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Understanding the Applications of Coated FIBCs, FIBC Liners and Lined FIBCs

If you are un-initiated to the bulk bags, you will be surprised to know that various types of FIBCs are available. Some are coated while some come pre-installed with the liners. So, how would you know which one would best fit-in to your need? Here is some information that will guide you towards choosing the best one for your business.

FIBC Liners

Here poly liners are inserted into the FIBCs to provide protection against leaks. FIBC liners are highly recommended when you want to store or transport fine powders. The plastic liner used in the FIBC will safeguard the product against moisture.

The use of FIBC liners is in vogue in food and pharmaceuticals industry. Here the liners are typically used with a multi-use bag with a safety ratio of 6:1. After use in the FIBC, the liners are removed, discarded and replaced with a new one. This allows the FIBC bulk bag to be re-used multiple times while only the liner is replaced. This is why many logistics service providers prefer to use poly liners instead of FIBCs with pre-installed liners.

Lined FIBCs

If required, you can purchase FIBCs with pre-installed liners. Here the liners are attached to the woven propylene. In this type of FIBCs, you can get all four main types of FIBCs viz. FIBC, Type C FIBC Bags, Type D FIBC Bags and Pharma Grade FIBC Bags. Your lined FIBCs manufacturer will help you choose the right one.

The only disadvantage of FIBCs with pre-installed liners is that the liners cannot be removed as these are either sewn into the seams or tabbed to the material. The ease of re-use is therefore slightly less with this bag compared to FIBCs that make use of removable poly liners.

Coated Bulk Bags

In case of a coated FIBC, an additional layer of polypropylene film is added to the bag’s fabric, either inside of it or outside, before it is sewn together. This helps to seal the small gaps that may be present in the poly weaves. Usually, inside coating is more preferred as it prevents powdery substances from getting stuck in the weaves of the fabric.

Coated FIBCs are highly popular as these provide an additional layer of protection. This comes especially useful when the cargo is expected to be exposed to dirt, dust or moisture which may impact the quality of the product inside the bags.

Applications of Coated FIBCs – Coated FIBCs are typically used for transporting dry, flowable products that may be in the form of flakes, crystal, powder or granules such as flour, salt, cement, detergents, fine minerals like sugar, sand or black carbon.

How to Choose the Right FIBC?

Whether you should use a coated FIBC, FIBC with a poly liner or a lined FIBC depends on the product you need to transport and its intended application. Coated bags are not as protective as the lined bags against outside contaminants but they are more economical to use. So if safeguarding product is a priority, FIBCs with a pre-installed liner would be a more suitable option. But, if you intend to re-use the bulk bag, or if you require specialty liners like a baffle, or aluminum foil etc, a removable poly liner will suit you more as it can be removed after use and replaced with a new one.

At Rishi FIBCs, we manufacture all types of FIBCs. Our experts will guide you in choosing the best one for your needs. We even offer to customize our bulk bags to suit your specific requirement. Call us to know more about our products.