficiently and effectively protecting it.

Why Select an Experienced Manufacturer?

FIBC bags with discharge spout do not always come with flaps and hence the users need to be careful at the time of choosing the bags. Now, at the time when you are selecting a FIBC bag with flap, it would undoubtedly be a very good idea to choose an experienced manufacturer for the same. An experienced FIBC manufacturer has a very good knowledge of the entire process and comes up with the best of the products that strictly adhere to the standard specifications. In this regard, Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd would be the most appropriate choice for the top quality FIBC bags with flaps.