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Why Does Your Business Need BOPP Bags?

If you are a business owner, you probably look for ways that make your daily operations smoother and slicker. And if you are a manufacturer or supplier of products, you are most likely to benefit from packaging material that is both durable and reliable. Like the BOPP bag, for example.

What is a BOPP Bag?

The full form of BOPP is Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene. It is a specific material used for packaging that makes it preferred for its durability. A BOPP bag is essentially a sack that is woven and laminated, manufactured using organic materials. Due to the high-quality materials used in its manufacture, a BOPP bag is tremendously durable.

The multiple layers of these bags allow the shipping of heavy materials. Multiple layers don’t pose an issue since they’re thin but highly durable. Companies can use these bags for packaging and shipping many kinds of products. It is ideal for the shipping of heavy materials since these bags are made from multiple layers that are thin yet extremely durable.

These bags are usually easy to design and advertise business brands. A reverse printing process is used here. Multi-colored films are inserted into cylinders, and then the bag gets laminated with fabrics that are woven, cut, and tailored according to the customer’s specifications. There is a choice of using multiple colors to create customized bags. The bags print in a machine called an engraved cylinder which does the branding and graphic design on the bags.

Difference Between a Woven Bag and a BOPP Bag

A Woven Bag is not as durable as a BOPP Bag majorly because the material used to make Woven Bags are not as superior as those used for making BOPP Bags. This makes printing on Woven Bags difficult since the material is not durable enough to hold the printing and laminating process.

BOPP Bags are much stronger and last longer. Due to the properties of polypropylene in it, these bags are excellent in providing a barrier against water, grease, oils, and other liquids which also prevents a lot of wastage.

BOPP Bags give you an edge over other bags because they are:

  • Scratch, rip, and water-resistant.
  • Best suited for both, hot and cold products.
  • They come with convenient handles and are easy to transport.
  • And last but not least, they are recyclable.

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Usage of BOPP Bags

There are many ways that BOPP bags can be used across businesses. While it is extensively used in the Food and Beverage industry, you can also use BOPP Bags to your advantage if you have one or more of the following businesses:

  • Pet and Animal feed
  • Fertilizers and Pesticides
  • Chemicals and Resins
  • Construction materials
  • Food packaging products 
  • Grasses and Seed
  • And much more

Advantages of BOPP Bag 

One of the practical advantages of using a BOPP Bag is that the high-shine finish of the bag makes it easier to clean if it gets dirty. Also, the manufacture of these bags is quite cost-effective and they can be customized in the sizes and appearance, as required.

However, the best part of using a BOPP bag for your business besides their durability is that they can be custom-designed to effectively reflect your brand identity. The high-quality of packaging, both in terms of visual appeal and strength of the materials, allows you to create a unique niche for your brand, thereby attracting more customers.

Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd. provides world-class quality of  BOPP Bags that can take your product packaging to the next level altogether. With so many advantages of using BOPP Bags, your business can surely benefit from using them in ways unique to your product or business. Get in touch with our team with your requirements to learn more.