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What Make Silos A Better Storage Option Than Gunny Bags?

A gunny bag, otherwise called a gunny shoe or tow sack, is a modest pack, generally made of hessian texture (burlap) shaped from jute, hemp or other organic fibers. The word gunny, which means coarse texture, comes from India. Gunny bags are generally reusable, with a holding capacity around 50 kg. It is customarily utilized, for shipping grain, potatoes and other agrarian items along with storing them. However in spite of the financial flexibility and advantage over protection against fungi these bags are now being avoided with the introduction of silos.

What is Silo Bag?

Silo bags are actually bags made up of polyethene and hence popularly referred to as polyethene bags as well. These bags are made up of three layers of polyethylene which provides a total thickness of 250 microns. The outer layer of the bag is usually white in color so as to reflect solar radiation. On the other hand, the inner layer of the bag is black in color so as to block sunlight. The silo bags basically serve great purpose of effective storage thereby finding a wide range of applications. The silo bags have gained a lot of importance in recent times. These bags are readily used for storing organic products. Whenever, any organic products are harvested, it would be a very good idea to store the products in silo bags.

Why Silo Bags are selected over Gunny Bags

The silo bags are undoubtedly the best option at the time when it comes to storage of organic products since they are able to store the products in the best possible manner. When a large volume of organic products is stored in these bags and a tight sealing is done, these bags are completely water proof and at the same time have a high degree of gas tightness to carbon dioxide and oxygen. This is of a great benefit in storing the organic products without hampering the quality of the products. Whereas on the other hand Gunny Bags are not waterproof in nature, as result storing organic products in them for long period of time span is not ideal. It is mainly because of these advantages Silo bags are selected over Gunny bags.

Other than these understandable compared advantages that Silos hold over gunny bags, there are other flexible advantages that Silos provide over gunny bags; they are reflected below:

Product Level Advantage of Silos

Lower Investment

Silo bags are actually bags made up of polyethene hence the cost of the bags are lower compared to other similar solutions in the industry.

Bulk Stock Piling

Silos showcases Logical mass stockpiling and Economic arrangement when contrasted with underground shelter stockpiling or metal shades as it can be put away in an open field.

Quality Level advantage

Quality and amount stays flawless the equivalent during the capacity time frame. This showcase that with usage of silo product remains unaltered.

Timeline Advantages

Silos are long- term storage solution and No fumigation is required for the purpose of storage (Up to 18 months). This showcases larger timeline storage advantages with the usage of silo over other similar products.

Chemical Level Advantages

Silo Bag hermetically sealed storage system which perpetually produces 17% of carbon dioxide within 30 days, thus inhibits any kind of insect and microbiological. The bag is airtight; therefore chemicals are not normally required to control insects.

Climatic Advantages

Silo Bag has been attempted and tried under climate states of – 20 degrees C to +55 degree C in different nations. This clearly showcases the wide range of temperature flexibility that silos provide over other products of storage.

Besides showcasing the product level advantages that Silos have over gunny bags, silos also showcase organizational level advantages. Some of the major advantages that an organization can have with usage of Silos instead of Gunny bags are reflected below:

Organizational Advantages

  • Capital investment is readily reduced as compared to the cost of building steel bins. Thus, the use of silo bags saves quite a lot of money.
  • The use of silo bags is quite cost effective in nature since these bags can act as buffer storage which can otherwise cost some money depending upon the amount of organic product stored.
  • Silo bags necessarily help in the simplification of the harvest logistics by offering very flexible storage even along the edge of the field particularly at the time when the logistics reaching to a permanent storage is a constraint.
  • These bags provide easy means for on farm segregation of the commodities which in turn is quite helpful in offering a very suitable option for the preservation of identity of some of the specialty organic products.
  • The silo bags are also very helpful in the maintenance of the of the overall moisture content of the organic product at the time of storage when an air tight or hermetic environment is maintained.

Thus, it can be very well understood as to how beneficial it is to use the silo bags for the storage of purpose instead of gunny bags.

Rishi FIBC – The Best Silo Manufacturer

At any point of time, you feel the need of the silo bags; no other option would be as good as Rishi FIBC. Being one of the premier manufacturers of silo bags, Rishi FIBC is certainly the first choice of the users. Rishi FIBC has a team of adequately trained and vastly experienced professionals who have the necessarily expertise as well as the skillset so as to manufacture the bags without any compromise in the quality. Rishi FIBC makes sure that all of the silo bags so manufactured is at par with the quality standards so that each of the users are hundred percent satisfied with the use of the silo bags from Rishi FIBC.

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