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Uses of Conductive FIBC

Conductive bulk bags, also known as conductive FIBC and groundable bulk bags, are made from conductive polypropylene material that is interwoven with conductive yarn. This forms a grid around the FIBC bag to eliminate the possibility of electrostatic charge. However, it is necessary to ground the bag while filling or emptying out Type C FIBC bag. This will ensure safe usage and optimal performance of the bag.

When Do Companies Use Conductive FIBC Bags?

In several industries, when there is quick filling and emptying of materials from FIBC bags, it causes electrostatic energy to build up in the inner walls of the FIBC bags. As a result, the electrostatic charge also builds up on the surface of the material that is in contact with the bag wall. This charge buildup is hazardous, as it could ignite or result in combustion if there is inflammable material in the bag or in the area surrounding the content. To prevent a fire hazard, companies that transport or store inflammable materials tend to favor conductive bulk bags.

Uses of Conductive FIBC

The main usage of Type C FIBC is in industries where the atmosphere contains inflammable and explosive content. This means it finds ubiquitous use in fertilizer, chemical and agro industries where inflammable and combustible materials are used in practically all manufacturing processes.

Type C FIBC bags are also an indispensible way to transport flammable powders. The bags ensure that the powder is kept safe from combustion and facilitate safe transportation even if flammable gases and solvents are present in or around the bags.

Since it is necessary to ground the bags before each use, be it while filling or emptying out the bag, conductive FIBC comes with conductive loops that connect to a hoist system to ensure electrostatic charges can safely pass to ground. This allows industries to use conductive bulk bags in environments that contain combustible dust, inflammable gases and vapors that have ignition energy that is equal or more than 0.14mJ.

Finding the Best Quality Conductive Bulk Bags

Industries that require Type C FIBC bags for transportation or storage of inflammable powders can rely on Rishi FIBC Solutions to meet their FIBC needs. The company has internationally acceptable quality standards. This gives assurance of safety. Furthermore, Rishi FIBC Solutions has the ability to custom make FIBC Type C bags based on the need of the customer. This bespoke manufacturing of superior quality, reliable and safe conductive bulk bags allow each company to meet its individual transportation and storage requirement.

So, get in touch with Rishi FIBC Solutions today for customized Type C bags of high-quality. The company offers a wide range of FIBC bags, including Type C bags, to meet the diverse needs of different industries.