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How Can We Use Poly Liners for Bulk Bags

Polythene liners are a perfect solution for protecting the inner contents of bulk bags. Especially during the transportation of bulk products, they can get contaminated, or their quality may be hampered due to outer environmental reasons. But with poly liners for bulk bags, one can keep their commodities safe and secure.

If you have already purchased bulk bags, you can install these liners inside the bags to transport your products.

What is a poly liner

Industries involved with bulk storing and transporting products can use poly liners in packaging. These liners can also be used on the inner part of the FIBC containers to keep the inner content away from contaminants.

The poly liners are made of polyethylene, a thermoplastic polymer consisting of variable crystalline structure. It helps keep the product air-tight while improving the feeling and discharge process during transportation.

Which industries can use

Here is the list of industries that can utilize poly liners for bulk bags during transportation.

  • Food

The food industry handles various materials that may suffer quality issues when exposed to contaminants. It can create safety issues if not taken into consideration. Therefore, using polythene liners becomes imperative to maintain the quality of the product.

  • Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical items need proper packaging during the transportation process. Many medicines come with complex formulas. The slightest outside contaminant can prove to be detrimental. Hence the poly liner packaging keeps them away from outside exposure while keeping their quality precise.

  • Powder

While transporting delicate items like powders, there are chances of leakage. Different materials come with different levels of risk during the transportation process. The powdered items are at risk of leaking, primarily through the seam. While most of the transporting containers and bags are not tight enough to hold the powdered material; therefore, they are at risk of leaking.

While moving large quantities of powdered items across a considerable distance, you can rely on the FIBC that comes with liners. These polythene bags are perfect for transporting or storing delicate powder items. They prevent product loss during transportation and protect the inner content from potentially hazardous situations.

  • Chemical

The liners help to keep the outside contaminants, including moisture and dust, at bay. When transporting chemicals, you need to ensure safety and security. To ensure the purity of the product, you can invest in these liners.

Why choose Rishi FIBC Solutions?

The polyethylene liners by Rishi FIBC become imperative when safely transporting sensitive materials. These liners keep the product safe while preventing moisture build-up. Depending on the needs of the product, it is necessary to choose the right type of liner. You can shoot a message or connect to the team to discuss your products’ safe and secure transportation methods.